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Master Kush Strain: How Good Is It Really?

Master Kush is one of the classic strains of sedative weed created in Amsterdam by the White Label Seed company. This is a perfect strain for the stoners or those seeking tranquility and serenity, so if you are into such kind of experience – Master Kush weed strain is the best choice for you. This weed would knock the elephant off its feet, let me tell you – it makes your body heavy and relaxed, you want to lay down and enjoy the warm waves of this soft and tender trip. This is the weed that loves you, hugs you, warms you, puts a big soft pillow under your head and lets you just enjoy the moment of tranquility. This is something to save up an evening for, something to mark in your schedule, something to look forward to – an all-natural experience no other substance can give.

What Kind Of Strain Is Master Kush?

Master Kush marijuana is a state of art Indica, a moderately potent sedative weed that produces a soft relaxing effect. This is not a hybrid strain, this is a pure Indica that has been created by the profeііional cultivars in the world’s weed capital, so you can be sure they know what a good weed should be like. It would not be an overstatement to say that this is a staple mark strain for every stoner out there, it is potent, it is soft, it hits you just the way you want it, and it improves the quality of your sleep.

If you ever had problems with your sleeping schedule or even some severe disorders like insomnia – that’s a remedy here. Master Kush will knock you off your feet and put you down for a good healthy nap. This is nature’s gift for all of those suffering from sleep-related disorders and those who just enjoy relaxing smoking sashes.

What’s The History Of Master Kush Strain?

As said, Master Kush strain has been developed in Amsterdam by the White Label Seed company that specializes in delivering the best ever smoking experience to the stoners around the world. These guys went all the way to the Hindu Valley in a search for a perfect strain that would be the world’s next best Indica. These brave Dutch guys have been gifted with the Hindu Kush, an all-natural strain that has been growing in Hindu Valley for centuries providing the local shamans and spiritual practitioners with the ability to peek into the unknown. This original Hindu Kush has become a basis for the creation of the strain Master Kush that was soon proclaimed by many to be the best Indica known to mankind. You know it’s not a joke when the weed you talk about is a progenitor of numerous hybrid Indica-dominant strains known and beloved by smokers around the world.

Is Kush Master Strain Appropriate For Medical Use?

Yes, a hundred times yes, it is easily one of the best weeds for medical use, perfect sedative cannabis that helps people with all sorts of mental conditions. The only exception here would be fatigue disorder because this weed can put you to sleep real fast. Other than that, you can use this weed for sleep disorders, stress disorders, PTSD, OCD, and literally anything that involves anxiety. This stuff will calm you down, it will ease up your mind, produce relaxing and even meditative effects, and generally make you feel good.

It is also a good pain killer, so it is recommended to people seeking to ease up physical pain they might be experiencing due to all sorts of conditions. We give you this Master Kush strain review so that you know exactly what to expect from your weed, what its effects are, and what it helps you with. Master Kush can be fairly considered one of the top weeds on the market, so it is highly recommended that you try it for either medical or recreational use.

What Are Possible Effects?

Positive Negative
Head-Lightness Dizziness
Serenity Dry Eyes
Good Sleep

Master Kush review strain effects are mostly positive, as you see, making it a great weed for the evening-sash. Do not expect yourself and your friends to party hard on that weed, you are going to lay down on your chairs and sofas for a couple of hours until you all fall asleep. I say this is a good weed for having a calm and relaxing evening either on your own or with people whom you like and are really comfortable chilling out with. Pack some snacks, watch some movies, have a small talk, and go to sleep – that’s what I call a good and cozy evening.

As said, this weed would best suit people who have trouble getting to sleep, people with any sort of compulsive or obsessive disorders, people suffering from hyperactivity, or just those looking for some chill evening with their special ones. Go ahead, smoke some of that sweet kush and relax a bit.

What Are The Reasons To Smoke It?

Well, that’s the question you’ve got to ask yourself. Why do we smoke weed? Some smoke to have fun, some smoke to relax, some smoke to ease the pain, some smoke just because they love the experience – the call is yours. As I mentioned before, this weed is of huge use for people who smoke marijuana for medical purposes, so you might also want to try it in case you have any problems with your health. You can smoke it just to relax and have a good time!


This is a short and bushy little tree that looks like something from outer space. It’s short, less than 30cm in height, it’s really bushy, the leaves are broad and short too. The buds of Master Kush grow big and funky. The coloration is also rather specific – the leaves are green with a purple-ish undertone, the buds themselves are light green with orange strings all over the place. You know it’s Master Kush when you see it – a short, chubby, purple little feller with huge buds on the top – a very distinctive look to say the least.

