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  • August 29, 2019

It’s true. These are Cannabis Infused Doritos and yes, they’re amazing.

If you’re thinking that Dorito Chips can’t get any better, think again. Cannabis Infused Doritos are an exciting way to get your weed on. This is the ultimate cannabis edible and we’re happy to show you how to make them.

How do I infuse my Dorito Chips?

Not only is this recipe THE BOMB, it is super simple. You’re going to need a few simple ingredients. The main ingredients are a bag of Cool Ranch Dorito Chips, and cannabis coconut oil.

Firstly, cannabis coconut oil is how you’re going to get your dose of cannabis with these chips. Create your cannabis coconut oil following this step-by-step recipe. You’re going to decarb your weed and infuse it into coconut oil. This step takes a little bit of time as you will need to boil the infusion for 3 hours. Don’t let this deter you. Cannabis coconut oil is a weed staple and you’ll surely get plenty of use out of this weed infusion.

Why make cannabis infused Doritos?

It is a no brainer. These cannabis chips are super delicious and easy to create. This is one of the tastiest weed edibles to hit the scene. They are easy to serve and make a great portion for a gathering or cannabis party. These chips require a few household ingredients and won’t stress a cook that is hosting a group of people.

If your cannabis coconut oil is ready, all you need to do is mix these Doritos with a few common spices. This way, the cannabis coconut oil won’t take away from the flavor of these amazing chips. We love Doritos, and we definitely don’t want to ruin their taste.

Start Your Cannabis Infused Doritos Today!

Closely follow the recipe below to create these amazing weed chips. Show us your cannabis snack on social media and leave us a note in the comments below!

Cannabis infused doritos may be the greatest thing since, well, Doritos. This cannabis edible is crunchy, delicious and sure to satisfy the munchies.

Doritos Announces A New Weed Infused Chip

PURCHASE, New York –

Fantastic news coming to those who enjoy the popular Frito Lay chip Doritos and those that also enjoy to smoke a bit of the refer. Coming to stores soon is a new style of the popular snack that will be infused with THC, the main chemical in marijuana.

Doritos and weed have been a popular duo for years now and the company decided to cut out the middle man and give the people what they want. With so many edible marijuana products on the selves, Frito Lay decided to take the leap and have told us they should have done it years ago.

We spoke to a Colorado man who was given a few bags of the new chip and claims while they were delicious and extremely fun, he wished he went about his experience a bit differently.

“I was asked to be in a test project for the new chip and I was pumped. They literally paid me to smoke weed and then eat weed, it was rad as hell. The chips tasted great, the buzz it gave me awesome, but there was one problem. I smoked a bong right before indulging in the chips and got the munchies real bad. The only thing I had to snack on was the weed infused Doritos and began to chop those down. I got in a weird cycle were I kept getting high and then hungry due to the THC in the chip. Finally, 2 days later I ran out of all the bags the test project gave me and my buzz finally wore off and I could wash he cheese residue off my hands and put pants on”

Lays has confirmed that they will be putting a warning label on the chips and children will not be able to buy the chips unless there parents give consent.

Doritos Announces A New Weed Infused Chip PURCHASE, New York – Fantastic news coming to those who enjoy the popular Frito Lay chip Doritos and those that also enjoy to smoke a bit of the