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You might have seen the classic tabletop volcano at your local head shop or at a friend’s house. While these are great, their unwieldy size and accessibility make these not that useful. Smaller more portable vaporizers have revolutionized vape usage, but still doesn’t hold a candle to portable vape pens. Vape pens utilize interchangeable distillate cartridges and offers a scent-free, discreet method of consumption for users of all experience levels.

Consuming distillate through these inconspicuous, rechargeable pens is unbelievably easy. Just screw on the distillate cartridge on to your vaporizer and inhale – the coils will automatically heat up and vaporize your distillate for the perfect draw. If you’re looking to experience the full range of terpenes and flavonoids, opt for a ceramic wick instead of a cotton one. Dabbing THC distillates is a very to-the-point method of consuming cannabis in this manner. It’s one of the fastest ways of consuming distillate and should be reserved for experienced smokers who can handle the intensity of a dab. Dabbing vaporizes the product completely through extremely high temperatures and delivers it directly to your bloodstream in large amounts. That being said, dabbing is one of the most potent consumption methods of distillate and delivers a large amount of THC into your system all at once. This can make the exhale extremely harsh on the lungs, causing coughing fits for anybody who is not used to the harshness. To dab, all you’ll need is a dab rig, a nail and a torch and you’ll be well on your way!

The trick lies in not smoking THC distillate on its own. Instead, take cannabis flowers and roll a joint like you usually would. Instead of rolling it up as soon as it’s full, dispense a line of distillate down the length of your joint. This will infuse the joint with THC distillate, consuming it as the joint burns down. Pay special attention to how well your joint is burning – you need an even burn in order to effectively combust your distillate. Probably not the answer you’re looking for when asking the “how to use THC distillate” question, but eating distillate is actually one of the most effective and easiest ways of consuming distillate. Today, many distillate products come in dispensable syringes which allow for precise and accurate dosing. The flavourless and potent nature of distillate makes it ideal for consumption, as only a small drop would be enough to activate a strong effect. You could also bake distillate into edibles or purchase candies that contain THC distillate as an ingredient. Taking distillates orally is the easiest and least complex way of consuming THC distillates. You might even find that it tastes better overall compared to the other 3 primary methods. Concluding Thoughts on How To Smoke Cannabis Distillate. Distillate is a potent product and should be treated with respect no matter how you choose to consume it. The best way is in small amounts, through edibles/consuming it as is or through vape pens. If you’re an experienced user or prefer a larger, even more potent hit, then opt for the bong instead. No matter how you consume distillate, remember to respect the potency of the product and to never bite off more than you can chew. D istillate is a cannabis extract in which the final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid. Distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges, and typically lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma. It’s a potent cannabis oil that can be used on its own or infused in other cannabis products or goods. The most common forms of distillate on the market are THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The name of the oil indicates the most prominent cannabinoid. In the case of CBD oil, CBD would be the most prominent cannabinoid. The name distillate refers to the cannabis purification process that removes and separates the cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD, into unique products. Distillate is extremely potent, though it lacks the terpenes, or naturally occurring flavors and aromas, of the cannabis plant. One benefit of having the natural terpenes removed is being able to have complete control over the final product’s taste and smell. A drawback of removing terpenes is that without them, the final product may lack the therapeutic benefits commonly attributed to the entourage effect . Adding terpenes to distillate later in the process is possible, and many manufacturers do this, though it’s been theorized that any medicinal advantages are reduced by their initial removal. Whether distillate gets you high depends on the precise cannabinoid you’re consuming. The main benefit is that by removing virtually everything except for the desired cannabinoid, the final product is incredibly potent.

For that reason, if you’re consuming a THC distillate , you will probably get very high, as the resulting oil will be almost pure THC content . On the other hand, if you’re consuming a CBD distillate, you will tap into the therapeutic benefits of CBD but, because CBD doesn’t produce intoxicating effects, you will not get high. Distillate is one of the most commonly made types of cannabis oil, often coveted by consumers for its potency. And because it has been stripped of virtually everything other than cannabinoids it is extremely versatile, capable of being consumed on its own or as the base of numerous other cannabis products. While all distillates are oils, not all cannabis oils are distillates.

A cannabis oil is only a distillate if all other materials and compounds, including terpenes, have been systematically stripped and removed. There are many other types of marijuana oils on the market that have not undergone that process. Distillates can be consumed on their own using a dab rig or portable vaporizer.


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