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However, the Chief Public Prosecutor may allow a warning for up to 10 grams of hash or 50 grams of marijuana. Warnings are only issued in cases of personal possession and are only used in very limited circumstances. During sentencing, a prosecutor will consider if the cannabis was intended for personal use or not.

Harsher sentences may be imposed if a person possesses an excessive amount of marijuana, around 10 kg and it is determined that it was intended for distribution and large profit. I found out that a sentence may be extended to up to ten years or up to sixteen years in prison for more severe violations. When traveling to Denmark, it is in a traveler's best interest to avoid marijuana possession, use or any attempt to bring it into the country. As a visitor to Denmark, any traveler who brings marijuana into the country will be subject to Danish law regarding illegal drug importation and possession. Also, depending on the quantity, a person may be subject to deportation. While legal in several states in the United States, medical marijuana in forms other than the ones mentioned below, remain illegal in Denmark. Furthermore, possession and use while in the country is punishable by Danish law as described above.

On Pusher Street, the central street of Christiania, you can almost get anything here - pot, skunk, hash, hash oil, pre-rolled joints - a wide selection of ganja for the experienced smoker or the first-timer. Nine hundred people live here and it is where everyone in Denmark buys their hash. According to Danish law, Marinol and Sativex, two cannabinoid-based drugs, are the only legal forms of medical marijuana. In addition, both drugs can only be prescribed to patients with multiple sclerosis or certain types of cancer. Therefore, it is considered illegal for any citizen to possess other forms of marijuana. It is not advised for travelers to bring any type of medical marijuana into the country, regardless of the legality of marijuana in a person's home country and/or state. Denmark's Euphoriants Substance Act also prohibits the import and export of drugs and is punishable both under the Euphoriants Substances Act and section 191 of the Criminal Code. Possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution will usually result in imprisonment. Please note that the article shown above includes information about cannabis cultivation, drug laws, recreational use of marijuana, medical uses for marijuana, and other topics that readers may find offensive. The content is for educational or research purposes only and drug use is not condoned by this site. Jungle Boys’ Jungle Cake Strain May Be Stimulating Enough To Get You Through The Day. The Jungle Cake strain was created by Seed Junky Genetics and brought to market by the Jungle Boys, who play with fire in California’s recreational cannabis market. White Fire 43 and Wedding Cake were crossed together to create this indica-hybrid strain, but this one hit me much more like an upbeat sativa than a relaxing indica. The flowers in my bag were small, but still carried an incredible amount of trichomes. I got an herby citrus aroma from the ground up powder in my grinder. There wasn’t much flavor through the smoke, but the high was surprisingly upbeat despite what the label may suggest. Cannabis hits everyone different so sometimes the indica, hybrid, or sativa classification doesn’t represent how the strain hits. While I was bummed this Jungle Cake strain wasn’t more flavorful, I was pleased with how well the high guided me through the rest of my day. We just finished drying our first round of Jungle Cake, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this one out to the public! If you’re a fan of classic kush cultivars like Pure Kush & Bubba Kush like we are, you’re going to love this one. This highly touted strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics is a cross of White Fire 43 & Wedding Cake . The phenotype we have was selected by Jungle Boys who were generous enough to share this gem with us. During the flowering period the grow room had a wonderfully rich ‘creamy kush’ aroma much like Wedding Cake . The dried flowers have a classic kush essence with notes of marshmallow, fuel, & wood varnish. Breaking down the buds brings out a more pronounced woodsy OG aroma with notes of gasoline & wood varnish.

The exhale has strong notes of woodsy OG kush, campfire marshmallows, and fuel. It delivers a deep-sinking full-bodied indica high much like Wedding Cake, but with an extra buzzing euphoric pulse to the high thanks to its White Fire 43 lineage.

The high gets on top of you fast and will really sit you back. A couple hits of a joint will have you thinking you just took a dab! This batch is being packaged at the moment & should be available at South Sacramento Care Center and other recreational dispensaries in 2-3 weeks!


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