mr.nice strain

Mr. Nice

Taste & Smell

  • Earthy
  • Spicy
  • Sweet


  • Calm
  • Sleepy

Pairs Well With

  • Doing Nothing
  • Sleeping

About this Indica Strain

The cannabis strain dubbed Mr. Nice Guy derives its name from the autobiography of Howard Marks who was the Oxford alumni that became a cannabis smuggler. His book is titled Mr. Nice and is the specific source for the name..

The scent of Mr. Nice Guy is, not surprisingly, quite nice. Offering overtones of skunk and undertones of sweet and spicy earth, many agree Mr. Nice Guy produces a calming and agreeing fragrance along with a taste that’s slightly woody like pine.

Consumers have report that they have used Mr. Nice Guy to calm the symptoms of stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and headaches. Others have simply enjoyed the relaxation that they’ve experienced spreading through their body. Many have experienced an enhanced mood and improved mindset.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data

Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 14%


Genetics of Mr. Nice Guy are widely unknown, though some believe a parent strain is G13. THC levels average in the mid to high teens.

The cannabis strain dubbed Mr. Nice Guy derives its name from the autobiography of Howard Marks who was the Oxford alumni that became a cannabis smuggler. His book is titled Mr. Nice and is the specific source for the name.. The scent of Mr. Nice Guy is, not surprisingly, quite nice. Offering overtones…

Meet Mr. Nice Guy Weed Strain

Regardless of how harsh this life might seem to us, but there has surely been a moment in the life of each and every one of us when we met someone and instantly said: “Hey, he’s a nice guy!”. Believe it or not, but you might meet Mr. Nice Guy without actually the need to talk to someone. Mr. Nice Guy Strain is the 2004 High Life Cup award-winning indica dominant hybrid that can easily deprive its consumers of any desire, motivation, or ambition. If you feel like the day has come for you to have some rest and let your problems go, this strain would be your best choice.

The THC level of up to 16% ensures a heavy impact on the consumers accompanied by an infused hashish flavor and strong odor. The CBD range of Mr. Nice Guy Kush is miserable, so you should definitely not expect any smooth and slight effect. Get ready for some mind-blowing experience because this is what Mr. Nice Guy buds are being grown for. There is a powerful narcotic stone that will have a staggering lazy effect upon you and will surely make you relax. Your mind will be free, and your body will feel uplifted.

History Of Mr. Nice Guy

When pondering over its origin, it must be acknowledged that this strain is surely one of the most peculiar ones. Well, it represents a mix of the Hash Plant and the one and only Government-13 strain. It has also been used in the creation of such strains as Sexxpot and Cluster Funk.

Meanwhile, the kush has got its name from Howard Marks. He was one of the most up-and-coming graduates of Oxford who ended up as one of the most famous smugglers of weed. He was a so-called British Escobar who has published his own biography, named Mr. Nice.

Effects, Medical Appointments, And Negatives Of Mr. Nice Guy

There are a lot of things that can be said about a strain. Furthermore, there is a need to remember that tastes differ. Nonetheless, there are still three categories that everybody keeps talking about when it comes to discussing medical cannabis. Those are the strain effects, medical appointments, and probable negatives.

Below, you will find the table with five interventions from each of the aforementioned categories that are most likely to happen to you once you consume Mr. Nice Guy. Top of the list is the most probable effects, and down below are the ones that are not likely to happen at all. Still, you should always bear in mind that the strain effect differs from person to person as it may all depend upon your organism rather than on the very strain.

Effects Medical Appointments Negatives
Relaxed Stress Dry Mouth Cavity
Happy Pain Dry Eyes
Euphoric Anxiety Dizziness
Sleepy Insomnia Paranoia
Uplifted Depression Headache

It can be clearly seen that Mr. Nice Guy can fulfill all of your expectations when it comes to getting relaxed or simply forgetting about this that presses heavily on your mind. What is more, it might help you deal with some serious medical conditions or a simple headache. Finally, the probable negative effects cannot be classified as somewhat extraordinary as they can be expected from consuming any breed of medical cannabis.

What Are The Reasons To Choose Mr. Nice Guy?

There is a myriad of reasons why you need to choose Mr. Nice Guy. But, let’s focus our attention on the primary ones. First, its spicy odor will make you enjoy every single bit of its smoke. Second, it tastes like the set of the best spices in the world with a soft hint to some wooden notes present when you exhale. Third, its visual representation is incredible as it includes the mix of dark green and bright orange hues. Finally, it can surely heal a lot of medical conditions or at least help alleviate them.

How To Grow

There are two simple rules to know for those who want to grow this train. First, it is better to do it outdoors because it needs much sun. Second, its flowering time is 60 days. So, make sure that you don’t cut it off sooner. Furthermore, this strain is not likely to develop big leaves or buds, so don’t you think that you have done something wrong if the stem does not reach the sky.

Useful For Cooking Edibles?

The very seeds of Mr. Nice Guy cannot be deemed to be a great addition to your dinner. However, the wax extracted from them might become a great ingredient to use, especially when it comes to baking.

Let’s Sum It Up

There are surely no reasons why you would not want to try Mr. Nice Guy. If you are looking for a powerful, uplifting experience when it comes to choosing medical cannabis, Mr. Nice Guy might become exactly what the doctor ordered. The negatives associated with this strain boil down to the minimum, while its medical appointments and effects are simply amazing. Try it, and you will surely find yourself saying, “Hey, he’s a nice guy!”

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