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LSD Cannabis Strain – The Full and Updated Guide

Nowadays, it is way easier for us – the people who know the value of mental health – speak about medical cannabis because the legalization policies are gradually covering the Western world. The thing is that the positive impact of marijuana on human health has been proved within the framework of so many researches that the governments are left with no other choice but to legalize it.

LSD, which is known for its pain-alleviating and energy-boosting qualities, has been a favorite with consumers from all over the world for more than ten years. Its history reaches way further than the beginning of the last decade. This is a unique breed of medical cannabis that is dominated by Indica. There is a reason for why it has been named after another worldwide known drug. The effect that it brings is almost the same but the difference is that the LSD Weed Strain is beneficial to one’s health while the notorious pills are killing your body.

The range of effects the LSD Strain can have on its consumers is quite fluctuant as it may start from a “mental pause” to the state of the utmost creativity and productivity. It all depends on the effect that each consumer is looking for individuals in this strain and it seems that the LSD marijuana strain seems to know what each person who wants to give it a try expects of it. One thing is known for sure. It offers such a boost of mental stimulation that no other Indica is capable of providing. Well, with the THC percentage reaching the point of 24%, there is actually nothing to wonder about. Hence, let us talk our way through what the LSD Cannabis Strain is and dwell a bit closer on each of its properties.

History Of LSD Strain

As a matter of fact, there is no verified version of the so-called history of this breed of medical cannabis. It came into extensive usage some ten-fifteen years ago. However, judging on the mental effect that this marijuana strain LSD brings, it can be precluded that it originated sometime at the beginning of the 1960 and surely in the region of Big Sur in California which was then the world’s center of hedonism and the hippie culture.

The Lineage Of LSD Strain

One more thing that is known for certain is that the LSD Strain Weed comes from Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk No. 1. Those are the so-called parents of this immensely popular breed of medical cannabis these days. Meanwhile, its popularity has brought it to the point of becoming the source of other weed breeds, such as Sour LSD and White LSD.

LSD Strain Effects

Euphoria When it comes to talking about what the LSD Strain is the best at, there is not a single shred of doubt that it is making people feel euphoric. This feeling kicks in almost immediately after you start consuming this skunk.
Happiness Feeling euphoric without feeling happy is almost impossible. Thus, it is quite obvious that a robust sensation of happiness is a must for the LSD Strain consumers.
Uplifting One of the most important things that people are looking for when purchasing the LSD Strain is the uplifted state. Well, everybody who wants to try this skunk can sleep tight because it works just the way it is advertised.
Relaxation There are a couple of phases that the LSD Strain users are going to go through when inhaling. Right after the phase of having an upbeat buzz spreading all around your body, there will come the phase of deep relaxation.
Creativity You may find the LSD Strain to be quite useful when it comes to dealing with various professional matters or creative tasks. This cannabis will let you see beyond the margin of the ordinary.

Medical Appointments Of LSD Strain

While not that fancy in its looks or flavors, the LSD strain is being widely known for the extensive range of its medical properties. Below is provided the list of the Strain LSD medical appointments and the conditions that it can help people deal with.

  • Stress. Stress is something that millions of people from all around the world are dealing with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is one of the pivotal causes of serious mental breakdowns. The point here is that people do not pay enough attention to this issue, thinking that feeling stressed is alright.
  • Anxiety. When a person starts being anxious, the time for ringing the alarm bell comes. The next phase is chronic depression.
  • Depression. There is, actually, nothing to say here as depression is one of the most widespread causes of suicides in the world.
  • Insomnia. This condition might become the source of serious problems with health both physical and mental. There is a need to understand that insomnia is nothing else but a by-product of depression.
  • Pain. Physical pain can drive people crazy, regardless of whether it is a slight headache or acute pain in the pelvic or abdominal areas. Instead of doing a lot of painkillers that are infused with obnoxious chemicals, it might be a great idea to apply some medical cannabis.

All the aforementioned conditions are not a joke and playing with one’s mental health is the last thing a person would want to do. As it has been already mentioned, LSD Strain can be used as a solid substitute for a lot of chemical-based painkillers and sedatives.


It would have been unfair in regards to you to write the LSD Weed Strain review and not talk about the negative effects that it might have on your organism. Well, here we go! First of all, it is most likely that your mouth will go dry and that you will feel thirsty because of the cotton mouse effect. Secondly, you might feel a bit dizzy, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. Furthermore, if you overdo with the dose, get ready for feeling anxious and even a bit paranoid. However, those are the effects associated with the majority of the medical marijuana breeds so there is nothing to be extremely surprised about.

What Are The Reasons To Choose LSD Strain?

It should be acknowledged from the very outset that LSD Strain cannot be classified as a skunk with some incredible visual or flavor properties. Nonetheless, there are enough reasons to be considered viable to give it a try.

