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The preliminary design helps clients make important decisions early on in the design process before they commit to material and construction costs. It provides growers with an entire project scope so they know what to expect at every step of the way. This saves the client time and money down the road.

Not only is this a way for Ceres to establish whether a potential client is ready to invest in their products and services, but it’s also a way for growers to be more involved and have more control over their project from the get go. Greenhouses for Local and Sustainable Food Production. We can bring agriculture into the city by building greenhouses that are producing food year-round and producing more per square foot, and more per acre, than a farm is able to. And instead of two harvests, you're getting four with a greenhouse. Our goal is to put the food production where the consumers are. And if you connect the consumers to the producer, you are creating a community.

For more information about our greenhouses for local food systems, visit our website: there are many issues with today's 00:02 commercial agricultural system I was 00:06 just driving through Yuma Arizona where 00:08 90% of the lettuce from the US comes 00:11 from in the winter all comes from one 00:13 place and then we ship it everywhere 00:15 else what we've seen is that we get e 00:17 coli and lettuce and when we get that 00:18 from one place there's a nationwide 00:21 recall of lettuce when we can distribute 00:25 where that lettuce comes from and make 00:27 it more local we might still have an 00:30 issue with lettuce at some point but 00:31 it's going to be for that community it's 00:33 going to be much easier to handle and it 00:35 doesn't affect the entire country 00:36 there's an urgency in industrial 00:40 agriculture to shift out of this model 00:43 that we've created that is very 00:45 extractive both of the people that it 00:48 employs and the resources that it's 00:50 using we can bring agriculture into the 00:54 city by building greenhouses that are 00:56 producing food year-round a more per 00:58 square foot more per acre than a farm is 01:01 able to on an annual basis because 01:03 instead of two harvests you're getting 01:05 four the goal would be that the food is 01:08 where the consumers are and I think if 01:11 you connect the consumers to the 01:14 producer because they're in the same 01:16 neighborhood they're neighbors its 01:17 community you're starting to create 01:19 community 01:20 I chose to put a greenhouse on the 01:22 property because from a pure gross 01:25 standpoint of view this property is 01:26 actually deemed by the entire government 01:29 to be non farmland it has the worst 01:33 possible rating for the ability to grow 01:36 and the irony here is that we're 01:39 actually taking what is essentially 01:42 wonderful scrub land and able to make 01:45 this land extremely productive local 01:47 food production and sourcing is 01:49 something that is top of mind and many 01:52 people our customers are playing 01:54 contributing rules and filling spaces in 01:56 places like Canada and northern markets 02:00 where you can't simply find fresh and 02:03 locally sourced produce through the 02:04 winter months the context in Colorado is 02:07 very unique because although we're a 02:10 landlocked state we get most of our food 02:13 from out of state which leaves us 02:15 vulnerable in the event that we don't 02:17 have the proper infrastructure to 02:18 maintain food production so growing in a 02:21 greenhouse that is close to the city 02:23 centers of Denver and Boulder were able 02:26 to supply local food while also reducing 02:28 food miles and increasing the quality of 02:31 the food the idea here is to be able to 02:34 bring really 02:37 fresh organic possible Tricia's 02:42 to our communities 02:45 grown in a way that helps the community 02:50 communities in the end I think that's 02:53 what we're trying what we're all trying 02:55 to do people come together is always an 02:59 amazing thing it's the seed that could 03:02 sprout all kinds of things from 03:06 [Music] Меньше. 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