mflb weed

Mflb weed

Magic Flight began its journey, guided by conscious ingenuity, to offer herbal connoisseurs an effective, organic, pure vape experience to leverage the medicinal properties and benefits of plant essence. Our pioneering engineering, solid wood and stainless steel fittings led the way and now our Launch Box proudly celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Yet as we look around, the landscape is filled with unlabeled, and sometimes unregulated products and folks quickly grabbing for the convenience of cartridges over mindful consideration of what they are taking into their bodies. We are saddened to hear of those whose lives were shortened due to vape cartridge use and the many others whose health has been compromised due to reasons unknown as research is still pending.

The introduction of highly processed herbal material inside cartridges requiring chemicals, additives, or solvents is far from our vision of pure flower power. In conjunction with high heat delivery systems, the combination can be volatile and even dangerous.

These concentrates are a concern, as the source or extraction process cannot be guaranteed. In fact, only the manufacture knows what’s really in it, as many cartridges on the market are counterfeits or bootlegged. As a result, to ensure the safety and well being of all, we have made the decision to remove our concentrate vaporizers, the Maud Dib and M.D. Box, from our product line. We will continue to support these products with replacement screens and warranty, but the Maud Dib and M.D. product line will no longer be available.

These concentrate products were both efficient and popular, but as purists, we value the health and wellbeing of our customers over all. In the name of love and mindfulness, we have decided to forgo a portion of our market share to ensure that our handcrafted devices safely vape only material that can be known for certain to be 100% dried herb and flower. In alignment with our ethos, we choose love and the safety of those who wish to vape wisely and responsibly over profits.


It is wise to be mindful and informed of anything you take into your body. In light of the recent incidents of vaping and health concerns, we at Magic Flight would like to speak to these concerns and our company philosophy. We promote the philosophy of choice and encourage making the highest choice. We laser etch on each and every Launch Box, “Love is that which enables choice”. We handcraft each Launch Box with love.

Global health and awareness is key at Magic Flight. Our company culture supports artisans. We value craftsmanship over any gain from outsourcing overseas or using inferior materials. We do not use toxic materials that harm or injure. We donate to and support reforestation efforts and projects to minimize our carbon footprint.

The Launch Box was invented and designed to experience the medicinal benefits and enjoyment of pure plant essence. Careful thought, consideration, and methodical research went into creating an organic, dependable, long-lasting dry herb Launch Box vaporizer.

About the Launch Box Construction

The Launch Box is made of solid wood and stainless steel and made in the USA. Constructed with the consumer in mind, the Launch Box is crafted from solid wood, a beautiful, organic material that is renewable, durable and impact resistant. We offer various types of wood but primarily bright Maple, deep Cherry and rich Walnut finished with a food grade mineral oil.

The fittings and screen within the Launch Box are all stainless steel because it’s strong, corrosion resistant, hygienic (easy to clean), and sustainable. The Launch Box has no moving parts, with the exception of the acrylic cover which swivels. The cover material was selected due to its transparent, impact resistant, and high-heat safety characteristics with no off-gassing. The cover allows you to easily view the vapor and plant material inside the trench and protects the plant material from spilling.

We value our customers and pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service. In addition to our solid construction, Magic Flight offers a generous Limited Lifetime Functional Warranty.

About the Launch Box Design

Magic Flight pioneered the portable vaporizer market, going through many renditions before finally landing on the tried-and-true Launch Box, celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2019. The Launch Box is different and unique, designed to vaporize the essence of dry herbs, organic flower and plant material just below the combustion point. No smoke and no fire hazard. No mysterious chemicals, liquids or additives are ever needed, wanted or used.

Many common pen vapes on the market must use cartridges and liquid additives. They often do not have ingredient labels. There is an absence of extensive research into the long-term effects of these additives. Cartridges are often filled with unlabeled liquids, additives, preservatives, solvents, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Many of these may be harmful when inhaled.

