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The 2 front wheels, however, are fixed to give you utmost stability. It should be lightweight since it’s made of aluminum. Unfortunately, the Powerzone comes in at a hefty 59 lbs.

Nonetheless, this should still give it stability when working on your car. Now that’s something any motorist would want to have. Brand Milestone Tools Model 380044 Weight 59.1 lbs. There are instances when you need a jack stand instead of a car jack. With its Powerbuilt all-in-one bottle jack, you also get a jack stand already built into its wide and stable platform. You don’t need to jack up your car and place a jack stand underneath since the Powerbuilt already accomplishes this task handily.

The jack stand comes with 3 height adjustments which should be perfect for trucks while its safety bar can be easily locked into position so you’ll feel a lot safer working under your truck. The extra-wide base is a handy feature since this allows you to place the hydraulic jack even on sandy or rocky terrain. You’d also be surprised that it weighs not even half the weight of conventional floor jacks. Brand Alltrade Model 3Ton All in One Trick Lift Weight 22.1 lbs. First, rotating the screw to raise the lifting pad can be a bit tedious compared simply pumping it with a handle such as what you’d use on a trolley jack. Second, the narrow profile of the jack can present stability issues. Well, with the Black Bull, both issues have been duly addressed. Lifting your car using this best car jack is easy as it comes with a motor that automatically rotates the screw to raise the lifting pad. The contraption can be easily plugged into your car’s DC power outlet and, with a simple press of a button, you’re already lifting your car for up to 14 inches. Stability-wise, the Black Bull comes with dual side stands to help secure it in place. Designed specifically for light-duty trucks and cars, the Performance Tool low profile floor jack can easily raise vehicles up to 20.5 inches. Its low profile allows it to be easily inserted under your car while the high-quality steel frame used in its construction gives it exceptional stability. Its overload protection bypass valve gives you the confidence and security while working under the vehicle, knowing fully well that your car won’t crash down on you. The saddle is built to rotate a full 360-degrees for more accurate positioning of the lift while the swivel casters at the back allow for precision maneuvering especially when working in really tight areas. Whether you’re lifting a 7,000-pounder or a 2,000-pounder, this floor jack is sure to raise your vehicle in the safest and most efficient way possible. One of the best things about the JEGS floor jack is that its leading edge where the lifting pad is located is sloped at an angle to give it an exceptionally low profile, making this the best low-profile floor jack in the market. The design is ingenious since you can easily insert the JEGS even on vehicles that have ground clearance that is as low as 4 inches. Perhaps the only low-side to the JEGS is that it can only lift vehicles not exceeding 4,000 pounds in gross weight. However, this shouldn’t really be a bummer since it can easily raise vehicles up to 15.75 inches without flinching. The dual side handles also make it super-easy to maneuver this baby while the rubberized lift pad won’t put a scratch on your car, even though it’s on the underside. Lifting a piece of metal weighing more than 100 lbs is not an easy proposition. It requires physical strength, quick stance, and of course a powerful tool.

The task, if done improperly, can even cost your precious life. You need a quality jack as fixing a car can't certainly be avoided. Car jacks come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and load capacities. While the ideal is to purchase a jack with the highest load capacity and the longest, most flexible neck, this may not necessarily be a wise decision all the time. You need to know your requirements in order to identify which of the following top quality car jacks suits you best. It can be tricky picking the right jack for your car but that’s what we’re here for. Here are the things you need to look for when picking the right car. Economy, mid-sized, compact, and subcompact cars can be safely raised by a 2-ton hydraulic car jack while 3-ton jacks should work well with trucks, SUVs, luxury midsized cars, and vans.

If you’re not sure about the appropriate weight rating of the jack for your car, you can always consult your manual. Car jacks have to go under the vehicle to access specific lifting points.


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