mendo diesel releases a review of Monster Mass, Mike Chang's new "extreme" home muscle building course. You're gonna feel the pump like crazy, you are going to feel so jacked up, it's an unbelievable feeling, and it's gonna help you put on a lot of muscle. Mike Chang's Monster Mass has just been released to the public creating a buzz of excitement through the online fitness community and prompting a review by's Vince Delmonico.

"Mike Chang has quickly become one of the world's best known fitness gurus thanks to the popularity of his YouTube channel and Sixpack Shortcuts training course," reports Delmonico. "We recently reviewed Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss course which has proven to be extremely popular with our website visitors. Naturally when Mike announced the release of his new Monster Mass program we were eager to thoroughly review the program and see what Mike has prepared for his followers looking to beef up." Chang's Monster Mass program is a home training course for men looking to build lean muscle. The course in available digitally online allowing customers to stream the content on their home computers and workout alongside Chang. (Chang has stated that the first thousand customers will also receive a complimentary DVD set.) Delmonico explains the popularity of Monster Mass: "Building a big, strong muscular physique like Chang's takes a great deal of effort, careful attention to diet, and a high level of motivation," says Delmonico. "A lot of guys who try get frustrated because they don't get fast results. With Monster Mass guys get to learn directly from Mike. He walks them through everything they need to do nutrition-wise, supplement-wise, and then when it comes to the workouts they can work out right along side him from the comfort of their own homes. And from the before and after pictures on Chang's website it's evident that guys are making some remarkable gains." Monster Mass is based on the use of so-called "Monster Sets" an advanced and by all accounts intense muscle building technique where opposing muscle groups are trained back to back as super-sets to maximize muscle pumps, and trigger muscle growth.

"Monster sets are a great tool for muscle growth," says Delmonico. "I've used them consistently for years and a lot of hard-core trainers swear by them. That said, Mike Chang's Monster Mass is the first program to really focus this intently on exactly how to properly train with monster sets in order to get huge. Then he also gets into all of the diet, supplementation, and mindset tweaks that guys need to get to where they want to be." "You're gonna feel the pump like crazy," says Chang in an online video describing his Monster Mass workouts. "You are going to feel so jacked up, it's an unbelievable feeling, and it's gonna help you put on a lot of muscle." Mike Chang's Monster Mass course is currently available on the official Monster Mass website. In addition to the core training program Chang has also made a number of bonuses available for the first 1000 customers including: The Monster Mass 15 Universal Laws of Muscle Building, The Monster Mass Diet, a month’s supply of "Afterburn Fuel", the pre-workout supplement Chang uses to gain muscle, as well as a substantial discount on the course itself. "When you are a skinny guy, getting started putting on muscle can be confusing," says Delmonico. "While it always takes hard work, guys using Chang's program will undoubtedly benefit from his years of training and experience, not to mention the support and motivation his virtual coaching provides." Monster Mass: Review Exploring Mike Chang's New Mass Building Fitness Program Released By Vandenhoff Coaching. Vandenhoff Coaching releases a review of "Monster Mass", a new fitness program comprised of intense muscle building home workouts from six-pack abs guru Mike Chang. For a guy looking to bulk up this is definitely something that will bring the pain, and the growth. Mike Chang's Monster Mass fitness course has quickly become popular among men looking to build muscle, prompting a review by Vandenhoff Coaching's Jake Vandenhoff. "After having personally used Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcut's program obsessively for the past six months, I was eager to dig into his new Monster Mass program," says Vandenhoff. "As a dating coach, I now work with a lot of men who could seriously stand to improve their physiques, so I wanted to see if this was something I could recommend to my clients. Fitness is one of the most over looked aspects of attracting women, and I can tell you that for a skinny guy, putting on some muscle can make a huge difference." Monster Mass was developed by Mike Chang, a fitness guru who gained notoriety for his popular Six Pack Shortcuts system. In Monster Mass, Chang shares his patented workout system based on the use of his patented "Monster Sets", two part sets where opposing muscles are worked back to back in order to maximize intensity, and muscle pump. Vandenhoff explains the appeal of the Monster Mass System: "Getting big and jacked is a goal for guys of all ages," says Vandenhoff. "Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there about the best way to put on muscle, and it's easy to get caught up thinking that you need to take all sorts of supplements, or do all kinds of long complicated workouts, when that's really not the case at all. With the Monster Mass system Mike Chang has broken muscle building down and made it into something simple. Chang's system shows guys how to put on muscle as quickly as possible. The workouts aren't easy, they are intense, but the whole idea is to let Mike coach you through these workouts, and he really knows how to motivate guys, he speaks our language." The Monster Mass video training course is available online allowing customers instant access to all training materials. The program covers the key aspects of muscle building including: workouts, nutrition, mindset, supplementation, and coaching. In addition to The Monster Mass Workout System, users also receive The Monster Mass Diet, and a 30 Day Supply of Mike Chang's pre-workout supplement "Afterburn Fuel". "This is not a program for the weak willed or the extremely out of shape," says Vandenhoff. "I've tried out a few of Mike's Monster workouts and they were definitely high intensity, but for a guy looking to bulk up this is definitely something that will bring the pain, and the growth." Tata Tea launches second phase of 'Power of 49' campaign. MUMBAI: Ahead of the forthcoming general elections, Tata Global Beverages that operates Tata Tea, today launched the second phase of its 'Power of 49' initiative to encourage women to cast an "informed" and "independent" vote.

As women form 49 per cent of the voters base in the country, the company said it plans to reach out to 100 million women by creating awareness and encouraging them to vote. "The 'Power of 49', we anticipate, will awaken the Indian women to the power of their vote, to the expectation that is more informed and participative female electorate will ensure that the system responds more diligently to women's issues, thereby positively impacting national development," Mukund Rajan, member - Group Executive Council and Brand Custodian, Tata Sons told reporters here. Rajan highlighted some of the statistics in the country and said, "a new rape case is being reported every 20 minutes, 95 per cent of the girls are dropping out of the schools at the age of 15, 50 per cent of girls at some point of their life face domestic violence. He further said that only 11 per cent of the parliamentarians are women, while in the corporate world only 5.3 per cent of directors in top 100 companies in the BSE are women. "Of late, alongside the media and the rest of the nation, we in Tatas have been alarmed by the numerous episodes which have demonstrated the vulnerability of women in Indian society and the need to further empower them," he said. An established and reliable EPC contractor with a lot of experience.

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