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Now that I know, I would not expect any less from your gentics. I sent off a new order today for your multiverse god bud, been saving for half a year man. Hope one day you get lower your pricing for us blue collars. Dennis Walgren – October 6, 2016 : holy moly, what a crazy great strain, I was expecting a nice plant but had no idea you guy’s created a thc brain tumored demon. ken nelson – October 3, 2016 : so what kinda yield did you guys get is this the super plant, the question we all want to know so here it is.

I planted 10 in end of May and then I transferred them outside in ph balanced soil mid June. Short and bushy little buggers, 3 turned male mid August and I pulled them. after slow curing for 7 days, the total wieght from 7 plants is; just over 15.65 lbs or 7.1 kg for you metric folk. it’s close to their posted yeilds and i grew in soil, hydro setups will considerably more g/m2. Geoff Nielson – September 27, 2016 : I was reading another review, and the guy was right, put up any stain of BC and grow some other seed and just watch the difference quality makes. Allen McCormick – September 25, 2016 : thankyou, growing like a weed.. Carlos Deus – September 19, 2016 : Most beautiful plant I have ever come across, sept 19 and she’s already harvested form outdoor grow. Ben Jenkins – August 26, 2016 : The real mc coy, had the best harvest ever!!

you guy’s are totally cool, and your welcome anytime to our home for a nice cooked meal with ghee of course (my wife is a professional chef) and an after dinner smoke, and we can set up you for a few nights if you end up on the east coast.. I’m not going anywhere in my wheel chair, so no notice is needed, drop by anytime, you got my number. Mary Brown – August 5, 2016 : Oracle Bud strain grows short and extremely fast, I switched them into flowering cycle 3 weeks ago, and already they are showing their sex and pistols are everywhere, it’s one amazing strain, nothing, i mean nothing even comes close to the quality. I have been a *Gardener* for almost 35 years, seen and work with the best strains and people in the industry, and I can say without hesitation this is the best strain currently available by any seed bank, and better by leaps and bounds. Jarek Levtzow – June 1, 2016 : I’m not sure exactly what the word in your language oracle means, but maybe something like idol you worship because it is the best of it’s kind, sorry for my english, but think i make good point. Elliott ralston – April 14, 2016 : This purchase was made for my winter project with nothing unexpected. shipping was fine, arrived on time and in good order. I am surprised buds like this exist, but if anyone was going to create the worlds best strain, it was going to be you. i know there are many strains to select, but this is the best bang for your buck. Scott Klondike – March 5, 2016 : I will never buy anywhere else but here from now on, you’ve got to be kidding me, only been growing a few years and I’m smoking my mentor with your strain genetics. Thurston Neilsen – January 15, 2016 : I’m to high, I forget to say that I live very very North part of world, and I had no problems with the well thought out stealth. Henke Kunz – January 15, 2016 : BC, I bought a 10 pack of your Oracle Bud, and I sold 1/2 the pack (5 seeds) for 1500 Euro’s. That’s the way to grow and make money before you even sprout. Quinn – December 28, 2015 : My order arrived today, thursday dec 28th in the morning, just a bit later than normal due to the holidays I’m sure. Jason Gallagher – December 21, 2015 : My Full Review of Bc Seeds; Ease of Ordering: This was not my first time ordering here, but I remember it being confusing the first time. They have a few rules that take time to read, but the rules are good for people that have never ordered these kinds of products online, and it guarantee you will get your order. So you should take the reading seriously and take the time to read and follow the long directions and you will have your products. Ordering should be made easier, but if it works, I understand the reading must be done. 2 out 5 Stars for the ordering process for 1st time ordering. 5 out 5 on your second and subsequent orders, as you get the hang of the process. Shipping: nnWas very fast in each direction, and they actually mail the same day it comes in, which is better than any other seed bank. Normally they ship 1-2 times per week, which really can delay the shipping times.5 out of 5 Stars for shipping; Quality of the seeds:Every seed I received was fresh and viable. 100% on every strain purchased, so they have excellent quality control.5 out 5 Stars for seed viability. Quality of the plants:I have grown a dozen strains now, and I can say they do have a few underpriced strains like Thumper and Chronic and Oracle, the higher priced strains are absolute breakthroughs in cannabis breeding. So over all, you do get what you pay for, and usually more.

I’ve never felt like I over paid for any strain, high or low priced. Support: I’ve always had fast response to emails, sometimes within minutes, other times a couple hours. Overall, the best support I’ve had from any seedbank 5 out of 5 stars for Customer Support.

I wouldn’t dream of purchasing anywhere but from here, and the best strain by far is Oracle. Mohammed Nawaz – February 7, 2015 : I got white russian, Kali Skunk and an extra oracle pack free with my order.


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