larry og strain review

That should provide some options for any outdoor smokers in Florida, Texas and the other most humid areas of the country. With a few options around, you certainly can offset your cottonmouth conundrum with one method or another. Though, it is best to remember that sometimes dry mouth is going to win out regardless. Today, we have a slew of ideas and methods to counter cottonmouth.

From changing locations to feeling a bit like a granny with some Lemon Drops in your pocket, you can find a way to overcome your dry mouth when it arises. While we may not like it, we sometimes have to deal with the side effects of cannabis. Booze can make you a dumb-dumb and leave you with a world-ending hangover. Over the counter medicine can leave us feeling constipated, dizzy, unable to sleep and much worse. With cannabis, cottonmouth is one of the worst side effects. White Walker is COVERED with trichomes, great fruit flavor and a bit earthy. This bud is STRONG, the label says 24.2/25 THC content.

Great for a two hitter real quick or a glass bowl, bong and joint(a bit sticky) One of my favorite new strains. Very nice - IMO you get more Skywalker than White Widow, (at least in my sample), very sticky, top shelf. How ignorant could you be to generalize the strain overall based on your negative experience with some bud that was no properly cared for? Got a half o from strawberry fields in Colorado and it is FIRE. presses out very nice rosin and is exactly as described in this review. No complaints at all for $75 a half lol (got another half of Chem Dawg #4 and the whole o was $150) but to say ANY strain is inherently dry is just ridiculous as marijuana when it is harvested is extremely wet and sticky regardless of the grade of herb. A winner at the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, White Walker OG didn’t take long to become an international superstar on the scene. An absolute must for any fan of quality Kush, White Walker OG is a powerful and potent variant of SFV OG Kush. Recent batches of White Walker OG have measured THC concentrations of up to 22%, making it the kind of strain you don’t approach without caution. White Walker OG is effectively everything you’ve ever loved about classic Kush, with a well-engineered 21 st century twist. As of late, it’s becoming increasingly rare to come across a batch of White Walker OG with THC concentration of less than 20%. It’s an exceptionally consistent strain that never fails to deliver on expectations, earning it a huge following across medical and recreational cannabis circles alike. Its Kush linage is evident in its sweet and sticky flavour profile, which hangs around indefinitely after the exhale. Properly cured White Walker OG buds have that quintessential earthy-spicy fragrance, which again is complemented by an unmistakable sweet and sugary overtone. White Walker OG delivers an exceptionally flavourful smoke that’s guaranteed to have you coming back for more. That is, unless you’ve overdone it on your first few minutes. One hit of White Walker OG and everything goes straight to your head.There’s an instant burst of energy and inspiration that’s almost overwhelming, creating a tingling sense around the brain and eyes. From writers to artists to athletes, White Walker OG delivers the ultimate hit of motivation for anyone looking to get things done in a big way. The initial energy rush eventually subsides, replaced by continual waves of euphoria for several hours to come. There’s still a notable cerebral uplift, though complemented with a relaxing and enjoyable body high that lingers indefinitely. That said, the whole thing eventually comes to a pretty hard end, resulting in head to toe fatigue or couchlock. Hence, it’s the perfect strain to spend the next few hours enjoying yourself, before gradually getting your brain and body ready for a good night’s sleep. The popularity of White Walker OG in medical cannabis circles is attributed less to its potency, more to its versatility. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a variety of psychological health conditions - bipolar disorder, anxiety, stress, depression etc. The same also goes for individuals who are prone to sleep issues, who may find welcome relief in the relaxing and sedating properties of White Walker OG. One of the most appealing characteristics of White Walker OG is the way in which it doesn’t simply knock you off your feet like a freight train.

Instead, it provides the mental uplift, energy and motivation you need to get things done, after which it gives you a little choice other than to wind down and relax. It’s also not uncommon for White Walker OG to bring on a truly epic case of the munchies - perfect for the treatment of poor appetite. Perhaps the crowning glory of White Walker OG, this strain is not only easy to grow, but also produces the kinds of yields you simply won’t know what to do with.

Along with mouth-watering buds with a seriously high THC content, this thing delivers the most extraordinary harvests after around 9 to 10 weeks. Even in relatively cool outdoor conditions, you’ll have no problem producing a generous batch of White Walker OG. The Hawaii State Legislature recently passed a comprehensive Smoke-Free Law that will affect employers statewide. Smoking will be prohibited in all “enclosed and partially enclosed” businesses, state and county facilities, or places open to the public.


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