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This is the first time we complete a Grow Diary and the reason we choose OG Kush is because they really are very easy plants to grow. We have a fantastic phenotype mother that provides shorter and bushier plants, very convenient for our tiny 60x60cm tents, and making clones this time was really easy.

We started with 25 clones in the bubbler and 65% rooted and from them 88% survived the transplant. We picked the best looking 6 and transplanted them onto 24 liter fabric pots and flipped to 12/12 the same day. They stretched for about two or tree weeks and started flowering.

Around week #3 of flowering we tied them down to the pots, to help spreading a little bit. The only issue this time was they were really short and bushy, so watering was a pain.

As we had 6 plants, this time we harvested them in batches in different weeks, allowing the plants to be outside in the sun while enjoying the very cold (almost freezing) winter, this helped a lot with the already very purple/black colours on the buds and sugar leaves.

Buds from the earlier tree weeks wake you up and are very motivating and uplifting, buds from the last weeks have a distinct smell, not so piney but more pungent, and it’s amazing to get to sleep.

Tested with dried and cured buds from previous weeks, on joints, glass pipe, and both the Arizer SOLO and Arizer GO. Amazing white smoke, strong, pure flavour, still kind of harsh because needs more curing but they really make your mouth wet while rolling another spliff 🙂

Also recovered 80 grams of pure frosted sugar leaf and made 200gr of a very strong cannabutter, huge effect but very insomnia inducing, not what I wanted this time, will save it for “party cookies” instead of “sleep cookies”.

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