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All About Mango Strain

The Mango strain is balanced marijuana that doesn’t have overpowering effects other strong strains have. It has a THC level of 15-17% which is quite average in comparison to the range of its competitors.

A lot of people have enjoyed this strain during the day with friends while hanging around. The weed buds can grow up until they are the size of a softball or an average adult human being fist. In 2002, the strain won an accolade in the High Times Cup of being 3rd in the Indica category. Here are more details about this popular strain.

Sativa, Indica Or Hybrid?

The Mango weed strain that is popular and available today is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica. It has equal parts of each and that makes it 50% Sativa and the same for Indica and that breeding has resulted in a CBD rich strain that it is.

The CBD of this cannabis is at 10% which is relatively high and with a CBN of 1%. The effect of the Indica in this weed is not as strong but is just kept to a minimum.

The same applies to the Sativa in this cannabis, it is not as powerful but both these characteristics balance each other out. That does not come as a shocker because either of these characteristics of this strain is dominant than the other.

The 50/50 balance has impacted the decisions of users since they enjoy the effects brought out by this weed when they smoke it. Although you know the Mango weed as a hybrid, it was not like that some years ago, how has this strain been developed into what is available today?

What Is The History Of Mango?

There are years of history that go into the development of the Mango marijuana strain that is available today. Here are interesting facts about its history and lineage:

How Has It Been Developed?

The strain was developed by breeding the KC 33 Indica-dominant cannabis with the original Mango cannabis that was available back then. It was then bred with Afghani in 1991 but the original strain dates back to 1960 when it was initially developed by a hippy.

Throughout its lifecycle, it has been in the public eye and gained recognition at least two times. Its first mass public appearance was in the 2002 High Times Cup and then later in 2009 was featured as one of the best seeds for the same publication.

The lineage of the marijuana

The Mango cannabis strain originates from an Afghan dominant lineage because KC 33 was bred with this weed also. KC 33 was then also mixed with Afghani and the original Mango strain which makes it lean more to this lineage.

Effects of using the strain

The strain effects of any weed are the most important part because they determine whether you will enjoy it or not. When you smoke Mango marijuana, the effects are quite balanced because you don’t get too energetic or very calm.

The high does give you good vibes, which makes it great for daily consumption with friends. It makes you happy but also incites feelings such as hunger.

To balance out the happiness, you will also feel a bit relaxed and that offers the best of both worlds. You might also feel a little bit sleepy but not very much as you would in Indica-dominant strains.

Another typical effect of this strain is that you feel focused which is a great benefit for certain individuals. The high kicks in gradually because at first, you might feel like nothing is happening at all. As time goes on, the effects will start being in full-effect and will last longer.

Medical appointments of the strain

You can also use Mango cannabis for medical reasons because of its relaxation and focus properties. Since its users derive positive vibes from this strain, some have used it to treat mental, mood and personality conditions.

Some of those conditions include depression and chronic stress. This strain is used because of its calming and euphoric characteristics. Users have also reported that this weed has led to physiological reactions which suggest that it can be used for physical body ailments.

Some have also recommended its use for chronic pain, especially along the backbone. People who suffer from insomnia may also benefit from using this strain prior to sleeping because the calming effects might doze them off to sleep.

You can consume this strain as weed wax or just as it is without processing it first in any way. Remember that when it has been extracted and concentrated, it will be much more potent and dangerous than the raw plant.


As you would expect, there are some negatives to this strain but they are no more than the usual side effects. Whether you use this cannabis for medical reasons or recreational purposes, the negative side effects remain the same.

They include experiencing dry eyes and mouth which is common among all strains. Another side effect you might experience is a slight dizziness and a little bit of paranoia. The side effects of using this cannabis strain are having a headache and fogginess.

You can also feel incredibly hungry after smoking this strain, so be sure to stock up on snacks to eat. For those that don’t suffer from chronic pain, the numbing effect this strain gives off can be considered as a negative effect.

There aren’t any serious adverse side effects reported after using this strain for both recreational and medical purposes. If you feel that there are some unwanted effects, consider decreasing the dosage a bit.

What Are The Reasons To Choose This Weed?

There are many reasons why you should choose this weed and they include the way it looks, its smell and the aroma as well as its flavor. These characteristics are what make it unique and appealing. Here are relevant descriptions of this weed that make it a great buy for you.


