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You never want to supplement your plant with extra iron without also adding the correct ratio of Calcium and Magnesium at the same time, or it may cause other types of deficiencies. Iron deficiencies cause the middle and newest leaves to turn yellow, but they will slowly turn green as the plant gets older. 8.) Not Enough Light (Seedlings) When a shell first cracks, the round leaves inside are actually yellow.

They only turn green once the plant starts getting enough light. Note: Adult cannabis plants without enough light won’t grow well either, but they likely won’t have yellow leaves. In fact, adult cannabis plants that are getting relatively low levels of light will actually turn dark green since they aren’t using up nutrients for photosynthesis (the extra unused nutrients get stored in the leaves, causing them to appear darker). You know your seedling needs more light when… Seedlings are tall with small leaves There is a lot of nodal spacing (stem between each set of leaves). The solution for pale, tall, stretchy seedlings is to add more light! Learn more about different grow lights as well as how to upgrade your light system.

This seedling is yellow and “stretching” because it needs more light. Many different types of bugs or pests can stress your plants, causing them to develop yellow leaves. You can actually see bugs or eggs Yellowing leaves, especially when combined with spots or bite marks Overall lack of vigor. Track them in from outside From visiting another grower’s plants Getting an infected clone or plant (sometimes there’s a few tiny eggs you can’t see!) Certain things like overwatering, lack of cleanliness and poor air circulation make your garden a bigger target and a better home for bugs, making it easier for an infestation to take hold and stick around. Unless you 100% trust the grower and their growing practices, never ever visit another grower’s garden or adopt clones from them. It can be incredibly difficult to get rid of bugs that are already specialized at surviving on cannabis plants! Avoid going straight from outside to your cannabis plants, especially if you’ve spent time in a garden. Make sure there is a screen to stop bugs if your plants are getting fresh air from outside. One of the most common pests that can cause yellowing without really any other symptoms is fungus gnats. These tiny winged creatures hang around your wet topsoil, and are most likely to appear if you’re overwatering your plants. Although the adults don’t attack your plants, their larvae feast on the roots, which can eventually cause yellowing, especially on small or weak plants. A bad fungus gnat infestation can damage or even kill your plant! Another common pest that may cause overall leaf yellowing is spider mites! But any time a plant has an infestation, you may notice the leaves start yellowing regardless of the type of bug. You should be very concerned if you also see spots! If yellow leaves appear overnight on just one or a few of your main buds, inspect the areas closely! Sometimes this is caused by bud rot at the base of the leaves. Yellow leaves on select parts of the biggest buds Yellowing often appears overnight Yellow leaves usually easily fall right out At the base of the leaf you can see white, gray or brown mold growing on the inside of the cola. Humidity above 60% RH Lack of air circulation/breeze Cool temperature – bud rot thrives around 60-70°F Bushy plant (too many leaves) in a small space like a grow tent Outdoors in rainy, cool or humid weather. Keep humidity under 50% RH during flowering if possible Keep the temperature above 65-70°F at night if possible Make sure there’s lots of air circulation around all the colas and through the plant Defoliate a very bushy plant, especially if it’s getting close to harvest time Learn how to prevent and treat bud rot! Sometimes marijuana leaves turn yellow for totally normal reasons, including…. After your plant has grown a few sets of leaves, it’s very normal for the first few sets of leaves to turn yellow and die, especially if they’re not getting light anymore. You will almost always lose the round cotyledons, the single-finger leaves, and the three-finger leaves (first three sets of leaves). This vibrant young cannabis plant is healthy and growing over an inch a day. However, if you look closely at the bottom of the plant, you can see the three bottom sets of leaves have turned yellow and are dying.

The plant does not hold onto these baby leaves for long! Single-Finger Leaves (plus the tiny round cotyledon leaves) When just first 3 sets of leaves turning yellow like the example above (leaves with three fingers or less), it’s not something to worry about as long as the rest of the plant is green, healthy and growing fast! You don’t normally see these in pictures because most growers remove them 🙂 Plant is Ready to Harvest – Normal. Often plants will have a few yellow leaves by harvest time! This is completely normal and nothing to worry about as long as you’ve ruled out bud rot! Mutation – Cosmetic (Usually Not Harmful) Occasionally you may see mutations or natural variation that results in parts of leaves being yellow. The general rule of thumb with any unusual leaf symptom is if the rest of the plant is green, vibrant and healthy, there’s usually nothing to worry about.

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