Vape pens require a very specific liquid viscosity in order to function and therefore nearly all vape pens on the market must have these additives included. These unknowns in the liquid may be harmful to health. Additionally, the lithium batteries used in vape pens to convert the liquid to vapor can be dangerous as well.

The Launch Box involves none of these dangerous aspects. With the Launch Box, there is absolutely no cartridge danger. THE LAUNCH BOX DOES NOT USE CARTRIDGES of any kind.

How the Launch Box Enables Your Best Choice

The Launch Box is designed to maximally leverage the medicinal properties of plants, herbs and flowers for your wellbeing and benefit. This is in contrast to vape pens that rely on additives to produce huge clouds of vapor.

With the Launch Box, you are in control of the quality and you can choose what you are vaporizing. We recommend using a high-quality organic, sunshine or hydroponic grown flower, dried herb or plant essence in your Launch Box.

The Launch Box is designed to be ‘sipped’ to taste and experience the essence of the dry herb or plant, like a fine wine. As a connoisseur, you can detect subtle notes, various flavors, and nuances of different variations and strains. The Launch Box is highly effective. Only the essence of the plant material is vaporized. It is pure and stealthy with a low volume of discreet vapor.

The Launch Box advantage is that you can choose to experience the pure essence of a plant herb or creatively blend your favorite herb, flower, or strain of cannabis THC (Sativa or Indica) or CBD. You may also blend your favorite medicinal or recreational CBD/THC combination, depending on need or application.

Magic Flight offers a variety of purely herbal blends: Feelin’ Fine, Sweetly Calming, and Balancing Bleus, which contain no Cannabis, THC or CBD for your vaporizing enjoyment. These popular dried herbal blends can be enjoyed using the Launch Box as an alternative for folks who wish to stop smoking tobacco or may be combined with other dry herbs to enhance the experience.

About the Launch Box Portable Power Source

There are a few different batteries on the market to provide a portable power source. Magic Flight values health and environmental safety and responsibly uses nickel metal hydride battery, abbreviated NiMH or Ni–MH, which is a type of rechargeable battery.

Other batteries on the market are lithium batteries which have a history of creating fire. These type of batteries are unsafe and other countries have restrictions importing these batteries.

Magic Flight does not use lithium batteries. We use Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and these batteries don’t have this issue.

Being environmentally conscious and proactive regarding health and safety, we’ve carefully considered the complete life cycle of various batteries. Magic Flight also chooses to use Ni-MH batteries because they are rechargeable, longer-lasting, and easier on the environment. We use Harding Energy’s recycle program.

We do not use lithium batteries because they are hard to recycle. We do not use nickel–cadmium cell (NiCd) batteries because the waste is toxic to the environment.

Additionally, Magic Flight does have a plug in Power Adapter 3.0, complete with a wall adapter and car port for use at-home or on-the-go to power the Launch Box without batteries.

The advantage is clear, the Launch Box uses the medicinal properties to help individuals enjoy the benefits of the plant kingdom, purely and cleanly.

What makes the Magic-Flight Launch Box the world’s best portable handheld rechargable herbal vaporizer.

Letter of Recommendation: Magic-Flight Launch Box

By Mattathias Schwartz

    Nov. 4, 2015

For a year or two, I smoked pot out of a chimney-­shaped wooden pipe. It came with a lighter, which was wrapped in a sort of braided-­leather papoose. Papoose and pipe were handmade by a shaman-­like fellow I met on the side of a highway in the Pacific Northwest. His wares were solid, but the smoke was harsh. So, not long ago, I switched to a vaporizer, or ‘‘vape,’’ the Magic-­Flight Launch Box.

Vapes heat marijuana buds to oven temperatures, at which point they release their psychoactive payload and gradually turn brown, without burning. Vapor feels easier on the lungs than smoke. Its effects come on more slowly and gently. But the essential quality of vapes is their discretion. Vapes are the antithesis of iridescent glass pipes and cumbersome bongs. They don’t produce a lingering or pungent odor. They do for cannabis what brown paper bags do for beer and what collars do for dogs; they keep your neighbors from freaking out when you pass them on the sidewalk.

