marijuana strains for migraines

The Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Migraines

The Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Migraines

In our fast-paced world, you can’t afford to have a migraine slow you down. More than simply a nuisance, migraines include a variety of symptoms along with severe headaches: nausea, disorientation, disrupted balance, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound, and more. Additionally, these symptoms may persist for days at a time without relief. Suffering from untreated migraines is not simply something you can get used to. No one should have to cope with chronic pain.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Research suggests cannabis has analgesic properties, offering an alternative for patients wanting to effectively manage their pain without relying on dangerous prescription medications. In fact, some patients report using medicinal cannabis to successfully wean themselves off of addictive opioids.

Along with its reported pain-reducing benefits, certain medical cannabis strains claim to be anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory, targeting more specific migraine symptoms. Want to explore this treatment option further? Read on to discover the best strains to treat your migraines.

Purple Kush for Sweet Dreams

Migraine sufferers are used to hearing “just sleep it off!” when they’re in a lot of pain. Easier said than done! When migraines are preventing you from getting some much-needed rest and respite, indica-heavy medical cannabis strains may help. That’s where Purple Kush comes in.

Common and easy to find, Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that contains 17-22 percent THC and 0.07-0.1 percent CBD. What does that mean? It means a pleasant numbing sensation, full-body relaxation, and a deep, rejuvenating sleep. You won’t have to worry about your migraines keeping you up at night anymore.

The Classic OG Kush

One of the most popular and well-known strains around, OG Kush is considered a reliable and readily available relief option for migraine sufferers. Patients report OG Kush may help take the edge off of even the worst migraine symptoms.

With high levels of THC (usually around 20 percent), OG Kush is reported to have an analgesic effect.

Uplifting White Widow

One of the popular medical cannabis strains hailing from Amsterdam, White Widow is a hybrid cross between South Indian indica and South American Sativa. This unique mix is highly popular for its medicinal properties and comes with a host of potential benefits for migraine sufferers.

On the one hand, users report it can relax your entire body and ease muscle tension. On the other, it may have an uplifting effect and inspire creativity.

Fall in Love with Harlequin

Nothing muddles the brain more than chronic migraine pain. While sleeping off a migraine is a useful strategy, and strains that claim to offer relaxation and sedation may be a relief, is there a daytime relief option available? Yes!

Users report that Harlequin, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is perfect for when you feel a migraine coming on. Harlequin will relax you without the sleepy sedating effect and produce a feeling of clear-headed, mental alertness. The high levels of CBD in this particular strain may put you in an easygoing mood and reduce pain without causing an intense high.

Choose Chocolope

Most migraine sufferers have become experts at detecting early signs of oncoming symptoms before experiencing the full onslaught of pain. If you’re a preemptive type of person who likes to act fast, Chocolope may be one of the medical cannabis strains for you.

Users report Chocolope is an invigorating sativa strain that has the effect of drinking an energizing cup of java. Another great daytime option, users say to choose this strain if you need to dispel foggy thinking and keep migraine symptoms at bay to be happy and productive.

Want to know more about medical cannabis strains? Contact a healthcare practitioner today to learn more. Knowledge is power.

In our fast-paced world, you can't afford to have a migraine slow you down. More than simply a nuisance, migraines include a variety of symptoms along

8 Best Cannabis Strains For Migraines

By: Stacy Kearney

Millions of Americans now suffer regularly from migraines. They can be debilitating and disruptive to everyday life.

Sufferers looking for a viable alternative to prescription medication have reported cannabis to provide promising pain relief. Here we look at the 8 most effective strains for migraine relief.

Best cannabis strains for migraines

Strain 1- Belladonna

This sativa dominant strain is renowned for its pain-relieving properties. It is becoming more widely used by people suffering from migraines and day to day stress.

The plant itself is also lauded as a harvester’s dream due a quick and easy harvest time.

Fruity but pungent smell. High can be trippy and hypnotic so maybe not the best choice for a first timer.

The plant from which it is bred is a popular award winner including winning the Highlife Feria Barcelona 2005.

Particularly popular in California and warmer European climates such as Spain.

Strain 2- Harlequin

This strain can be a bit more difficult to source but is a potent pain reliever if smoked during the onset of a migraine’s symptoms. 75/25 sativa dominant strain.

It has quite a unique and authentic genetic lineage of Colombian, Swiss ,Nepali, and Thai.

