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This is a popular app that you can download on your phone for free. Once you’ve got the app, here’s how it works: Organize into teams of two Choose a deck. A few examples of decks are celebrities, movies, animals, accents, characters, and more Read the deck description and tap Play Put the back of the phone against your forehead.

Your team gives you clues to help you guess what the screen says Tilt the phone down if your team guesses the word or phrase correctly Tilt the phone up if you can’t guess the word. This is a vintage card game that first came out way back in 1979 (when people used to actually call weed “grass”). I found mine at It’s Your Move, a specialty game store here in Denver, but you can find this champion of weed games on Amazon as well. Basically, this game turns you and your friends into black-market weed dealers. As it says on the box, “The object of Grass is to be the first player to make $250,000 by hustling weed (and not your garden variety either). Try to stop your opponents by putting the heat on their drug peddling by using the Detained, Search and Seizure cards, or steal from your opponent’s stash, but be careful as others will try to get at your stash as well. Try to remain calm and avoid the Paranoia cards, which’ll forfeit your turn.” Kelleyanne’s Top Weed Games: Cards Against Humanity.

Most people have played Cards Against Humanity enough times that maybe the cards feel a little “played out.” That’s where the expansion packs come in. Add some fresh cards and sprinkle some cannabis into the games night, and this dark-humor game never loses its edge. My favorite weed game to play with friends is hands down any of the Jackbox party pack games. Basically, they’re games where everyone submits answers on their phone to funny questions. The answers you submit pop up on the TV screen and then everyone can vote on them. How it works is you download this Jackbox game onto an Xbox, PlayStation or PC (cost is $9.99). You pick your game with the controller or mouse and then on the TV screen instructions pop up for everyone to log in. The top three reasons I enjoy this so much as a weed game are because it’s 1) Interactive – everyone uses their own phone to submit answers. 2) You see a really dirty side of people that you thought were squeaky clean – Each answer is anonymous till you’re done voting and sometimes its fun to see who submitted what answer. 3) I’ve literally never laughed so hard at some of the answers people submit! After a 420 session with my friends, I’m usually in the outdoors hiking or camping. So I like to play weed games that don’t require any cards or gear. One of my go-to weed games on the trail is “Would you Rather”. More a rhetorical exercise than a game, this one’s about thinking up scenarios that are equally weighty. The best part of the game is to see where the subjects and tones wander. It can get heavy and philosophical, or strange and stoney, but it’s most fun to shoot for levity and laughs. A few to get you started: Would you rather have a leg that has fallen asleep for a week, or a funny bone tingle in your elbow for a week? Would you rather live in a hunter-gatherer society or 12,000 years into the future? Would you rather discover a field of wild indica plants or wild sativa plants? So I make up some sort of challenge for myself to burn through all my different stashes. I’ll have my flower vape, my concentrate pen, my dab of live resin, or my bong, and the goal is to finish before the movie is over. Sometimes I win (make it through the movie and the full supply) and sometimes I lose (fall asleep during the movie in front of a half-finished bowl). I’ve developed my own 710-friendly weed-infused variation of disc golf called Discs-n-Dabs. What started as an annual tournament is easily adapted to any course of your choosing, though discretion is advised if you are on a public course (public consumption remains illegal).

CannaVenture created this game in 2017 by combining a love of cannabis concentrates with a desire to be active and enjoy the outdoors through disc golf. Each team must take one dab per basket before discs are thrown. If you’re out at a public course, or with non-consumers, vape pens make this task much easier than a torch/rig combo. Alternatively, teams can smoke an entire joint/blunt before each throw (18 joints/blunts per round). Discs-n-Dabs is played cumulatively to ensure everyone’s dabs and throws affect the score. If you’re playing doubles, this means that both players must take nine dabs by the end of a round of 18 baskets. The official Discs-n-Dabs tournament is played as a Triples Tournament, allowing players to take six dabs per person per round, rather than nine. What you’ll need: Each player will need their own smoking device (pipe, vape pen, bong, dab rig…) Each player will need their own jar of nugs (about an eight) or gram of concentrate The group will need to pre-roll 5 joints before the movie starts Lighters (you know who’s gonna forget, help them out) VESL CBD vape pen (just in-case anyone gets too high and needs to chill) Copy of The Big Lebowski. The Rules: This one is not recommended for the occasional toker, please abide.

Pro Tip : Roll your joints before the movie starts! You’ll quickly notice that despite how many times you’ve seen this movie the joints will sneak up on you. This is how it goes: Every time “The Dude” says the word, “man” everyone has to take a hit of their piece. Every time “The Dude” lights up a joint or is smoking a joint the whole group must join him. (don’t forget to listen for the term “man” doing rotation!) Pro Tip: If at any time during the challenge anyone gets too high, please remember: CBD has been proven to naturally reduce anxiety and bring our minds & bodies back to homeostasis.


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