malibu pie strain

Lumber Yard

( Malibu Pie (Clone only F1 Cultivar) x Jawa Pie )

Flowering Time: 52-60 Days

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In trials of the breeder’s (F1) generation of Jawa pie, Vader discovered a special cultivar dubbed ‘Malibu.’ this selected phenotype expressed sweet, pineapple Hawaiian punch flavors and extremely high resin production.

This seed stock is a result of the clone only Malibu crossed to our stud Jawa pie male.

Growers can expect very dense, colorful flowers that are packed with trichomes

26 reviews for Malibu Pie

James (verified owner) – March 30, 2017

Totally stoked about this “cross”. Going to be fire for sure, I’ll share pics on IG when she’s ready. Liking the name/pic also. Grew up surfing/smoking/fishing/snorkeling in and around Malibu. Even picked up some amazing “clone onlys” right on the beach (literally).

Thanks for all of the hard work and awesomeness, OG crew.

dowlandlee (verified owner) – April 1, 2017

Arrived lightning fast, every bean looks well developed with great tiger stripes. Looking forward to watching them do their thing. Another great product from Team OG, get them while you can!

Jeremy – April 3, 2017

I have grown Jawa pie and currently just popped 5 of a remaking pack and have 10 on deck. Ive been eating for this day!!

skyehawkcs (verified owner) – April 4, 2017

Scooped these up as soon as I got the notification, bought Ninja Fruit, sprouted from rooters in 3 days. No 24 Hours In Cup with another 24 in Tupperware/papertowel, Just Bottled Water, PHed, And put in rooter, Sprayed In A Dome, Roots Popped from every side of the rooter, with a full germination rate, put into Ocean Forest (Considered Relatively Hot For Seedlings), No burns whatsoever. With that said had done about 30 other seeds from varied from different breeders, none were as fast, with the exception of Hawaii Maui Waui From Nirvana Seeds, very pleased. I don’t expect any strain released to be anything but exceptional honestly/ Malibu Pie, Ninja Fruit ( I Have 1 Ordered 1) , And Whenever Jawa Kush and Dark Plasma Return, They will become permanent keepers for my garden. Cheers!

phillip – April 30, 2017

Excellent cultivar! I am more than pleased with the selection thus far!

Norman Wardiya (verified owner) – May 19, 2017

By far the freshest seeds I’ve ever received! 100% germination, super fast delivery! Can not wait to feno hunt and flower these!

JT (verified owner) – June 15, 2017

A special thanks to paul @ LJ…extremely fantastic service and lightning fast shipping! Vader team fantastic product as always!

madscientistcr (verified owner) – July 31, 2017

I’m all in with you guys… Flawless and painless transaction!

Rodney Markiewicz (verified owner) – August 13, 2017

You know what I find humorous.. I played the guessing game of all the big names we were just expected to fav..greenhouse and Arjans strain hunters.. paid a fair amount,assumed was the best I personally could get.. Though I should have known from some gifted home bred diesel/miss mud.. Which was great…never to have that luck again. When I stumbled upon you guys, og empire, I finally felt like this is what the best looks like,now the the final product will be totally on ability, not shit genetics with a million dollar marketing campaign. Thanks for sharing with those of us who have only found mediocrity,if that, till now. I gave away like 300 in feminized this and that once I reached a few packs of og, never going to waist the energy on green,under developed seeds again.. I never understood why a supposed self declared king of seeds would allow substandard seeds to go out to anyone. Not one of your seeds looks less then a perfect tiger striped,pop in 12hr seed. Thanks to all for their hard work and dedication, otherwise I’d still be stuck with mediocrity.

