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If you use a glass pipe or bong, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. You can easily concoct a cleaning solution yourself with some rubbing alcohol and salt. If you use a glass piece a lot though, save yourself the effort and pick up some Formula 420 Original Cleaner.

Having some cleaning solution on hand will help keep your pieces void of any gross build up. Just like how the Swiss Army knife revolutionized the daily lives of soldiers, the cannabis-focused Nuggy 10-in-1 multi-tool will revolutionize your smoking experience. This little device is designed to assist in every little aspect of smoking pot. Some of the tools include a knife and tamper for helping to roll the perfect joint, a roach clip, a scraper and pick for your pipes and bongs, and even a small scooper for concentrates and extracts. Along with an extensive selection of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles, Zips Cannabis stocks a variety of popular smoking accessories. Stop by Zips Cannabis today to see what we have in stock! Our budtenders will happily share with you their must-have cannabis tools as well! This affordable and stylish book comes with it all — a history of pot culture, potential health benefits and side effects, even information on growing or cooking with marijuana. This glass cleaner is meant to remove resin buildup within 30 to 60 minutes of soaking, just enough time to get your zen on with an impromptu yoga or meditation session while you wait. This is a stoner's hysterical take on the classic Magic 8 Ball, and offers up answers like "Too High to Tell" and "Yes, Wait, What?" Magic Flight Concentrate Vaporizer.

This vape is specifically designed for concentrates, and takes only 3 seconds to heat up. It comes with a battery re-charger, and features a unique steampunk-esque design. Just throw the little guy in your pocket for a quick and quirky smoke break on your next waltz through the woods. This dab mat features a range of favorite animated animal characters from our childhood, including CatDog and Garfield. Now we're ready to kick back with some shatter and a few Saturday morning cartoons this weekend! This interesting flame-less way to light your joints will not only wow your friends, but may be a much better option if it's windy outside. This printed metal rolling tray sums up how we all feel when we bust out the tools. This eye-catching and high-quality shower curtain comes with plastic hooks for easy installation, and is machine-washable so that it can be used long-term. This gorgeous oriental vase-style bong is produced in the Hebei providence and will have you looking regal and worldly when you pull this out of your China cabinet for a smoke session. So many scientists throughout human history have admitted to indulging with cannabis now and then, and they'd definitely be smoking (or dabbing) it with this microscope-shaped rig if they had the choice. This candle is made from a long-perfected blend of plant oils and natural ingredients designed to help absorb and remove odors while you're smoking indoors. This extravagant ash tray is somehow both futuristic and ancient looking, and has a swiveling lid with a perfect perch for your joint mid-smoke. This flameless lighter uses a double-electric arc to instantly light your bowl without the need for butane (or dealing with a pesky flame blowing in the wind). The shape was designed to make lighting up from a bowl or pipe effortless, though it'll work great for lighting joints or candles as well. Catnip may be your feline friend's substance of choice, but you can bond over the great ganja with these cute joint-shaped toys. This pipe takes an oriental take on the classic Sherlock-style with a touch of the Far East. The pipe is designed to stand up straight and sturdy on it's own, perfect any time you're lost in thought while solving a mystery. This sign is made from durable aluminum and is a great addition to a dorm room or stoner cave. This 30-page coloring book is filled with funky stoner creatures and psychedelic designs. This small chillum pipe is reminding us that we all wish we could feel some summer desert heat instead of this bite of winter. The pipe stands on its own to be decorative while it's not in use. Grab this stylish dab pad for the return of Rick and Morty. With a thick neoprene grip it'll keep your glass safe from getting Rickety Rickety Wrecked! The Magic Flight is one of our favorite vapes on the market. It fits in the palm or your hands and uses rechargeable alkaline batteries meaning no butane.

It's perfect for the discreet smoker since your exhale will smell like slightly burnt popcorn.

This butane torch features an artist-designed bong-loving sloth print that was specifically made for the torch. There are a variety of other prints available if sloths aren't your thing, and the torch is high-quality and easy to use.


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