The Launch Box is a wooden block small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand. There is a thumb-­size stainless-­steel trench for the weed, a pea-size hole for the vapor and a larger hole in the side, where you insert a rechargeable battery. The battery completes a circuit, heating the trench. You can just about use the Launch Box in the middle of a conversation and have it be mistaken for coughing or popping a breath mint. Across a restaurant, it’s invisible. One vape reviewer, from the tech blog Gizmodo, criticized the Launch Box for looking as if it were made in shop class. Yes, but so did the Apple I. It does exactly what you need it to do, and nothing more.

Though I’ve since taken it out to state parks, numerous bars, a sculpture garden and a hotel rooftop, the Launch Box spent its first few months at home, in a drawer, a few steps away from my office. Over time, it began making afternoon sojourns to my desk. These sessions took place once a week or so, at times when I needed to compile to-do lists, tidy up or try to untangle some gnarled project.

Marijuana, I found, is a fine office drug. Not only is it more healthful than the ubiquitous conference-­table bottle of Knob Creek, it’s also a sharper creative spur. It makes work feel more like a rapturous Frisbee game, less like an assembly line. Solo brainstorms take on an almost yeast-like generativity. And contrary to popular notions from the end of the last century, much of what bubbles up is worth keeping.

One of the wisest things I’ve read about cannabis was written by an anony­mous ‘‘Mr. X’’ in the 1971 book ‘‘Marihuana Reconsidered.’’ While meticulously cataloging how pot enhanced his life as a 30-­something professional, X wrote that ‘‘the devastating insights achieved when high are real insights.’’ They can survive the state of mind that caused them to arise. The difficulty is how to capture a bit of this precious ore. You will need a notebook and some mental pruning shears, to avoid chasing down every dopamine-­inspired tangent. ‘‘Ten even more interesting ideas or images have to be lost in the effort of recording one,’’ is how X put it.

The Launch Box can help with this, in part because it actually isn’t very easy to operate. Users must juggle several variables — timing, temperature, airflow, battery charge. If it’s too hot, the vapor is harsh. If it’s too cold, you get nothing. ‘‘Inhale slowly, like sipping from a cup of hot tea,’’ the enclosed manual, The Flight Guide, recommends. It’s harder than it sounds, but I consider this to be a feature, not a bug. If you’re too distracted, the thing won’t work, not until you settle back down. This encourages moderation. Buy a Launch Box, and you might find that the amount you spend on marijuana each year is modest, in line with your budget for postage stamps or toner.

When X wrote his essay, cannabis use was, like the length of your hair, a political statement, a litmus test for all kinds of establishment proprieties. X’s anonymity is an artifact of that time, and so are his essay’s moments of defensive apology, as if enjoyment alone were not enough to legitimize his smoking. X died in 1996. His identity was exposed three years later, by an old friend, Lester Grinspoon, who wrote the book the essay appears in. X, it turned out, was Carl Sagan. The celebrated astronomer and public champion of scientific inquiry was also an avid pothead. Sagan said he used some of his marijuana-­derived insights in his books and lectures.

Over the next few years, as the laws loosen, the Launch Box will migrate from pocket to table. The Flight Guide will update its euphemistic fig leaves — ‘‘material’’ and ‘‘herbs.’’ Who knows, matters may even loosen up to the point where a marijuana afternoon, like a martini lunch, doesn’t have to justify itself on the basis of additional productive insights obtained per hour. We might come to see life as something more than a swirl of obligations topped with a few sprinkles of meaning.

See, that’s what happens when you use the Launch Box. You start thinking about these kinds of things, political things: the passage of taboos across the generations, the threat that certain forms of consciousness might pose to certain social arrangements. You take out the earplugs, and you put on headphones. But will you remember any of it in the morning? Will there be any legible trace of your stoned self? And if not, does that make you a stoner? Absolutely not, says the Magic-­Flight Launch Box. Relax, buddy. I’m here if you need me.

Unlike iridescent pipes and cumbersome bongs, a vape embodies discretion.