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Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics was created only by three men. It’s small company which produces the best automatic genetic for today.

Mephisto Genetics works with the greatest exclusive clones using strains from all over the world. It tries to find the rare seeds and produce something new.

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Illuminauto №25 Sour Orange Livers

Alien vs. Triangle

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Alien vs. Triangle

Alien vs. Triangle

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Super Orange Haze

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Harvest her on day 78. I disappointed myself by giving her too much N and ended up with some leafy buds. This must be due to the extra fish shit that I added to her feeds early on. I will go back to using Biobizz however as I just need to be a bit more light handed with the feeds.

However she does smell fruity as fuck when harvesting! I ended up with 210g of wet bud after wet trimming and she’s gone into the dryer for 72 hours with a shot glass of water. Should end up with just over 50g of dried bud.

I’ll probably have to end up curing her a bit longer to get rid of the extra chlorophyll in the buds but hopefully I got rid of enough leaves for her to still taste nice. I’ll give a first update then!

Update 1: pulled the buds from the dryer after about 69 hours as the stems were already breaking. Ended up with 47.4g of frosty buds.

After the initial smoke she’s tasting very fruity with no skunky taste to her at all! I’m gonna let her cure for a bit as this was a tester straight out of the dryer.

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