Midwest outlaw – September 29, 2017

Awesome service ordered late Saturday got them Thursday and I live in the middle of nowhere thanks guys a ton

Daniel Carmody – September 29, 2017

Totally painless ordering couldn’t be any easier

dankbank3111 – October 5, 2017

Grant Daniels PBI IND. (verified owner) – November 7, 2017

Just finished flower and they are top shelf dense Crystal monsters. Expect very good side branching .The purple for me came late in week 7. Only the tops that saw direct light turned purple in fact I have one top that is half purple half not looks crazy. I scrogged in a tiny 2×1.5×5 Ikea pantry grow with pure coco used jacks 321 mites and mamouth p. Very strong purple now and later smell during trim. Got lucky with the phenos popped 5 seeds 4 were ladies and 2 were keepers. Thanks OG seeds I have ordered seeds before from Amsterdam and they were trash comparatively . will be moving phenos to our dispensary grow.

1exclusivechannel (verified owner) – November 7, 2017

Popped 3 Malibu pie & they took off fast look great so far in early veg. Also running Dark plasma & Grapefruit glue which all popped quickly & look great. 100% gem rate I’ve got on every strain so far. I can’t say anything bad about there gear which is why I just picked up Ninja fruit & cthulhu. Always great products & fast shipping what more could u ask for. 1illicit_grower

Chaz – November 8, 2017

The Malibu pie is something special. Super dense frosty nugs and some really delicious smells. Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

Jason Voluntaryist (verified owner) – November 9, 2017

Hi Lee chit. Pineapple guava shortcake baby diapers!😍

jeremy W (verified owner) – November 24, 2017

awesome strain ,super fast shipping awesome customer service. what more can u ask for thx guys

Hoss – November 28, 2017

Thanks again Ocean Grown Genetics, another excellent strain. Great customer service. 100% germination, vigorous growth, great yeild, colorful,frosty cola’s. Berry and fruity flavors, exceptional high. Love Malibu Pie. Thanks again Team Og.

BOXCARFAN97 – September 3, 2018

All of the females from the pack were really good, only 1 seed didn’t pop. But, I just happen to get a pheno that has a “over ripened” intense fruity smell. Very close to a certain fruity cereal but with just a hit of rotten or lightly fermented fruit. She is WONDERFUL to burn! amazing work Team OG! Lifetime customer!

eriknormal (verified owner) – December 31, 2018

Great customer service as always!!Future 🔥🔥🔥🔥Keep Choppin Yall….

shaggydog365 (verified owner) – January 28, 2019

You guys are Awsome, thank you for the freebies, You have a tree cutter for life with me.

Erik Norman Sr. (verified owner) – March 12, 2019

100% germ rate 6/6″ all six about foot tall waitin 2 go outdoors here shortly in the P.N.W.🌱🌴😎Keep Choppin Yall&Cheers…..

Matt Hyland (verified owner) – May 23, 2019

I found a great pheno in a 5pck, kinda short ,but full of resin. Havnt harvested yet, but man, I can tell it’s gonna be Dank.

Lonnie Prior (verified owner) – August 21, 2019

Very fast shipping can’t wait to post updates going to pop those bean soon going to order again and again

Local 420 – April 14, 2020

This cultivar is outstanding. Expect some variation in phenotype expression. Of 6 that I popped I got 4 females and 2 males. One of the males was extremely vigorous and had large sacks of pollen ready to be crossed with other cultivars. Of the four females, I selected two for flower and one is definitely a keeper after round one of this cultivar. I am running another batch to see if the second choices out of the four are viable as well but they didn’t express as much seed vigor as the two that were selected. Of the two females, one was very true to the description. Pineapple aromas and sweet floral notes combined with girl scout cookies morphology. The second of the two selected females was more on the alien rift side with very large colas, but they weren’t as dense or as aromatic as the one truer to the description of the cultivar.

management (verified owner) – July 20, 2020

Really looking forward to receiving mine! Just ordered a 5 pack along with GMX’ New cross, Pine valleys.

I eventually want to try everything on the OG catalog! This coming from a fellow breeder who has never said this about any other seed supplier out there!
Thanks guys!

Lumber Yard ( Malibu Pie (Clone only F1 Cultivar) x Jawa Pie ) Flowering Time: 52-60 Days Description Reviews (26) Description In trials of the breeder’s (F1) generation