The THC content is low here, so it may appeal to a novice or first-time user due to its mild effect.

It does not produce a strong hypnotic high. It produces an earthy/woody scent but there is a strong citrus vibe when smoked.

It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties so is perfect for conditions like fibromyalgia. Better choice for medicinal use than recreational.

Strain 3- Pineapple Express

If it is taste you are after, then Pineapple Express is renowned for its sweet, delicious taste. A product of parent strains Train wreck and Hawaiian it is a top favorite for its sweet fruity taste when inhaled.

Smokers of this strain have also reported a surge in creativity and imagination having smoked so it can be good for productivity as well as inducing a relaxing mellow sensation.

Pretty popular in California. Herbal, peppery, and citrus vibes, sativa dominant. It enjoyed a surge in popularity after featuring in the 2008 movie Pineapple Express.

Strain 4-Remedy

Highly sought after Indica dominant strain that takes the edge off a migraine’s intensity. Cross between Cannatonic and Afghani Skunk strains it induces a pleasant mellow feeling and is best smoked in the evening.

It has a high CBD level so will not deliver a knockout high but will relieve pain whilst leaving the user with a clear head.

Remedy was specifically bred to be a medical strain and is a favorite for the treatment of pain seizures and inflammation.

Works well on day to day pains and aches and has been known to help daily migraine sufferers. Produces a mild floral aroma.

Strain 5-Nurse Jackie

This sativa dominant strain appeals to users as you get the best of both worlds. While inducing a burst of energy and creativity it also has pain relieving properties.

Its results in the treatment of migraines are impressive. It offers effective relief, and most users do not need to then use prescription medication to clear their pain.

Cross between Jack the Ripper and Medicine Woman strains, it has a signature sour lemon aroma. It has a high THC level which should be noted as this may not agree with every user.

Offers up a clear headed high so can be smoked by users earlier in the daytime. Popular strain in Maryland dispensaries.

Strain 6- Mango Tango

Hybrid strain which won the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup. Users report a sweet satisfying hit, drawing similarities with fellow strain Pineapple Express.

It is a 3-way hybrid mix between True OG Peaches and Tangie strains. The pungent fruity aroma with Kush overtone is unmistakeable.

Whereas other strains can induce paranoia, users have reported zero paranoia with Mango Tango, instead saying it can induce a social talkative mood.

It does not have a sedative effect but helps with a chillout vibe and is better smoked at night.

It provides satisfactory relief for headaches, migraines and aids a restful night’s sleep.

Strain 7- Mother’s Helper

This strain gets its title from being a useful pick-me-up when suffering from an energy slump. It is known to deliver a burst of energy where coffee or an energy drink just will not do the trick.

It is an unusual cross between a sativa Chocolope and Indica Northern lights #5. It provides powerful relief to neurological conditions such as migraines and seizures and is renowned for its medicinal benefits.

There is also growing evidence it is an effective strain for ADHD and attention deficit disorders.

There is a unique blend of aromas present due to the type of hybrid, think citrus and earthy with a hint of blueberry. It is a stand-out strain when you look at all its properties.

Strain 8- Night Nurse

Stays true to its title and provides a sedative and analgesic effect on smokers. It is often lauded as a game changer for chronic insomniacs who have tried other methods to no avail.

It is an 80/20 Indica dominant strain that comes from strains of BC Hash Plant, Harmony and Fire OG.

It is best smoked in the evening time to fully appreciate its sedative effect on mind and body.

Its calming properties are also known to influence relieving muscle tension and aches.

The terp profile is unique and authentic so it can be hard to determine its exact aroma or taste.

It can be earthy with a smooth and pleasant finish. It is a 3-way hybrid bred by BC Bud Depot who subsequently won the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, such was the popularity of their creation.

The bottom line

To sum up, novice users who are looking to find a gentle strain with pain relieving properties for migraines should consider Remedy or Harlequin strains.

Their high CBD level will deliver a more pleasant, mellow effect. Night Nurse is renowned for a sedative effect but is also a powerful pain reliever.

Mother’s helpers’ analgesic properties specifically target neurological issues such as migraines and seizures so would be a good fit for targeted relief.

Stacy Kearney is a writer who focuses on cannabis culture and lifestyle.

8 Best Cannabis Strains For Migraines By: Stacy Kearney Millions of Americans now suffer regularly from migraines. They can be debilitating and disruptive to everyday life. Sufferers