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There was no Haze strain around there before 1986 that I am aware of either, nor has anyone else that I knew there heard of it. I lived in the Monterey Bay area from 1966 to 1986, then in Los Gatos and the San Jose area from 1993 to 2003. As for his GMO stuff, he still denies that he has anything to do with them. He says that he is 'retired' now, obviously fat and living off his profits from the sales of his companies. He also seems to be immune to DEA prosecution, and his arrest record has been wiped clean.

Amusing too, if you post anything negative about him a lot of places online, there are usually instant doubters and supporters of him. I had one person pop up and tell me that I had to be born there to know anyone like the Haze Bros. I knew a LOT of heavies in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Prunedale, Salinas, Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Cruz in the 70s and 80s. They (and I) were dealing a LOT of weed and other stuff. Big Sur and Prunedale were pretty closed communities, but if you had good weed? I got the band Crazy Horse so stoned one night they had to stop playing. That was in 1978 when I had a bag of fresh bud from Carmel Valley, grown from seeds that I had supplied a friend. Niel Young got really pissed and stomped off, as was typical.

He was mad that no one was dancing that night anyway. History has been re-written and is vastly different than the era that I lived in. I have written a lot about my wild days being stoned in NorCal in the 70s and 80s. I was basically a stoner hippie from 1972 through 1986. The Viet Nam War, the race and anti-war riots, Monterey Pop (before my stoner days, but I was there), SDS/The Weather Underground, the weed scene, other drugs, motorcycle gangs, Telegraph Ave in Berzerkley, Mexico trips, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters at Asilomar and in Eugene, Big Sur as a hippie Mecca, Days on the Green rock concerts, Cannery Row, The Warlocks/Grateful Dead, Santa Cruz, The Kinks, Crazy Horse, Clint Eastwood, yadda yadda. But then there are always these 'experts' that always claim that what actually happened did not happen, as has been posted on this thread. Also many of the things I did many people just do not believe. We were immortal in those days and my brother and I took things to the edge. The heavies that we thought were dangerous told us many years later that they thought that we were the dangerous ones. I guess we were radicals, but it did not feel like it at the time. We were just going with the flow, and amplifying it. Do not forget about Noriega being a rat for the DEA in Panama long before El Chapo: As for Sammy Skunk, Dr. Beanstein or Dave Watson (if that is his real name) and GMO? If you believe that CRISPR is GMO, as I and many others do (flipping, splicing and editing genes), then I believe he is guilty as charged. If you do not believer that CRISPR is GMO, then I guess you can acquit him. But 'they' are trying to get around that in a global debate. Mr Watson tries, as others do, to label CRISPR as being "like hybridization". Sorry, but I do not see any similarity, or that standard breeding will ever get you to where CRISPR does. Its like them saying that TEL was great for gasoline. "Don't worry, modern industry will take care of you." All in the name of profit, and some rich fat cats being retired someplace. Like Mr Watson is now after pawning off his several companies. Though I do not attribute his knowledge as being as deep as claimed, by him and many others. Davis Watson has many aliases, AKA: Sam the Skunkman, Sam Skunkman, Sam Selezney, KnowItAll4Sure, Jingles, Selgnit, Dr Frankenbeanstein, Hemp Guy, and likely a dozen other aliases. Mario Lap, Joe Pietri and Steven Hager have written and posted a lot about him. I have also had several conversations with one of his aliases in print, mainly on IcyRag before I was banned there. What struck me was and is his version of what happened around Monterey Bay in the 60s and 70s, and my own personal experiences there are 180 degrees apart.

I was around Santa Cruz, Capitola and Corrolitos a lot in the 70s. I was perplexed by his replies early on, and amused when I dug deep into who he was. No one I know or knew in the Monterey Bay area smoked anything called Haze until later on. No one knew of any Haze Bros growing $250 an oz weed in the 70s. For that matter, no weed there then went for anything near $250 an oz.

Not even hashish or Thai sticks sold for that much. One version which I am inclined to agree with is that the real Haze Bros. were in New Jersey, and they sold Haze around NYC for some insane prices in the 70s. There was so much good pot around NorCal then, including Thai, Panama Red, Cambodian Red, top grade Colombian and Mexican, Hashish from Lebanon, Afghanistan and Morocco, Ganja from India, Sinsemilia from Mexico after the paraquat spraying, Kona Gold and Maui Waui, and African (now called African Black Magic).


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