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Why You Will Love the Lemon Diesel Strain Weed

If you are a fan of dense, lemon-tasty and fruit-flavored weed, lemon diesel is the strain for you to go! Since you are already into cannabis use, you must have found all kinds of reviews on this strain. Still, we could not find any detailed info about it. Therefore, we have decided to present to you one of the finest strains that come from Green Lantern Seeds and give you all the necessary details about using, growing and buying it in one place! Feel free to ask us any questions if you have any doubts!

History Of Lemon Diesel Strain

The strain was firstly presented in 2010 at Emerald Cup by the Green Lantern Seeds and since that moment, the strain gained a lot of popularity due to its unique flavor. Besides the flavor, the effects are highly energizing!

The development of the Strain

Lemon diesel weed strain is the product of two stable genetics that produced sturdy, Indica-like phenotype in most of the cases. However, for the classic hybrid–Indica-like phenotype, the effects are pretty much closer to Sativa phenotypes as it gives the uplifting effects. Though diesel strains usually hit the head, this strain is different.

The genetics of Lemon Diesel

Lemon diesel strain is the cross of popular California Sour and Lost Coast OG strains. Since the first strain is the cross of Lemon Diesel and Sour Lemon OG and the second is cross between Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush, the breeders managed to produce the superb genetics! Most growers reported on the Indica phenotype. Still, it may happen, due to the strong Sativa landrace genetics, that you get a tall plant with long and narrow leaves.

The Medical Values Of Lemon Diesel

When it comes to medical values, this strain offers fantastic performance in the treatment of several conditions. While it is a classic hybrid strain, you can expect the balanced effects of both Sativa and Indica types. Still, the key thing is in the dosage. Lemon sour diesel strain showed its best capabilities in the treatment of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Traumatic disorders.

The reason for this could be a good mix of two different breeds of Sativa and Indica, as you will feel a lot of uplifting effects. The strain is designed to offer the equal effects of both energetic and stoned feeling. However, the higher dosages may put you to sleep.

Negative sides

When it comes to the negative effects of this strain, we have to say that you can expect the usual cons of weed consumption. Of course, the level of these effects depends on the amount you consume, as well as your body and mind states. In a nutshell, there are no special negative effects. The usual negative effects of this strain are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Feeling dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety.

These are shown in the descending order as the feeling of anxiety is really hard to achieve, so you get the point. Still, if you stay hydrated, fed and in the mood, these cons will stay at the low level.


Though the effects are balances, it may happen that you experience some of these at a higher level than others. While you are consuming the medium dosage, you should not feel any Indical-like feelings like being stoned, hungry or sleepy. These are present in the higher dosages. The common effects after the consumption of lemon diesel are:

  • Euphoria
  • Uplifting
  • Relaxation
  • Energy.

Why Should You Choose Lemon Diesel Strain?

Super lemon diesel should be your number one strain if you are looking for the aromatic, dense, potent but balanced cannabis strain. The recognized and well-known genetics behind the strain ensure that you get the possible effects that will affect your health in a positive way.

The overall look of buds

The usual look of the buds is lemon-yellowish color, with the packed and sticky trichomes that stay on your fingers once you squeeze the nugs. There could be some orange pistils on the nugs even though the green color is prevailing.

Smell and aroma

The strong and pungent odor, with the lemon-like scent, will blow your mind! It is like you are holding a slice of lemon, wrapped in the most aromatized weed! Also, there are hints of citrus, pepper and that famous skunk smell due to the origins of the strain.


The strain has a fruity and sweet flavor, with the note of lemon and earthy scent. The best taste comes after careful growth and nutrition based on organic fertilizers.


The average level of THC amount in this strain exceeds 12%! It is a highly potent strain that can knock you off easily when smoked too much! It also contains a considerable amount of CBD, making it perfect for pain treatment.

Who Should Use Lemon Diesel Strain?

Lime diesel should be the favorite strain for all people who want a relaxing, yet energizing weed with the tasty and lemon-like aroma. If you do not like the pungent and “distinct” smell, you should avoid this strain. It can be harsh when smoked.

What do growers think about it?

Sour diesel lemon kush strain is highly popular among growers due to its good quantity, superb effects and low-level of caring. Plus, it is one of the best hybrids due to its recognized genetics that come from the branded and high-quality strains. They praise it for the quantity. It can produce up to 500grams per one square meter in case you secure the optimal growing conditions. Also, keep in mind that the water’s PH should not go over 7 if you want to get this quantity.

The majority of growers like it as it flowers 10 weeks. In addition, the plant starts filling in the last couple of weeks, so you save the best for the end, as they say. Some growers did report that the phenotypes are not standardized and it often happens that they get Sativa phenotype that grows tall and flowers a bit longer than 10 weeks (usually around 12). It is perfect for indoor growth!

How To Grow Lemon Diesel?

It is best suited for growing indoors, though it can finish outside since it handles cold temperatures well. To get the best results, you should use at least 20l pots, organic fertilizers, water with PH between 6.5 and 7, under HPS 400/600 watts. Ensure 50 inches of height, at least.

Is It Good For Cooking/Edibles?

Yes, it is a very potent strain that you can use to make edibles!

What Are Related Strains?

  • Lemon Haze
  • Kush strains
  • Sour Diesel
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Blue Dream

The Final Conclusion

What we can say from experience is that you can choose this strain if you are an experienced weed consumer or cannabis connoisseur who knows how to recognize the quality. If you are on the hunt for something new that you have not tried before, go for it. The best thing is that it is a hybrid. It means you will get both Sativa and Indica effects that are balanced, as long as you consume it in the normal amounts. If you are looking for a tasty, citrus-like, uplifting strain that can treat your anxiety, depression, pain, and traumas, then lemon diesel is your number one choice!

The dominant genetics in lemon sour diesel.

It is the cross of California Sour and Lost Coast OG strains, which both contain powerful and established genetics.

Is it for daily or night time use?

In lower doses, it is great for daily use while you need to stay functions. However, larger doses can make you stoned and sleepy.

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