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Poke three small howls at the bottom to allow airflow. Make sure it could easily be removed before smoking. Submerge the small bottle into the water-filled larger one. This creates a vacuum that draws the smoke into the empty chamber. Once the small bottle is filled with smoke, remove the bowl and place the mouth over its opening.

Materials needed: Box cutter or scissors One large plastic bottle Aluminum foil. Poke three small holes at the bottom to allow airflow. Make sure that it is big enough to allow water to flow through it but small enough to cover with a finger. With a finger covering the carb hole, fill the bottle with water up to just a few centimeters from the top. The negative pressure created by escaping water draws in the smoke. One the smoke-filled bottle is empty of water, cover the carb hole again. Remove the bowl and place the mouth over the opening. Let go of the carb hole again and inhale the smoke. Even when on the go, the plastic container of tic tac could also be fashioned into a workable pipe. It easily fits the pocket and while minute in size, is still able to deliver a satisfying hit.

Materials needed: An empty tic tac pack (preferably large) Used marker pen A small knife, scissors, screwdriver (anything that can poke a hole) Aluminum foil. Take the metal casing of the marker pen, and cut it in half. Also cut off the closed end of the marker, leaving only the tube. Locate the side opposite the opening of the package. Then, at the middle part, poke a hole with a knife or with a screwdriver. Make sure that it is big enough for the downstem but not enough to let smoke seep through. Insert the hollow tube through the hole at an angle that allows the outside to point upwards. Poke three to four small holes at the bottom to allow air to flow. Secure it over the downstem by having excess trimmings “wrap” around the end of the tube. Fashioning a carb is optional but it does provide for an easy way to breathe in smoke. A hole could be poked the bottom of the pack for this purpose. Place the mouth over the lid of the tic tac pack while covering the carb hole with a finger. Light up the herbs and wait for the packet to fill with smoke. The water bottle bong employs the same techniques and principles as the tic tac bong. This homemade pipe, however, cannot be used for a long time because the heat of the smoke may melt the plastic over time. It is only good for emergency smoking sessions or for traveling outdoors. Materials needed: An empty water bottle Used ball-point pen A pair of scissors. Remove the casing of the ball-point pen until only an empty tube is left. Using scissors, make a small hole to allow it to be fixed to the water bottle. Then, insert the tube at an angle that will enable it to point upward. (1) The cone-shaped tip of the ball-point pen could be used to hold the cannabis.

(2) Fashion a bowl using aluminum foil and then poking three holes at the bottom. Poke a small hole at the bottom part of the bottle. Pack the bowl lightly with dried herbs then use as a regular pipe. The bottle’s opening at the top will serve as the mouthpiece. Quite possibly the simplest homemade pipe anyone could make. One major drawback of the pen pipe, however, is its small size which does not allow for much smoke to be inhaled. Nevertheless, it is perfect for people looking to get a quick high in the absence of other paraphernalia.

Remove the ink chamber and the closed cap at the end of the pen.


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