  • It helps people deal with a great number of physical conditions and mental ailments.
  • It is a great method to boost up your daily productivity.
  • It brings the consumer’s mind into another dimension when things are seen more clearly and under the light of creativity.
  • It will become a great companion to a party or a friends’ night that will start a lot of interesting conversations.
  • It is easy to cultivate and it is quite productive in terms of the yield because a farmer will be able to collect up to 650 grams from one square meter.

Who Is It Most Suitable For?

This type of skunk – the Weed Strain LSD – would become a perfect choice for the people who are fighting with some physical conditions, especially with a great selection of physical types of pain. It will also become a great variant for the folks looking for a bit of energy and creativity. This strain is ideal when it comes to blowing a light joint in the middle of the day, especially if the consumer suffers from anxiety, stress, or depression. One more interesting effect of the LSD Strain Seeds is that they can help people suppress migraines. This fact is not to be found in each and every LSD Strain info digest or LSD Strain Review, which is quite awkward given the number of people suffering from this condition.

How To Grow?

When it comes to growing LSD Strain, it should be kept in mind that it is a mix of Mazar and Skunk No. 1. This is a legendary combination that was created by experienced growers and is not recommended for the newbies to deal with. However, the seeds of LSD Strain grow wherever you need them to grow, it can even be called the LSD auto strain because it almost needs no help to become ready for harvesting. Furthermore, it is resistant to all the diseases and insects and this ensures that LSD Strain flowering time lasts from 49 to 63 days. Once you’ve done with seeding, get ready for harvesting in April if you live in the Southern hemisphere. However, if you are Northerner, your yielding time will come in October.

Useful To Edibles-Cooking?

It is not recommended to use the Cannabis Strain LSD when cooking edibles due to the enhanced effect it might have on your cerebral activity. That is, if your aim is to get high, then you are welcome to bake some splendid cookies. However, if you are looking for a scenting effect, this is not the type of skunk to be used.

Related Or Alternative Strains?

There are some other medical cannabis strains that you might want to try while looking for the same-type effect as with the LSD Strain. Those are XJ-13, Train Wreck, and Golden Ticket.

To Sum Up

Every LSD Strain review shall start from mentioning how legendary this skunk is. Indeed, while the majority of the nowadays popular breeds are trying to appeal to the customers with the way they look, smell, and taste, LSD Strain keeps it straight. Its pivotal marketing power is the effect that it has on its consumers. It helps people forget about their problems and alleviates their physical suffering. It charges one’s body with an amazing buzz that lasts for hours and then throws a person right onto the couch of relaxation. While being capable of suppressing such powerful conditions as insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, migraines, and other types of physical pain, LSD Strain can be easily classified as a proper mental helper and physical reliever.

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LSD Cannabis Strain (Everything You Need to Know & More!)


What is LSD? Fortunately, this hallucinogenic marijuana isn’t acid, man, but LSD Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis does give you a very intense, almost psychedelic head high – just like lysergic acid diethylamide, the psychedelic counter-culture drug popular back in the 1960s! Indicas have a reputation for making you couch-locky, and while LSD strain pot does give you some nice body-numbing pain relief within an hour or two of ingestion, you also experience a pretty cerebral mental stimulation almost immediately after toking or dabbing some. The brain boost from LSD ganja may only last for a while, fading as the physical relief and relaxation ramp up, but it is high that recreational users will find respectably trippy, while medical marijuana patients will appreciate the quieting of their chronic pain and reduction in stress and anxiety! So, hang the blacklights, put up your garishly groovy posters, spark up some LSD psychedelic weed strain, and follow the fragrant citrusy sweet smell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland!

(Nug or bud of LSD weed, image from The Dank Dungeon on Instagram)


55% Indica-leaning hybrid weed strain LSD was sprung off from 65% Indica Skunk #1 hybrid and Mazar I Sharif – a phenotype, or genetic variation, of Afghani landrace pure indica. The potency of powerfully psychotropic indica-heavy LSD marijuana comes from an abundant THC level of up to 24%, with 2%-5% CBD. LSD cannabis was first cultivated by Barney’s Farm, a world-famous marijuana strain breeder from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and their LSD indica hybrid placed first in the High Times Indica Cup back in 2008. Like its edgier namesake, LSD marijuana strain gives you a very psychoactive high, sometimes with vivid visual effects, a creativity boost, and euphoric uplifted feeling, then it shifts you into some deep bodily relaxation and sedation; due caution, however, about overindulging because, at higher doses, LSD psychedelic weed strain weed might induce anxiety, paranoia, and nervous restlessness. Beyond its energetic and ecstatic effects, Barney’s Farm LSD herb has been found to be an effective medical remedy for a host of physical and mental complaints such as moderate to severe pain, headache or migraines, insomnia, lack of appetite, stress, anxiety, and depression.

For comparison, some other powerful Indica hybrids include Purple Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Barry White.

