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Toxin Rid alongside a natural detox is really the only way you can fully detox to pass a drug test. So it’s definitely the best detox kit for a drug test you can get.But there are two other ways you can successfully detox, but these are not permanent THC detox kits, these are temporary detox solutions. That means the toxins will come back after a few hours. What you are doing with these is getting as many toxins out of your body as possible, to lessen the load for a detox drink, which will then mask the rest for a few hours.

Mega Clean is a very good detox drink, but on its own, it will struggle to cover all the toxins if you have high toxin exposure. But you can buy an exclusive deal from Test Clear, where you get Mega Clean and six Toxin Rid pills for $69 . So in effect, you’re getting a free one-day Toxin Rid course with mega clean. You take the detox pills during the day before your test, which helps to flush out lots of toxins. This leaves less on the day of the test, and you can drink Mega Clean a couple of hours before you submit your sample to mask the rest. It’s a great deal, but only available from Test Clear. This is also an effective option, and it’s cheaper than the other options. Rescue Cleanse 32 is a great detox drink, and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is a cheap course of detox pills, more of an ongoing supplement, which is why you get 60 pills for just $32. But together they form a powerful combination, good enough if you have low-to-medium toxin exposure levels. If you’ve got a few days, do Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula alongside a natural detox, and then use the detox drink on the day of your test.

So unless you have high toxin levels in your body, that will be good enough to mask them for a few hours. The Rescue Cleanse& Herbal Pre Cleanse formula combo costs only $55 . Not the strongest drug detox kit, but for most people, it will be good enough. And, while committing to a THC detox is a great way to lower your tolerance, sometimes you have to detox ASAP. That’s why it’s important to know the best ways to cleanse your body. Say for example you have to pass a drug test at work or you want to detox your system from THC. This handy guide will walk you through common reasons to detox, how the cleansing process works, and best practices to achieve an effective detox — no matter how much time you have before your system has to be clean. Shockingly, there are a handful of reasons you may want to pause your 420 sessions — at least for a little while. Over 50 percent of employers nationwide drug test job applicants. And, although post-employment drug testing is less common, it still happens, especially if an accident occurs or there’s reasonable suspicion to believe someone’s been on drugs. Even if you’re in a state where ganja is recreationally legal, your employer (unfortunately) has the power to drug test you. While laws are beginning to shift, drug testing is a hurdle many of us will likely have to overcome at some point. So, that’s why it’s important to pass your test every time you’re faced with this hurdle. Of course you can never fully recreate that experience, but you can get back to getting high after taking one solid hit. If you are a long-time pot smoker, you probably notice that you don’t feel as high as you used to get. So, taking a tolerance break is another reason to do a marijuana detox. Frequent and/or heavy use causes the cannabinoid receptors throughout your body to actually downregulate THC reception. In other words, your body is adapting to the increased level of THC consumption as a new baseline. One study shows that cannabinoid receptors begin to replenish after only two days of not consuming marijuana. This study also shows that receptors are reset again after three to four weeks of no THC consumption. So, after about a month, your body’s tolerance should be pretty close to normal. Although we all know the benefits of cannabis, it can be good to detox from weed for homeostasis. Putting a pause on smoking cannabis can give your lungs a break. This can improve your lung health and strength, which will help you fight respiratory infections when they happen.

Even after the joint is fully ashed and the high is gone, remnants of metabolite delta 1-THC stay in our systems for weeks — months, even. THC cannabinoids get trapped in your fatty tissues and migrate into the bloodstream. Many different toxins can be stored in your fat cells.

An important part of the cleansing process is stopping all cannabis use.


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