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In a North American dispensary, a gram of Do-Si-Dos will cost approximately $25 AUD. In Amsterdam, this strain is a bit harder to find and will cost approximately $35 AUD for a gram. Some similar strains to Do-Si-Dos include Purple Punch, Tahoe OG Kush, Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Master Kush.

Thanks to its profile of effects and numerous medical benefits, Do-Si-Dos is a well-rounded strain. Its enjoyable high and ability to manage a wide range of ailments are making this strain popular amongst a variety of different cannabis consumers. That type of versatility is important in today's market and is the reason why Do-Si-Dos is a strain to watch in 2020. Get the latest pot stock recommendations, cannabis news and industry updates straight to your inbox! Josh is a Perth-based writer with a background in psychology and pharmacology. Through his studies he has gained an interest in abnormal psychology, mental health and psychopharmacology and has reported on these topics. Currently, his main focus is on cannabinoids and their medical potential. CBD Extracts: What's the Difference Between Full Spectrum & Isolate.

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