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It’s a cross of different sativas that make up and extremely potent strain with a happy, energizing high with some nice fresh flavors. It’s amazing indoors, but it will also put up with almost any climate; from mid-summer sun to northern, rainy climates, this sativa weed strain is practically immune to oidium and botrytis. Wherever you plant this beauty you’re guaranteed a pine-tree shaped plant .

In indoor grows you can plant around 9 plants per square meter and you’ll need to flower them around 10-15 days after the growth begins or they’ll get much too tall. They feed quite nicely, and you can give it a nice full fertilizer chart without worrying about overdoing it right from the get go. It doesn’t need many anti-fungi products as it generally isn’t likely to get fungi in the first place, and you’ll need minimal insecticide before flowering begins. At the end of the flowering period you’ll have a plant with some extremely eye-catching colors that give it a special touch. The flavor is fresh and captivating, and the effect will no doubt induce fits of laughter in those that smoke it. This is a strain that everyone needs to try at least once . This is one of the fastest of the lot for flowering and it’s around 90% Sativa.

This is one of the most preferred indoor grows with sativas, especially for grow tents. Indoors in a room you can grow pretty much any strain as you have the height available to you, but in grow tents you need to grow strains that are fast and have a compact structure so that light can reach them properly. Jamaican Dream is one of the few sativas that don’t need any sort of special taking care of ; no pruning, no bending, no SCRoG. Simply grow them in 3L pots and transplant to 7L pots when flowering, after about 21 days of growth. This strain loves heat and water; it grows quite fast but this means that it’s going to need a lot of nutrients to do so. If you’re able to keep these plants nice and green until their last day then you’ll get the maximum yield possible. It’s extremely important to keep control of the pH with this strain so that it can properly absorb all of the nutrients that it needs, avoiding any sort of deficiencies. If it starts getting too green you can reduce the amount of fertilizers being used, and if it starts going yellow then you’ll need to give it more. This strain has some amazingly impacting aromas when flowering, and especially when the buds are cured. The high is extremely uplifting, and it will give you a brainstorm of ideas thanks to its creative effect. This might just be the best sativa strain ever, and if you ask anyone that’s grown it they’d tell you the same thing; Kali Mist is strong, easy to grow although delicate when it comes to feeding, delicious and potent. It’s one of the most-grown sativa strains of all times. It’s a bit complicated to grow indoors due to how large it grows and its incredibly fast flowering period – in as far as actually feeding and taking care of it, it’s not that complicated. Due to how strong it grows and the growth spurt it produces during the flowering period, you can grow it under 12/12h right from the start. You can get great results using this method indoors without needing to worry about how tall it’s going to grow. It can take up to 90 days to flower from start to finish, although some phenotypes may take just 70 days if you’re lucky. Get ready for some intense, aromatically delicious strains that have a mix of sweet, musky and incensed flavors. Its effect is quite impressive; you can smoke practically all day without needing to worry about getting tired or feeling too stoned, and its flavor never gets old – the perfect sativa! There are hundreds of sativa weed strains that we love, but these are the ones that we’ve created a special bond with and stand out when we think of sativa strains. Of course, everyone has their own personal taste, and hopefully you’ve managed to find a strain on this list that sounds like it could be perfect for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Author : Javier Chinesta Translation : Ciara Murphy.

My next grow I want to be Sativa, I'm sick of the couchlock stupor budz.


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