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This is a very common question, many people want to know if there is any difference between purple varieties of cannabis and the more conventional green strains. Generally purple strains tend to be Indica dominant, or hybrid strains that couple an uplifting Sativa with a gorgeous purple Indica strain. This means that most purple strains will have a heavy sedative effect, offering deep relaxation and help getting to sleep at night, as with the majority of Indica strains. The anthocyanins are actually found in many plants, many of which we eat.

These anthocyanins are widely regarded as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits. Eating foods that are rich in anthocyanins is known to help with a myriad of health conditions and contributes to an overall healthy life. Smoking them is a different story, but with the rise in popularity of consuming cannabis edibles and vaporizing it could prove to be far more beneficial than we currently know. Cannabis is a powerful healing plant that can aid in a plethora of health conditions, from stress to cancer. If purple cannabis is found to offer a heaping side order of antioxidant rich anthocyanins, it will soon become the gold standard in medicinal cannabis strains. Best purple strains list of top purple feminized, regular photoperiod and autoflowering cannabis seeds. While often legendary purple strains exist in clone-only form, such as Purple Urkle and Grape Ape, these popular “real deal” purple weed strains are for sale as seeds that grow dank, connoisseur quality purple-colored buds.

The true “Royal indica” strain known as Grand Daddy Purple, Grand Daddy Purps or GDP is one of the top purple marijuana strains in the world. With its magnificently dense, unusually frosty buds, the Ken Estes original Grand Daddy Purple is always best seller in both seed and bud markets. The stout plants keep a tight profile and grow tons of bud sites right down to the stalk. Suitable for cultivation in most climates, GDP shows fairly good resistance to mold outdoors. The purple color will come out during the end of flowering, lower temperatures can help speed up the process. Flowering Time 7-8 weeks Strain Breeder Grand Daddy Purple Pack Size 5/10 seeds Yield Indoors: 300-450 g/m2 Outdoors: 400+ g/plant. Buy Grand Daddy Purple Regular & Feminized Seeds🌱 Purple Kush. Purple Kush is a potent, nearly 100% pure indica strain hybrid originating from the West Coast. ILGM’s Purple Kush feminized seed strain is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The plants grow into a bushy formation and adapt well to pruning and SCROG. Flowering Time 8 weeks Strain Breeder ILGM Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds Yield 5-9 oz per 3×3 ft. Buy Purple Kush Feminized Seeds🌱 Purple Trainwreck. Purple Trainwreck by HSO is an indica dominant hybrid of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck. This robust, vigorous grower develops beautiful dark colors during bloom. The slightly stretchy plants structure into a Christmas-tree shape and perform best grown indoors or outside in warm dry climates. It can get up to 3 meters tall and yield as high as 2.4 kilos per plant. Purple Trainwreck turns purple and violet colors when the temperature drops. Potent buds that combine a psychedelic head high with a powerful body stone. Flowering Time 58-63 days Strain Breeder Humboldt Seed Organization Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds Yield Indoors: up to 500 g/m2 Outdoors: 1.2-2.4 kg/plant. Buy Purple Trainwreck Feminized Seeds🌱 Ayahuasca Purple. Ayahuasca Purple is a special purple strain created from Red River Delta genetics gifted to Barney’s Farm Seeds by a US Army veteran living in Alaska. The seeds germinated into extremely colorful ruby red and purple weed plants that were subsequently bred with Sensi Seeds’ Master Kush strain to make Ayahuasca Purple. This nearly 100% pure indica strain does best grown indoors or in warm climates. The plants stay around 40-60 inches tall and have a very fast flowering period of just 50 days. Flowering Time 50 days Strain Breeder Barney’s Farm Seeds Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds Yield 650 g/m2. Buy Ayahuasca Purple Feminized Seeds🌱 Purple Haze.

Purple Haze is perhaps the most well-known purple weed strain of all time, a legendary old school sativa strain that combines psychedelic effects with vivid deep purple colors. The Purple Haze feminized seeds sold by ILGM grow into tall, mostly sativa plants that do well indoors and in warm sunny climates. Purple Haze is a quality producer of rock hard sticky buds with up to 20% THC. Flowering Time 9 weeks Strain Breeder ILGM Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds Yield 14-19 oz per 3×3 ft. Buy Purple Haze Feminized Seeds🌱 Purple Afghan Kush. Purple Afghan Kush by Dinafem is an indica dominant marijuana strain bred by crossing Purple Kush and Pre ’98 Bubba Kush genetics. A top performer in both yield and quality, Purple Afghan Kush has won 4 different awards at cannabis competitions across the globe. The seeds grow into sturdy, classic indica plants with a good resistance to pests and diseases. The purple colors in the buds and leaves starts to develop as the plants approach their 5th week of flowering.

Rock hard, resinous Kush buds that reek of fresh-cut pineapples. Flowering Time 60 days Strain Breeder Dinafem Seeds Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds Yield Indoors: 500 g/m2 Outdoors: 600-800 g/plant. Shaman by Dutch Passion is a purple F1 mostly sativa hybrid made by breeding together Purple #1 and Early Skunk. Specifically bred for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, this fast flowering purple strain is very resistant to mold and bud rot, making it ideal for growers in high humidity climates. The prized Shaman phenotypes produce sturdy sativa dominant plants bearing colorful purple colas that smell like ripe mangoes.


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