(LSD dispensary weed and labeling, image from Bluntshots on Instagr


LSD Cannabis Strain General Effects

LSD Cannabis Strain Medical Effects (works for)

LSD Cannabis Strain Side Effects

Lack of Appetite 65%

(LSD weed in a dispensary medicine bottle, image from Rorschach on Instagram)


At this point, if you are intrigued enough that you decide to try yourself some LSD cannabis – the blacklights and trippy posters are optional – then you can pick up a 1/8 th ounce at an offline dispensary for around $45-$50; wax or oil concentrates for dabbing and vaping run around $25-$30 for a half gram, and $50-60 for a full gram. LSD hybrid indica herb seems to be a predominantly West Coast strain, right now – but it probably will spread throughout the United States and Canada, and anywhere else it is legally available because it has such a potently uplifting high. You might be able to score some online as well, but internet base prices for weed tend to be a tad higher, and you have to factor in shipping charges as well. Both online and offline pot proprietors may charge local taxes on your purchases, so keep that in mind. We didn’t find any listings for medibles specifically made with LSD cannabis, but they may be out there, ask the budtender or weedsmith at your local provisioning center if they know of any – or maybe use the LSD leaf you buy to make some of your own hash butter, cannabutter brownies or weed cookies!

Here is a vid of a couple reviewing some LSD trippy weed they bought at their local provisioning center:

(Group of LSD pot plants Trebor Leary on Instagram)


If you really enjoy tripping out on LSD ganja – or maybe just like how it takes the edge off your PTSD or chronic pain – and you have any kind of a green thumb, then you can always try your hand at planting and harvesting your own planter full, plot, small garden or field of this freaky flower! Barney’s Farm LSD cannabis grows well indoors or out, as long as it is kept 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celcius), with plenty of sunlight but limited humidity – because the dense buds are prone to mold and mildew. Apparently, worm castings and bat guano are excellent fertilizers, so if you have a pet bat that’s probably handy – or likely you can buy these things at either cannabis or traditional nursery! LSD pot plants grow to between 5-6 feet (or about 2 meters) and flower at 7-8 weeks, budding in dense clusters of greenish-yellow and orange, with a nice high yield of about 600 grams (21.2oz) per square meter or yard outdoors, with the indoor yield being somewhat less.

You can pick up some LSD hybrid strain seeds online at web sites such as the original creator, Barney’s Farm for about $12 USD (10.50 euros) for a single seed pack, up to $92 USD (81 in euros) for 10 seed packs; I Love Growing Marijuana has them for $79 for 5 seed packs up to $179 for 20 seed packs. Of course, you can likely find LSD marijuana cloned plants at your local dispensary or cannabis nursery for around $40-$45 per plant; but call ahead and make sure they have them on hand before you drive or Uber over there.

Here is a video of a dude inspecting his LSD hybrid ganja garden:

(LSD ganja plant, image from Smokey Wolf 420 on Instagram)


LSD Indica-dominant hybrid weed strain may make you temporarily mad as a hatter, sending you on your own trip into Wonderland, but after the initial psychotropic jolt wears off, then you experience a nice, relaxing body buzz. LSD flower, or buds, produce a very piney scent when pinched or sniffed, but are earthier and sweeter in taste and smell when smoked, dabbed or vaped. LSD indica-leaning cannabis seems to be more readily available in western states like Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado; but provisioning centers in other states and countries do the import, from time to time, so it’s possible that your favorite ganja supplier may have some on their menu – consult your local listings. If you are at all horticulturally inclined, then you could try to grow some LSD trippy weed in your own ganja garden or some potted pot plants with grow lights in your garage; they’ll grow into some tall bushes with dense nug clusters if you give them the right nutrients, sunlight or the equivalent, and don’t let them get too moist or mildewy. However you get your hands on some, you’re gonna find that after a brief bout of bat guano craziness, you settle into a mellow body feeling, releasing your aches and pains and all your worries are just whisked away. Maybe you’ll feel like having a little stem tea party with your friends and debate nonsensical things like your Facebook feed or why a raven is like a writing desk… or maybe not so much! LSD Indica-dominant hybrid weed is favored by medical marijuana patients as a good cure-all for stress, depression, pain and bouts of nausea; and just general tokers and dabbers like the sweet, earthy taste and intense head high of LSD space weed, so there’s something for both prescription and casual pot smokers to go mad about and even if the initial psychedelic rush makes you a little kooky, it’s okay – because as the Cheshire Cat told Alice, we’re all a little mad here!

Video (just in case the article was TLDR, too long didn’t read):

Intro: What is LSD? Fortunately, this hallucinogenic marijuana isn’t acid, man, but LSD Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis does give you a very intense, almost psychedelic head high – just like lysergic acid diethylamide, the psychedelic counter-culture drug popular back in the 1960s! Indicas have a reputation for making