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It’s the same with all home remedies, and any suggestion that you can make homemade detox drinks for drug tests is just a recipe for failure . As you now understand, a detox drink just temporarily masks the toxins in your body. Well, there are three types of detox pill: A powder form of a detox drink that you mix with liquid, or take as a tablet with liquid. The effects are the same as a detox drink, but usually not as powerful.

A series of pills you take in the days leading up to your test, that contains ingredients that can speed up the elimination of toxins, meaning there are less in your urine when you take the detox drink. A proper detox pill that you use alongside a natural detox, which accelerates the elimination of toxins for the length of that detox. The result after 7-10 days will be that you are completely clear of toxins and can pass a drug test naturally. So there is no real straight fight between detox drinks and detox pills. They do slightly different things, some of which complement each other, and some of which are for a completely different drug test strategy. The truth is that there’s no direct comparison between detox drinks and synthetic urine to make. As we now know, detox drinks simply mask the toxins in your body for a few hours. Synthetic urine, on the other hand, allows you to submit a completely fake sample, so it will always be clean and doesn’t represent your true state at all. If it’s unsupervised, then submitting a sample of fake urine is easy.

The second type of drug test is a supervised drug test. This is where somebody will be in the room with you. It doesn’t mean you will be directly observed, but getting out a sample of fake urine, checking the temperature, putting it into the supplied sample cup, and then hiding the urine container again, would all be incredibly dangerous to attempt. That’s why a detox drink is pretty much the only option with a supervised test. However, you could use a detox drink for an unsupervised test if you are simply feeling you aren’t brave enough to smuggle a fake sample into the testing lab. In a stand-up fight though, between the top detox drink, and the top synthetic urine on the market, your certainty will be much higher with synthetic urine. That’s what I use, because it removes any doubt, or chance of failure, as long as the fake sample is submitted within the right temperature range. The first step is obviously to get your hands on one of the best detox drinks for drug tests, and I’ll tell you the top four on the market in a minute. Instructions for all the detox drinks are as follows: Chill the bottle and shake it well before use. Some detox drinks don’t require you to drink any further water, some require you to refill the bottle, and drink that amount of water steadily over a further 15 minutes. You should then urinate several times in the hour after finishing the detox drink, 3-4 times is ideal. Your urine should then be clean of toxins for around 3-5 hours, depending on your metabolism, and the number of toxins in your body. So within an hour of drinking a detox drink, you should have that amount of time to get to the lab and submit a clean sample. Before you leave to submit your sample, do a home drug test kit to make sure that the detox drink has worked. If the detox drink hasn’t worked for any reason, you will have two options. That way you can give yourself a better chance if you fail a home drug test kit, and it means you’ve always got one in stock, in case you face an unexpected drug test. The second is to always have synthetic urine at home. High-Quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution will pass a drug test. So even if you’re not brave enough, or for some reason, the amount of toxins in your body is still high, then you at least have a fallback. I would always suggest that for at least 48 hours before a drug test, you keep away from all toxins, and do a natural detox: Don’t take drugs, caffeine, alcohol, no toxins at all Eat healthy foods, and avoid fat Exercise several times a day so you sweat Drink plenty of water Get lots of sleep Have a sauna. Doing a detox cleanse for drug test success, alongside a detox drink on the day, will maximize your chances of not having toxins in your body. The reason for doing this is that even the best detox drinks for a drug test will struggle if you are a very frequent drug user. Generally, you shouldn’t buy a detox drink from a major store. This used to be a good formula, but it’s out of date, and not powerful enough.

But because of marketing and the fact it’s sold in Walmart, people buy it and fail drug tests. Some of the other detox drinks which have a really poor reputation include: Stinger Detox Magnum Chump Flush Out QCarbo16 and 32.

The formulas of all these drinks are not good enough to pass modern drug testing. The problem is that a lot of these companies throw money at strong advertising. Stinger, for example, has lots of positive reviews online.


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