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wont lie hit stuff can be good but most of it is a gamble if you don't know whats not good. GREAT shit, driver got stuck in traffic but kept me updated and even gave me some free Jolly Ranchers c: Best quality around , better bud then cookies on 8 mile ! I’ve ordered from here multiple times and sometimes the products are good but when they aren’t, they really suck. I'm going to say this I've been all over Michigan I've never had better service experience they treat you like fam with the best smoke 11.5 out of 10. He always brings the fire and always comes before the scheduled delivery time.

They always have top notch bud, with quick delivery and great service. King Kong Poison 🔥 They’re the worst place I’ve even dealt with. I’ve placed an order over three hours ago and they’ve yet to show up and have yet to respond to a message. I will ask where’s the weed to cancel their business info on here. I just tried to place an order and they just ignored me. I liked them they responded quickly and got my delivery to me shortly before they closed even tho I had just ordered. Only thing is I'm waiting on a cart to be replaced they said they'd replace for me and still haven't contacted my girlfriend back about it yet.

3 star quality because of cart the eighth I got was great. Weed good quality made some carts for me not impressed but great place to get your flower. these guys have excellent service I have yet to be disappointed by these guys when it comes to my deliveries that meds are top quality and their drivers are very friendly. I highly recommend roadrunners for your medical marijuana needs. Speedy delivery, kind and professional, weight on point, high quality product! I dont know why but it says that i can not online order with your store anymore. I love your store and would like to purchase from again, soon! 💚😎 Pricey delivery fee 😣 flower was good, wax great. How to Tell the Good Weed from the Bad [5 Techniques] How to choose high-quality bud and avoid getting ripped off. That number is subject to change as states continue to hold ballots to decide whether to change the legal status of weed. In places like California or Colorado, where cannabis is entirely legal, it is relatively easy to find good Mary Jane; all you have to do is find a licensed dispensary. The level of competition in these states is so fierce that the folks who sell bad marijuana go out of business pretty quickly. In states where weed is illegal, or where you need an MMJ card to buy it, users have to take what they can get. This could mean purchasing cannabis from a black-market dealer. As well as risking arrest, you’re potentially exposing yourself to rip-offs and low-grade schwag. The bottom line is that unless you’re an experienced user, dealers will typically see you coming from a mile away and jump at the chance to offload their brick weed. If you’re in this situation, or if you want to boost your knowledge of cannabis, you must learn to differentiate between high-grade ‘dank,’ mid-grade marijuana, and low standard garbage. Here are five easy tips for how to tell good weed from bad weed. This tip is for readers able to purchase their weed from a dispensary. Although employees (probably) aren’t going to rip you off, it is still useful to understand the different grades of marijuana. In a standard dispensary, you should see three distinct shelves. For fear of insulting your intelligence, marijuana on the top shelf is generally the cream of the crop. This bud contains a significant amount of THC (you’ll find some strains with 22%+), and it is grown with great care and cured and dried to perfection. Not only will top-shelf weed provide you with an exceptional high, but it should produce a splendid taste and aroma as well . Also known as ‘mids,’ the marijuana on the center shelf is usually your average, middle-of-the-road weed. It isn’t exceptional, but it will do the job if you don’t already have a high tolerance. Top shelf cannabis is too expensive for most people, so mids is probably your best bet.

Marijuana on the bottom shelf of a dispensary is usually the cheapest, least potent bud. Sometimes it’s even a mixture of leftover clippings from various other strains (trim), or broken off pieces of nugs that have fallen to the bottom of other jars (shake). This “bottom shelf” pot will probably have a psychoactive impact on beginners, but intermediates and experts will likely feel that they wasted their hard-earned cash. The standard might be higher than if you get it on the streets, but we recommend splashing the extra dough on mids or top-shelf. In an ideal world, you’d get nothing but beautiful, potent buds in all of your weed-related transactions. Of course, we live in a world that’s far from ideal.

As such, a lot of pot that you buy on the street will be full of stems and seeds. Imagine paying $50 for an eighth, only to discover that half of the weight is made up of stuff you can’t even smoke! Stems are more or less useless and will do very little in aiding your quest to get high. Seeds are even worse because they have a nasty tendency to explode when set on fire!


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