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One of the more common grow room ailments is known as White Powdery Mold. It's particularly common when indoor growers put a plant in a closet or cupboard without really doing anything else to enhance the environment, because this often leads to hot, stagnant air near your plants. When you have bad airflow, you may come across this. WPM actually looks like someone may have accidentally dropped some flour or other white powder on the leaves of your plant!

Easily remedied with SM-90 if caught early, a bad case of White Powdery Mold can ruin a whole crop if it's left to go out of control. It is NOT safe to consume or smoke cannabis buds that are covered in WPM. But WPM is EASILY prevented 95% of the time by ensuring that you have great airflow around your plants and preventing the grow space from getting too humid, especially towards the end of flowering when your buds are getting thick and dense. Great airflow also prevents the bud killer known as bud rot and even helps prevent some types of bugs from attacking your plants. And that's not the only benefit, having a nice breeze going around your plants can actually make them grow faster overall! 7.) Seek out experienced growers, but always take every piece of advice with a grain of salt! It's not worth re-learning everything from scratch, when you could get information from experienced growers to make your plants grow exactly how you want from your very first grow! But, sometimes even the most well-meaning and experienced growers will give advice based on their genetics, environment or personal grow style, and it might not necessarily apply to your particular situation. I highly recommend to always listen to your instincts if advice just doesn't seem right. These plants were grown together from seed in the same environment.

Now imagine if they had been grown in different setups with different grow styles. Advice that works for one plant might not be good advice for the other! All that being said, some of the most experienced and talented growers are sharing their knowledge online, and it's worth seeking out online growing communities during your personal growing journey! If you're looking for a friendly and safe place to talk to other growers online, GWE has one of the (in my opinion) best cannabis growing communities! I hope that helps you as much as it would have helped me when I started growing! If you haven't started growing marijuana yet, today is the day! (if you want something even quicker than the basics guide!) Rockstar seedz. At TNSB you receive free cannabis seeds with every order! Grab these promo seeds today: Original Afghani REG (Canuk Seeds) - 2 Free Seeds. BC Rockstar (aka Rockstar Kush) is one of British Columbia's hottest new strains renowned for its excellent medical qualities. This high yielding dank indica makes rolling a dream with trichome coated buds that release skunky and kushy undertones when broken. The indica comes through almost immediately with an expanding smoke, but levels out into very relaxing effects, and isn’t too overwhelming after the initial peak. A great appetite stimulant and a huge winner for anyone dealing with pain - especially because it's possible to concentrate if required. A 2nd Place 2012 Cannabis Cup Winner in the hybrid category. Seedbank BC Bud Depot Sex Regular Pack Size 12 Seeds Variety Mostly Indica Strain Genetics Rockstar x Bubba Kush Flowering Type Photoperiod Flowering Time 8-9 weeks Where to Grow Indoor Medical Conditions Lack of Appetite, Pain Taste / Flavor Kush, Skunk Effect Focused, Hungry, Relaxing Prizes & Awards 2nd Place Best Hybrid 2012 HT Cannabis Cup Also Known As Rockstar Kush Yield High. Buy With Bitcoin & Save | Free Seeds With Every Order USA Orders May Have Breeders Packs Removed FREE Coronavirus Info and Shipping Disclaimer. Rock hard buds awsome (Posted on 7/24/2015) Only registered users can write reviews. WE REFUSE TO SELL CANNABIS SEEDS TO ANYONE WHO WE HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE IS GOING TO USE THEM TO CULTIVATE CANNABIS IN COUNTRIES WHERE IT IS ILLEGAL. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET DETAILS OF WHEN CANNABIS BECOMES LEGALISED IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. To expedite our service to you, we reserve the right to ship the closest genetic match for products no longer available or where we are unable to source from the breeder. We sell our collectable seeds for souvenir purposes only, as well as for storage/preservation in case the laws change. The team at SeedSupreme Seedbank are here to help, however, we are restricted in the help that we can give. We cannot, and do not discuss germination, yields, THC levels of seeds, as it is illegal to germinate seeds in a variety of countries without a government-issued licence. Unfortunately, we refuse to answer e-mails if they contain questions relating to the above. We may also refuse to sell seeds to anyone persisting in requesting further information. For more information with regards to our website please head over to our 'Legal Notice' page.

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