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She knows the owner and gets a job as a bartender on the boat so that she can have access to the boat's daily operations. Noah, Abbey and Shelly plot to expose the boat's owner once and for all. Noah and Abbey pool all their money together and buy dozens of vials of bright pink food dye. Shelly sneaks Noah on the boat and the two of them split the dye bottles between them and squeeze the thick fuchsia gel into the toilets of the gambling boat.

With each bottle of dye they drop into the toilet system, they flush the toilets until they run clear. The next morning, an aerial observation by the Coast Guard confirms that the bright pink stream coming from the Coral Queen is evidence of their continued pollution of the pristine waters of the marina. Along the way, Noah and Abbey must deal with the boat owner's hateful son and his friend and his Moroccan thuggish bodyguard. Miraculously, Noah's long-lost grandfather, Grandpa Bobby, reappears on the scene to help his son and grandchildren. In the end, the ship is finally put out of operation in a most unexpected way. The authorities are finally on to the criminal activities of the owner and the Underwood family survives it all in one piece. Noah is able to resume the life of a young boy and return to his carefree life on the surf and sands of his Florida Keys home. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides for challenging works of literature.

This 37-page guide for “Flush” by Carl Hiaasen includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 21 chapters, as well as several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Fragile Environment and Fighting the Good Fight. Flush is a young adult novel by popular mystery author Carl Hiaasen. Hiaasen has written fifteen humorous crime fiction novels for adults set in his native Florida that focus on the themes of environmental protection and political corruption. He has since branched out into juvenile fiction set in the same location and examining the same themes. The rest of Hiaasen’s novels for young readers consist of Hoot (2002), Scat (2009), Chomp (2012), Skink — No Surrender (2014), and Squirm (2018). These books, categorized as Children’s Mystery and Environmental Books, are meant for readers age 10 and up. Flush is set in a contemporary small town in the Florida Keys. The events in the novel take place from June to early September, and the story is told from the first-person narrative viewpoint of a teenage boy named Noah. The events he describes are frequently funny, and the tone of the book is generally light and humorous despite the serious theme of environmental pollution. The plot involves the efforts of the Underwood family to protect the marine sanctuary in which they live. When a local casino owner starts dumping human waste from his boat into the surrounding waters, Noah’s father decides to stop him but ends up in jail. As Noah and his allies find a resourceful way to stop waste from being dumped into their marine sanctuary, Flush examines the themes of fighting the good fight, the fragile nature of the environment, and the obstacles presented by bigshots and bullies. Teenage Noah Underwood finds himself facing the unpleasant task of visiting his dad in jail on Father’s Day. Paine Underwood has just sunk a casino boat called the Coral Queen because its owner, Dusty Muleman, has been dumping waste from the casino’s toilets into the bay and poisoning the surrounding waters. Paine is an environmental activist who sometimes gets carried away, as his long-suffering wife Donna can attest. Since Paine hasn’t been able to prove Dusty’s crime to the satisfaction of the local Coast Guard, he asks Noah to continue the fight to end the illegal dumping once and for all. Noah and his younger sister Abbey try to find proof of the crime on their own but risk capture by Dusty’s thug, Luno, as well as bullying from Dusty’s son Jasper and his friend Bull. Noah and Abbey eventually receive much-needed help from a bartender named Shelly and a former mate on the Coral Queen named Lice. Noah’s long-missing grandfather even arrives unexpectedly to lend a hand. Justice finally prevails after Noah concocts a scheme to flush fuchsia food coloring down the toilets on the Coral Queen . When the waste is dumped into the bay at night, the Coast Guard is finally able to trace the source back to the casino boat and its corrupt owner. Although Dusty soon reopens the casino after being slapped with a light fine, his business is dealt its death blow when Jasper and Bull accidentally start a fire that burns down the Coral Queen and exposes evidence of Dusty’s embezzlement and income tax evasion. The Underwoods have succeeded in flushing out a scheme to defraud the government and the Indian tribe that partnered in Dusty’s venture. As Noah’s mother always says, “What goes around comes around” (258). NOTE: All page number citations are taken from the Kindle edition of this book.

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