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It is very compact when compared to other Jack Herer phenotypes, though significantly taller than a pure Indica. It adds about 100-200% to its vegetated height in flowering and finishes in under 60 days. Growers who have a particular interest in speed, weight and compact growth pattern should select Jack Herer’s pheno-B as a mother.

Buds mainly cluster around nodes, but ‘run’ enough to cover a large portion of the (shorter) stem and branches. Flower formation is dense and regular, forming angular knots with blunt peaks. Upper branches often combine with the main stem to forma large central cola. Calyxes are large, but not oversized and pistils are relatively short. Indoors, this pheno produces most efficiently at a height of 50-100cm. In terms of the effects, phenotype B produces a strong indica-like effect. With that being said, it does not overpower the cerebral sativa-like effects that are characteristic of Jack Herer varieties and phenotypes. Many growers consider phenotype C to be a lot like pheno-A, if not the same. But there are some differences that allow phenotype C to be considered a separate phenotype.

It produces swollen calyxes, but they are significantly smaller than those of pheno-A. The calyxes also grow in strings, outwards and upwards, giving pheno-C a spikey appearance. Overall, pheno-C produces voluminous, fuzzy buds that have a generous coat of resin all over them. The aroma is spicy and sweet, and the effect is the most energetic or uplifting of all the Jack Herer variations. For commercial growers, pheno-D is the least desirable of all Jack Herer variations. This is because it produces dense buds at each node like an indica, while gaining a lot of height during flowering like a sativa. This results in gaps between nodes at the top colas. For home growers, this variety might be the most desirable because it produces truly spectacular amounts of resin. Sometimes, the resin content puts pheno-D among some of the most resinous plants we’ve ever seen. pheno-D tends to produce very limited branching and clones can be grown close together without interfering with each other. Indoors, it is most efficient when kept to a size of 30-80cm. Flowering time is comparatively fast – usually 60 days or less. Jack Herer’s phenotype D has a sharp, rich flavour, similar to fresh hashish. It’s generally the pheno with the most obvious physical ‘stone’ effect. “I had a good variety of phenotypes, including the one I know as Jack Herer from previous samplings, a lime one, an extremely dank skunky one that grows like a sativa, and a hazey-smelling indica.” – by MidnightToker, Phenotype #1 has been nicknamed “Fruity Jack” as it’s very fruity, phenotype #2’s nickname is “Spicy Jack”, since it’s spicy. The most potent but least productive is called “Flashback Jack” because its calices are enormous and uber-resinous, and offer the unique, authentic taste of the Jack from coffeeshops back in the ‘90s.” – by Sam89, Jack Herer maintains high standards of quality and is quite the performer if handled with proper care. 2 pages at 400 words per page) Flush Summary & Study Guide Description. Flush Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion on Flush by Carl Hiaasen.

Flush by Carl Hiaasen is the story of Noah Underwood, a youngster who lives in the Florida Keys with his mother, father and younger sister. Life is carefree for young Noah spending his days fishing, snorkeling, boating and hanging with friends and sister in the warm Floridian surf and sun. But things change when suddenly his father, Paine, winds up in jail. Noah visits his father and is at first confused why his good and loving father is in jail. He learns that Paine sunk the gambling boat, the Coral Queen, that was moored in a local marina because it was dumping sewage—including human waste—into the pristine waters of the marina. Once Noah fully understands the danger of this practice, he is on board with his father. Noah loves both his parents and has to play the peacemaker between them.

His father is a nature lover and had a rather impulsive personality. Donna, Noah's mother, loves her husband dearly but she is at the end of her rope with his antics. He's been guilty of erratic behavior in the past and Donna's reached her boiling point. She loves the beautiful water and beaches just as much as her husband does but she has her children to think of and her mortgage to pay. Noah and his younger sister, Abbey, decide to investigate the Coral Queen themselves, which had been refloated, cleaned and put back into operation.


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