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Major stresses include… Nutrient Burn – given too much nutrients. Total leaf loss (usually as the result of overzealous defoliation or bugs) Any other huge stress to the plant. The plant pictured to the right was subjected to cold temperatures and then grew directly into the grow light, putting it under a lot of stress.

From the grower Saberabre: “So I left this girl (or what I thought was a girl, notice the pistils at the bottom calyx) over the weekend and came back to the plant up in the light getting burned. I’m not too sure what happened here but it got pretty cold the last few days. I think it’s a hermie…” A few days before this pic, the plant was just showing a few white pistils and appeared to be female. After the stress that it went through, the grower came back to a plant that was completely covered in male pollen sacs, with the first few white pistils being the only sign of this plant is female. Hermaphroditism and mixed-sex buds seem to be more common when growing plants from bagseed (seeds that you find) or seeds from an unprofessional breeder. The reason is that seedy buds are worth less than sinsemilla (unseeded buds). Therefore, if you find a seed in your bud, it likely was the result of either bad growing practices (male plants weren’t removed in time) or due to some type of problem (plants were stressed and self-pollinated, which means the next generation is most likely to do so). When you’re buying seeds from a trusted breeder, they go to great lengths to prevent unintended pollination, and they specifically select for plants that don’t ever show mixed-sex traits. And remember… even if you do everything right, sometimes you will run into hermie plants – it’s just a fact of growing.

Sometimes these things just happen, for example… “I’ve always felt like seeded weed was not nearly as potent as sinsemilla and I do everything in my power to kill all males! Cannabis is so sneaky, though – last summer we had such wild weather that even a couple of clones turned out some male sex parts.” Experienced outdoor grower. When both female and male flowers are in bloom, pollen from the male flower lands on the female flower, thereby fertilizing it. The male dies after producing and shedding all his pollen. As the seeds are maturing, the female plant slowly dies. The mature seeds then fall to the ground and germinate naturally or are collected for planting the next spring. “Unpollinated, female cannabis flowers continue to swell and produce more resin while waiting for male pollen to successfully complete their life cycle. After weeks of heavy flower and cannabinoid-laden resin production, THC production peaks out in the unfertilized, frustrated sinsemilla!” Plant Symptoms. You can use our tool to filter by symptom and help diagnose your plant. Banana Kush Marijuana Strain (2020 Review) Much as the name implies, it is in fact safe to assume that Banana Kush weed actually tastes (and smells) like bananas. In fact, this delightful strain ups the ante a little further by not only smelling like freshly ripe bananas, but also providing a mildly titillating banana-like energy shot as well. This exotic and tropical marijuana is juicy and uplifting – truly a source of joy and delight for those who get their hands on a decent specimen. Even better, Banana Kush has a unique and powerful history as it comes from a long line of Kush strains that have left their mark on the cannabis world. | Banana Kush weed – a true Kush classic in every sense of the word, the taste of this magnificent strain is every bit as appealing as its iconic high. What seems to top it all off however, is the fact that Banana Kush’s effects have the potential to surprise even the most jaded, “experienced” pot smokers out there (keep on reading to see just what exactly we’re talking about). To brush up on your Kush strain knowledge and get a heavy dose of top-notch info on aesthetics, growing, and therapeutic effects, we present our complete Banana Kush cannabis strain review . Originating from the West Coast and rising up to become a Top-5 strain in many popular California and Colorado dispensaries, Banana Kush weed has honestly made a powerful name for itself – which is perhaps not so surprising when you take a look at the crop’s genetic lineage . Being the spawn of two other marijuana icons – Ghost OG hybrid and Skunk Haze hybrid – the way that Banana Kush expresses its genes is not only unique, but also extremely beneficial for certain individuals who seek therapeutic solace with the plant. | With monstrous THC levels upwards of 27%, just a little bit of Banana Kush weed goes a long, long way. Of course, depending on the exact specimen THC levels won’t always be quite that high, with most analytical lab reports coming with a range of about 19-25%. Genetically-speaking, Banana Kush weed is technically classified as an indica-dominant hybrid , with about a 60% indica, 40% sativa ratio. However, its effects do not represent its classification accurately, as Banana Kush can thoroughly surprise both body and mind — especially if you are expecting the strain to help you fall asleep. Indeed, Banana Kush will certainly relax your mind and body, but in a uniquely creative, motivational way rather than a total zonk-out way that leaves you couch-locked with a box of Xtra Sharp Cheddar Cheezits in your hand. Banana Kush marijuana is famous for removing stress and clearing the head , as well as providing outlets of creativity and prolific artistic inspiration. For these reasons – as well as it abilities to spark imaginative and innovative drive – the strain has become a favorite among the West Coast art scene, as well as other parts of the U.S.

In fact, chances are if you interviewed a SoCal art community about what their favorite, go-to cannabis strain is, there’s a fair chance about 96% of them would exclaim, “Banana Kush, of course!” (That’s of course an absurd exaggeration, but you get the idea…) Banana Kush Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance: As explained earlier, both the aroma and flavor of Banana Kush marijuana distinctly mimic the smell of a fresh bundle of tropical bananas, ready to be picked for harvest. Aside from this dominating scent, however, the aroma of Banana Kush is also packed with hints of other tropical tree fruits, featuring elements of pungent skunkiness (which could be related to the crop’s Skunk Haze genetic relation). The flavor is also a bit pungent and earthy, but the overall impactful taste that seems to hit the tongue is a rich, delicious, delectably sweet one- making it more-than-pleasant to consume this cannabis strain. | Not only is the flavor profile a treat, but when you toke on a good specimen of Banana Kush weed, the smoke travels down the throat with almost a total absence of discomfort. For this reason, you usually won’t have to worry about coughing up a lung – even after taking a monstruous hit from a freshly-packed, Steamroller horizontal hitter. In truth, the smoke literally feels like silk – at least in my opinion.

And appearance wise, Banana Kush looks flat-out electric!


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