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Grinding vs. Milling

Breaking up cannabis to put it in a bowl or pipe is one of the universal struggles of stoners. Some prefer to just use their hands and break up the nugs with their fingers. Others swear by their trusty ol’ grinders . And some are switching to a more modern approach to breaking up their buds: milling. But what are the differences? Is one really better than the other? If so, why? Let’s take a look at these different methods and discuss the pros and cons of each one!

The Finger Method

This method is literally the oldest trick in the book: Using your fingers to break apart your cannabis buds. This was the most common way that ancient stoners would break up their weed to smoke in a pipe or bong. Today, this method is typically reserved for a toker in a pinch because they forgot their grinder. There are some pros with this method but many more cons.

  • Almost anyone can do it
  • It’s totally free!
  • You could get dirt and germs on your marijuana
  • It can be hard to break down the cannabis buds small enough to smoke properly
  • It makes your hands very sticky
  • Your finger oils get on/in your marijuana
  • You lose a ton of trichomes (because they are sticking to your fingers)

As you can see, the Finger Method is messy and can potentially ruin your cannabis. You want to keep as many of the trichomes on your nugs as possible because they contain that sweet, sweet THC. You strip those fragile trichome heads away when you handle them with your fingers. You usually can’t “grind” your cannabis small enough and consistently enough for a good smoke either. Breaking down the marijuana small enough helps create more surface area, which allows the bud to burn more evenly, producing a much better smoking experience.

However, the Finger Method is free, and that’s always a benefit in my book! Almost anyone can do it, as long as they have some fingers.

Traditional Marijuana (Herb) Grinders

Most cannabis users have seen or used one of these grinders. These herb grinders usually consist of 4 parts: A lid, a grinding “bowl” or “chamber. ” a collection chamber with a screen, and the kief collector. You take the lid off, put your cannabis in the grinding chamber, and place the lid back on. Then you just twist the lid back and forth until the buds are completely ground up. Unscrew the grinding chamber and Viola! Freshly ground marijuana.

While traditional herb grinders work and work pretty well, there are still a few points against them.

  • They can be relatively cheap
  • Does a pretty good job of grinding down your cannabis to the proper size
  • There is a wide selection of them with different kinds of teeth, varying sizes, etc.
  • Yay! Kief!
  • There are a lot of brand imitators
  • Aluminum shavings can get in your weed
  • The teeth rip and tear apart your cannabis
  • The teeth on the lid and in the grinder bowl become caked in trichomes
  • The ground-up bud can be more sticky and wet instead of fluffy

These grinders can get the job done and will last a while because they are generally made from aluminum. Because of this, there is a chance that aluminum shavings could be ground into your marijuana. This is very dangerous and is a potential health hazard especially if it’s smoked or ingested. While that isn’t as common with the high-end grinders, like Santa Cruz grinders, which can cost much more than a typical tooth marijuana grinder!

But don’t worry! There are more reasonably priced grinders like SharpStone grinders. The problem with these grinders, however, is that there are A LOT of imitators out there. Just because the dude at the smoke shop said it’s SharpStone, doesn’t actually mean it’s a SharpeStone. He could just be trying to make a quick buck or he could be buying from a shady supplier. Either way, imitation brand grinders will be made of cheaper materials, and there will definitely be shavings and such in your buds.

Another issue with these grinders is that they usually have sharp teeth that tear apart your marijuana. This is problematic for 2 reasons:

  1. Some of the trichomes burst and make the cannabis wet and oily.
  2. Even more trichomes stick to the teeth.

Losing so many of the trichomes brings down the potency of your cannabis while simultaneously gunking up your grinder. Not only that, but the cannabis is also ripped to shreds and covered in oil, making it exceptionally sticky. We all want sticky buds, but we also want to keep the trichomes from bursting before we smoke down. When so many trichomes burst, it prevents your marijuana from being naturally fluffy and light.

Mill Grinder

Lastly, we have, perhaps, one of the best ways to grind up weed: The mill grinder. A mill grinder is a grinder that breaks down your cannabis by breaking apart the buds where it would naturally break. Instead of ripping the plant matter apart, a mill grinder will use the lid to roll the nugs around and against a diffuser screen. As they break apart, the smaller nugs fall through to the collection chamber where they sit waiting to get smoked!

  • The cleanest way to grind your marijuana
  • Made with food-grade stainless steel
  • No teeth
  • The ground cannabis is fluffy
  • Super easy to take apart to clean
  • Swappable diffuser screen
  • Yay! Kief!
  • Only one color

The STR8 Flower Mill Grinder is a true mill grinder made exclusively for cannabis. The milling chamber and screens are made with food-grade (304) stainless steel, and the outside is made with aircraft-grade (6061) aluminum. This makes the STR8 Mill Grinder one of the safest cannabis grinders with no worries of aluminum shavings in your bud. And because these materials are high quality and made to last, this is the last grinder you’ll ever need!

It’s also extremely easy to take apart to clean so you can keep your grinder looking brand new and lasting a long time. This is not something that cannabis grinders are known for doing, so they tend to get caked in tons of old trichomes that never get smoked. And because it’s so easy to take apart, there is a swappable diffuser screen that you can change in and out to fine-tune the size of your grind. That definitely comes in handy, especially for those that like to cook with cannabis.

Since those trichomes aren’t sticking to grinder teeth, you’ll be able to collect much more kief. You won’t have to wait weeks, saving up your keif to have just enough to throw on a bowl. The STR8 Mill Grinder delicately breaks the flower apart allowing all the kief to fall to the kief collection section instead of coating the lid and grinder bowl. This makes the STR8 Mill Grinder not only the best at grinding your weed, but it’s also the best grinder for collecting kief.

There are a couple of cons with the STR8 Flower Mill Grinder.

  1. STR8 Flower Mill Grinder only available in 1 color, for now.
  2. STR8 Flower Mill Grinder is expensive.
  3. Customers can be intimidated by a toothless marijuana grinder

It’s certainly not a big deal, but there are some folks that like to have a whole bunch of color options when purchasing a grinder. While color probably won’t stop someone from buying this amazing grinder, it’s always nice to have color options. Since you are investing more than you would typically invest in a marijuana grinder, rest assured our toothless marijuana mill grinder will last you a long time, so be sure to choose a color you love 🙂 remember there’s only 1 color available for now. Lastly, the intimidation factor, many people might be speculative of having a marijuana grinder without teeth, well rest assured the mill marijuana grinder will grind your marijuana so smooth, you will share it with your friends for years to come!

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