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Tropical Sativa Maui Wowie Strain Guide!

If you are a fan of Sativa with the tropical flavor and unique genetics, then Maui Wowie will not disappoint you! This pineapple-like strain is the perfect strain for everyone who is looking for creativity, motivation and daytime boost as it is the pure Sativa strain that comes from Hawaii. It was originally made for outdoor growth. However, it can make it to the end without any problems in the indoor environment, as long as you give it rich soil full of nutrients and a lot of lights. Let’s find out more about Maui Wowie weed strain!

Where Does Mowie Wowie Originate From?

Maui Wowie strain originates from Hawaii, the beautiful US island in the Pacific Ocean, and it is a classic Sativa that stretches up to 2.5 meters in height! The first appearance of this strain mentions in the 1960s and it is one of the “earlier strong weed strains” that has received the title of being the classic strain that is today hard to find in its original genetics. The people of Hawaii have a name for this strain. Ii is called Pakalolo, where paka is tobacco and lolo is crazy/numb. We could translate it into crazy tobacco.

How was it developed?

Maui Wowie marijuana strain was developed on the Hawaii island during the 1960s and it had been spread all around the neighboring islands so fast! Even though the exact genetics is not known, the landrace is purely Hawaiian and it flowers up to 13 weeks. It loves the tropical temperature and environment. Therefore, it is a classic Sativa that grows tall and needs a warm climate and a lot of moisture.

The genetics of Maui Wowie

The real genetics is not known as it had been growing in the wilderness of Hawaii, but we know for sure that it originates from Hawaii and therefore has its unique landrace. This is a pure Sativa, without any Indica phenotype and no one ever recorded getting an Indica phenotype during growing. Due to Sativa genetics, it grows up to 2.5 meters. However, the average height is around 175cm, while the average yield is 400 grams per plant in outdoor growth.

Mauie Wowie Effects

As this is Sativa, you can expect a lot of uplifting and happiness as it hits you right in the head, without affecting your body at any moment. We highly recommend this strain for the daytime use, going out to the beach or enjoying the beautiful walks as it gives you strong yet mellow, head high that will boost your creativity, motivation, and euphoria! It is one of the best Sativa strains that you will find!

Medical qualities of Maui Wowie

As each strain has its own medical qualities, it is the same thing with Mowie Wowie. Though it will not produce the couch-lock effects that will put you to sleep, it will boost your current mood and energize you to carry out all your daily activities. Therefore, it is not good for insomnia, for example. When it comes to medical qualities, Maui strain is great for patients who suffer from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Fatigue.

Negative effects of Maui Wowie

Speaking of negative effects, we can say that you can expect some “default” cons that are pretty-much present in other strains as well. As soon as you smoke it, you will get “cottonmouth” effects, dry and red eyes and a bit of dizziness in case you have not eaten anything prior to the consumption. Alternatively, you may feel a bit of paranoia and anxiety if you smoke too much or you are not an experienced toker who had not encountered pure Sativa breeds.

Effects of Maui Wowie

Like any weed, this one also produces some of the effects that are characteristic for it and everyone who has ever tried it will be able to notice and differ it among many other breeds. The general effects that you will experience include:

  • Feeling of happiness
  • Uplifting
  • Euphoria
  • Energy
  • Creativity.

What Are The Reasons To Choose Maui Wowie?

For all those who are looking for the aromatic, sticky, exotic, pineapple-like and tropical Sativa plants that offer great daytime use, Maui weed is the strain for them! It will not affect your focus and attention during the activities and will not produce any negative thoughts or paranoia as long as you had a nice day behind you. It is best for daytime use. It is one of the original Sativa landraces that stayed in their unique and traditional forms, which reminiscence of the good old days when word Maui meant one thing: having fun and enjoying the beautiful beaches!

The overall look

At the first look, you can notice a lot of sticky crystals that are covering the nugs and once you take it in your hand, it will stay in your hands due to the number of crystals. The appearance of buds varies from the green-orange buds to the purely green nugs that are full of pistils. Thanks to Sativa genetics, the buds are a bit fluffy. Still, this does not mean it is not potent – it just has the classic Sativa look.

Smell and aroma

Citrus/pineapple aroma is present from the moment you see it and the whole room will smell of pineapple once you pull it out of the zip bag. That sweet flavor is something that you can recognize among many other strains as it has a really unique smell and taste.


When smoked, the flavor may resemble the fresh hash material, though it is not harsh to smoke. Also, the fruit-like note of flavor is present and it will make you want more and more!

The THC content

It contains up to 15% of the THC, which is a lot of THC! Therefore, the strong head high effects are inevitable and it is not one of the strains for the beginners as they can easily get paranoid. Still, it does contain some of the CBD, but it is mainly packed with THC, making it great for the daytime use when you need to stay focused.

Who Should Use Maui Wowie?

Maui Wowie should use all cannabis enthusiasts who want something original and unique, yet tasty and potent. It is not for the people who want to treat insomnia, or who are not that experienced with cannabis, as this is the pure Sativa landrace that produces strong head high. Still, when you get accustomed, it gives you mellow high. It is for all users who want to have a great, happy and euphoric day or spark up their creativity.

What Do Growers Think Of Maui Wowie?

Being the tall Sativa, growers do love this strain as it gives a good yield, great effects, and it is not hard to grow as long as you give it enough light, soil, and nutrients. They also stress out that it requires regular adding of fertilizers, probably due to accommodation to the volcanic soul where these usually grow.

It is highly popular among growers and it is considered to be one of the most desired cannabis strains of all time as it has unique genetics, beautiful effects and it is easy to grow. Still, Maui Wowie strain flowering time may be a bit higher, up to 13 weeks.

How To Grow Maui Wowie?

The best way to grow it is outdoors, as it is the outdoor strain that loves moisture, breeze, rain and hot temperatures. However, take into consideration the fact that this is a tropical Sativa that can flower up to 12 weeks, so if you are living in the northern hemisphere, it is not likely that you will make it to the end. However, indoor grow is a much better choice. To secure a lot of water, rich soil with pots of around 30liters of the ground as it will grow tall. Also, it is highly recommended to use 600wat HPS light for the best results!

Is Maui Wowie Good For Making Edibles?

Yes, you can make cannabutter or even brownies! In our opinion, brownies are a better choice. Just make sure that you use mugs instead of leaves, as the potency will be drastically lower with leaves.

What Are Related Strains?

  • Blue Dream. More pinene.
  • Strawberry Cough.
  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck. More linalool.
  • Super Silver Haze. More euphoric.

The Summary

Among all strains, this one is really one of the best strains you can get, especially if you are looking for something that will energize you, yet enable you to stay functional. While the originals of the genetics are not known, we know for sure that this genetics is a few thousand years old, and therefore, the genetics stayed unique. For all who want Sativa rich high, this is the strain! It eliminates anxiety, depression, and pain, while gives you energy, euphoria, and creativity! Also, you can stay functional while consuming this and relaxed if you are growing it since it simply needs soil, water and a lot of light!

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