Smell and aroma

Expect a peppery smell to dominate the palette here, this smell would be familiar to stoners who prefer Indica or Sativa, a light smell of pepper that itches your nose a bit. After that, you might be able to distinguish a citrusy note followed by ever so slight aroma of herbs. Nothing too crazy here, this palette is rather common among the Indica strains, especially in OG strains. This is a pleasant, pungent, and easily recognizable smell.


The flavor always depends on how you smoke your weed. You cannot expect it to taste the same in a joint and in a pipe – these are completely different experiences. So, if you are smoking on the go, which I would not recommend unless you enjoy being sleepy and barely able to drag your feet in the middle of the day, you can use your pipe and end up with a bitter and irritating smoke.

What I personally recommend is that you get yourself a big old bong, pour some cold water in there, maybe even toss some ice in the shaft, just for the fun of it, and smoke at home or at least in direct proximity to a couch or sofa. We give you an honest Master Kush review, so trust me when I say that you’d want to kick back and relax while high on that stuff, so don’t even think of smoking it on the go.

Is Master Kush Popular?

Yes, it is very popular in every country or state where weed is legal. As said, this strain comes from Amsterdam, so it is especially popular there, but it is also one of the most popular Indica strains in the US. With the legalization of weed in Canada, it has also become one of the top Indica weeds there too, so it says much about the quality of this weed. Of course, we cannot tell how popular this weed is in other countries where the consumption and distribution of weed are illegal, but making a wild guess here, I think people would enjoy it there as well.

How Do I Grow It?

Well, first of all, you’ll need a big hydroponics station or someplace in your garden if you are lucky to have one. This strain comes from the weed that has been growing in the wild for centuries, so it does not require much care; it is resilient to pests, it does not catch diseases so often, and it does not need much of your attention. Some fertilizers will do the trick just right. Master Kush flowering time is 7 to 9 weeks, so it is also a fast-growing plant.

Can I Cook With Master Kush Weed?

Yes, you can, but would you want to? Let me make this clear, Indica produces a sedative effect over the user; the edibles produce a prolonged effect that can last for many hours or even for a couple of days if you go overkill with the dosage. Do you want to feel all drowsy, slow, and sleepy for many hours and potentially even days?

So, let’s take a look at what we have here. The THC content of Master Kush is rather high – somewhere up to 17%, which is a good mark to start with. So, if you want to make cookies using half a kilo of flour, use no more than 4 grams of buds. This would be enough to make you and your friends moderately high.

Our digestive system processes THC in a much different manner than our lungs, so when you eat these cookies, the THC gets in your blood much slower and over a prolonged period of time, so be careful with that. You can start feeling the effects after a couple of hours after eating your edibles, depending on your individual characteristics, and the trip would last for much longer. If you have a fast metabolism, you’ll be off in maybe 4 hours. Keep these peculiarities in mind when you deal with the edibles.

To cook with Master Kush or not is your call, but let me tell you, that’s a sort of experience you’d call peculiar at the least. Anyway, you are Captain James Cook of what to cook, so go ahead.

What Are The Similar Strains?

Almost any strain that has the word Kush in its name would be related to Master Kush in one way or another. There are tons of hybrid strains that have similar effects – OG Kush, Rockstar Kush, Bubba Kush, Tahoe OG Kush, and a number of other Kushes, and most of them would be somewhat similar to Master Cush.

Master Kush, however, is a classic and unique strain of weed no other strain can ever come close too. This is a progeny of legendary cultivars who took the best Indica in the world and made it even better. This is a masterpiece of a weed, so anything similar to it would not be as good as the original Master Kush.

What Do We Have?

We have the stuff of legend here, one of the most well-known and most beloved Indica strains on the planet, the one, and only Master Kush. To say it is one of the best weeds out there would not pay justice to that beautiful tree. This really is a masterpiece in the world of weed, a true state of art Indica that has been helping people to relax for decades already. This is a perfect weed for chill sashes, movie nights, or just for getting a good sleep at night. Well, you might be thinking that this weed is something like a natural sleeping pill, and you are right to a degree. You can of course smoke it in the middle of the day, but you must know that working and being productive would become a serious issue. You will want to chill out and relax, so keep that in mind – Master Kush is your ticket to the world of relaxation and serenity, so why not take this chance?

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