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Also, Bubba Kush has strong, soporific effects in its latter stages. This is why this strain is so popular among medicinal consumers with insomnia. Master Kush was initially known as High Rise because of its origins in an apartment building in Amsterdam. Legendary Amsterdam-based breeders, the White Label Seed Company, are the creators of the Master Kush strain.

Although its origins are disputed, some believe that Master Kush is a cross of Skunk #1 and the Hindu Kush strain. Master Kush is heavily indica-dominant (80:20) and has a typical THC range of between 16-20%. To begin with, Master Kush produces an uplifting high, which is euphoric, but not overwhelming. As time passes, Master Kush’s indica effects come more to the fore. Consumers say that they experience a body-numbing high, deep relaxation, and ultimately sleepiness. We have to thank those who made the long journey on the Hippie Trail all those years ago. For it was them who introduced Hindu Kush seeds to Europe and the Americas. When you think about it, there was a very short timeframe for them to do so.

Once chaos reigned in Afghanistan, it became exceedingly difficult to transport Hindu Kush seeds to America and Europe. Kush strains retain a special place in marijuana folklore, and there are dozens of strains, if not hundreds, that owe their existence to the remarkable weed that grew in the Hindu Kush region. As you can see from this article, Kush strains have very distinct characteristics and traits. The legendary OG Kush strain is widely considered to be the best of the best. High Times readers also seem to think so too, as they voted OG Kush the number one strain of all time. Such is the popularity of Kush that GW Pharmaceuticals chose it when cultivating marijuana-derived medicine. Without a doubt, it’s some of the best weed around. Kush is a species of cannabis which originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, located on the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush is a Cannabis indica strain that pulls its heritage from the Hindu Kush region, located on the western section of the Himalayas. In the last two decades, the word “Kush” became a synonym for a premium cannabis flower. Landrace (original) Kush strain is the Hindu Kush and is that one is a purebred indica that can grow almost anywhere. However, most of the Kush strains on the market today are hybrids. Kush sativa strains are rare, but they too can be cultivated with proper growing conditions and relentless cross-breeding. When it comes to growing, Kush cannabis is known to evolve and acclimate in order to survive. These plants are highly adaptable which is why they are now grown successfully across the world. Kush strains produce a sedative effect initially, usually followed by joy and random bouts of laughter. These effects vary from strain to strain, depending on their genetics. Kush strains that have strong ties to their indica roots are very hard to come by these days, as the cannabis community moved towards growing highly-resistant hybrids. However, those that still grow Kush with a higher indica presence are known to produce flowers with potent cerebral effects that “tranquilize” the user, and these buds are frequently recommended as a way to battle insomnia. More than a 100 strains have the word Kush in their name. As I previously mentioned, landrace Hindu Kush is known for its resilience and the ability to grow just about anywhere. This useful trait made Hindu Kush one of the most sought-after strains by growers and breeders.

Before I list my favorite Kush strains, here’s a quick explanation about the way I listed them: There are overwhelmingly more hybrid and indica Kush strains than sativa Kush strains. Also, most of the Kush strains aren’t pure indicas and sativas, but rather hybrids whose one trait is more dominant than the other. With that in mind here are my picks of some of the best Kush strains, in three separate categories: Most popular indica-dominant Kush strains: Kosher Kush Bubba Kush Critical Kush Afghan Kush Platinum Kush Hindu Kush Super Kush Sin City Kush Alien Kush Purple Kush Purple OG Kush Master Kush. Most popular hybrid Kush strains: OG Kush (my favourite Kush strain) Pink Kush Lemon OG Kush Cali Kush Royal Kush Mango Kush Pineapple Kush Holy Grail Kush Big Kush. Most popular sativa-dominant Kush strains: Mickey Kush Silver Kush Quantum Kush Heisenberg Kush. OG Kush is widely viewed as the best Kush strain because of its legacy, however it’s somewhat difficult to classify one strain as an absolute best, mostly because each crop varies in quality and cannabinoid and terpene levels. Since there are so many Kush varieties out there I really doubt that anyone tried all of them (and stayed sober enough) to objectively determine which one is the finest.

Seeing how OG Kush was originally a clone-only strain, growers named clones of different potency different names. This lead to confusion, because at one point you might have smoked the exact same weed from two different growers, as they were marketed by two completely different names.


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