lemon sour strain

This plant likes to grow tall, and if you give it the opportunity, its bottom branches will get to be almost as long as the height of the herb. The height can nearly triple during flowering, too. Thankfully, it is easy to prune due to few leaves being between the buds. If you give Cotton Candy the right conditions, it is a hardy plant, and you should gain an abundant yield.

Indoors, it usually takes around eight to nine weeks to flower. You can expect an average of 16 ounces of bud per square meter. Outdoors, you can expect a yield of a whopping 35 ounces of stinky bud from each plant. Your plants should be ready for harvest sometime around mid-October. Follow those guidelines, and you won’t go far wrong with growing Cotton Candy. After all that effort, what kind of a THC content can you expect? Cotton Candy cannabis has a decent concentration of THC. Tests on samples regularly put the THC content anywhere from 13-20% with the strongest even hitting the 22% mark. With this kind of THC strength, you can expect good levels of psychoactive effects.

Despite this, the strain should not be too overwhelming for cannabis newbies either – a good, solid, middle of the road THC strain. The highest it has tested for CBD content is 1%, but it is common for the sativa to have a more moderate CBD content than this. Although Cotton Candy has little CBD content, there are a lot of strains with an even lower amount. It is not uncommon for strains to test at lower than 0.4%. With this in mind, you are more likely to feel CBD-related benefits from Cotton Candy than some alternative breeds, but it is still unlikely. If you are looking for a strain to provide you with a higher concentration of CBD, you would be best advised to look somewhere else. Although Cotton Candy contains some CBD, other strains will give you more. Specialist CBD strains frequently measure around 20% CBD, which Cotton Candy cannot compete with. What sorts of medical benefits could Cotton Candy offer ,then? With such low levels of CBD, Cotton Candy cannot be expected to provide any of the therapeutic benefits associated with the cannabinoid. With respectable levels of THC it could provide some benefit here, mainly focused on mentally related issues. Users report an intense feeling of relaxation from the strain. As such, Cotton Candy can help alleviate stress, at least for a little while. Often, this relaxation is joined by immense feelings of happiness, and it is common for smokers to catch a fit of giggles. People feel euphoric and uplifted as a result of using Cotton Candy. Thanks to these effects, the strain could help with symptoms of depression and fatigue as you feel generally more upbeat. Bursts of creativity are not uncommon either, so Cotton Candy could help if you are feeling a mental block. Cotton Candy often gives users the couch-lock sensation where your limbs feel heavy, and you can’t be bothered to move off your sofa. This can give way to sleepiness, and some find it helps with insomnia. However, other users will not consume before bedtime as it gets them too mentally active meaning they struggle with sleeping as a result. With this in mind, it may be best first to try Cotton Candy in the day to see what sort of effect it has on you. The different effects on sleep patterns is a prime example of how you can’t guarantee Cotton Candy will be an effective treatment for your condition.

Even if you suffer from one of the conditions Cotton Candy is known for helping, you can’t be sure how it will affect your body. People’s bodies are all different and what works for one may not for another, as evidenced by some finding Cotton Candy good for insomnia and others the complete opposite. What about the possible side effects of Cotton Candy? There is one side effect Cotton Candy is notorious for. Fittingly, it is “cotton mouth” where your mouth becomes drier than the Sahara desert. These are the most common side effects, and all types of marijuana share them. Occasionally, users also report feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness, but this is rare and they say it is to a small extent. These side effects are typically brought on by excessive smoking of THC-heavy strains. It makes sense, then, that they are rare with Cotton Candy, which has a reasonable concentration of THC but not too much.

Still, to avoid these adverse side effects, we recommend you only consume Cotton Candy in sensible doses. Everything about this strain is cotton candy-related, from its looks, smell, and taste to even the “cotton mouth” effect it brings on. It lives up to its name more than any other strain you can think of. Cotton Candy is a magical sativa that seems to have come straight from Willy Wonka’s factory. You get a lush scent and flavor combined with a dazzling look.


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