The strain resembles the actual fruit in appearance because it has similar colors when it is ready to be harvested. The huge buds of this cannabis have shades of green and yellow and there also buds with violet and red on the leaves.

Smell and aroma

How weed smells and the aroma it gives off is also another important factor because you will be surrounded by the smoke and the buds the entire smoking session.

Undoubtedly, you would like the smell and aroma to be preferable for an enjoyable session; in this case, the strain checks all the boxes. The cannabis gives off a fruity aroma which consists of odors of mangoes, citrus fruit, and an earthy scent.


When smoking this strain, the inhale will feel more like consuming dessert than smoking weed. There is also an interesting aftertaste that has hints of citrus fruit and the sour flavor of mangoes. That will make you keep on going back for more just because of the taste.

Who Is More Suitable To Use This Weed?

Anyone who would like to smoke this weed is welcome to do so because it has not been reported to incite allergies. Beginners can smoke this cannabis strain without facing any adverse reactions because of its easygoing and balanced effects.

Those who suffer from lack of concentration due to conditions such as ADHD can benefit from this marijuana. Since it increases focus, people who need to analyze data as part of their job can also benefit from smoking this weed.

Dealing with a lot of numbers and analytical data can result in a total loss of focus and using the weed strain can help solve that problem. It balances out the biochemicals in the brain and stabilizes the cognitive function of an individual.

Recreational smokers that just like to socialize with their friends can also enjoy smoking this strain when they are just randomly hanging out together. Creative people might also enjoy using this weed before they start their work to get their creative juices flowing.

Opinion by growers

Growers of this strain are quite satisfied because of its yield and the ease of growing it. The yield has large leaves and buds which impacts the revenue made with each and every plant. Some growers see it as a lot of work because the plants need to be supported as time goes on because they get heavy.

Although it takes a while to grow and some may consider that time as forever, the results are well worth the wait. In its early days, cannabis may not yield much but as the weeks unfold, the plant has a positive and large harvest. Those factors make growers very happy because they benefit a lot with just a few square feet.

When grown outdoors, it can have a yield of about 24 ounces per plant, which is a lot. Undoubtedly, growers really love this strain despite the work it causes when it needs to be supported.

Popularity amongst growers

The strain is a favorite for both types of growers, indoors as well as outdoors because regardless of where it is grown, it yields a rich harvest. That has made it very popular amongst both types of growers and even beginner or novice breeders.

Unsurprisingly because most people like deriving more profit and that’s the key selling point of this strain. The strain is most popular in Colorado which makes it the place to be for its growers because it is more accessible there.

A lot of dispensaries have a demand for this strain and that makes growers an important asset in this location. Some growers may choose to grow this strain just because of its smell and aroma since it is very unique and simply beautiful.

Overall, the strain has grown in popularity and its public appearances have created a larger demand. More growers were cognizant of this strain and started growing it for business purposes to sell for medical purposes and even recreational purposes.

How To Grow This Strain?

You can easily grow this strain without any hassles because beginners have the capability of doing so. It is not very complex; you just need to understand that when it gets heavy, it should be supported so that it grows efficiently and freely.

If you grow it indoors, there are fertilizers that should be purchased that will help keep the nutrients intact.

The yield is slightly affected when you grow it indoors because it is slightly as large as it would be when grown outdoors. Growing outdoors is quite a simple process if you have the seeds or cuttings. They can be procured from different retailers as they are easily available.

Can It Be Used To Cook Edibles?

Some people wonder if this strain can be used to cook edibles. The short and concise answer is that this strain can be used to cook edibles and there are people currently doing so. You can even find edibles from dispensaries that are mostly baked products.

As long as you have the necessary skills to cook the edibles, this can be accomplished without a problem. If you somehow doubt your skills, turn to online tutorials available on YouTube or get a professional to help you throughout the process. The taste is undoubtedly delicious since the aroma and flavor of this strain is purely delicious.


This strain is one of a kind and its appearance, taste, and aroma definitely live up to its reputation. It is most common in Colorado with dispensaries located all around Denver and some parts of the U.S and Canada. There is no reason not to try this strain because it is very unique in all respects.

You can cook edibles out of this strain and enjoy the delicious fruity flavors in your favorite baked goods. Growers like this strain because it has a high yield that even gets too heavy for the plant to support its own weight.

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