man super glues asshole

Guy Eats Taco Bell, Drinks Bottle Of Laxatives Then Glues His Arse Shut

We’ve seen some pretty stupid shit in our time, but this has to be a serious challenger forВ the number one spot.В

ThisВ latest viral sensation comes courtesy of The Simon Christopher Show. Something possessed him to eat a Taco Bell, drink laxatives and then glue his asshole shut. Just, why!?

A day doesn’t seem to go by nowadays without some idiot YouTuber doing something fucking ridiculous in their quest for views, but this is just a whole different ball game.

Admittedly to see his struggle is pretty hilarious,В as he desperately rushes to the toilet to only find thumb tacks on the toilet seat.

Finally, the highly anticipated flow of diarrhoea arrives- but it can not escape as his bum cheeks are glue tight.

Just, why!?