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Kush Hemp CBD Flower Guide

The name Kush evokes some powerful imagery, from its associations with powerful THC heavy hybrids to its cloudy beginnings in the mountains of Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India. Our Kush Hemp is an Indica dominant hybrid, loved by our customers for its potentially pain-relieving properties. Today we’ll be looking at Kush Hemp’s origins, and explaining why these tightly packed buds are so sought after.

Kush hemp is a cross between pre-98 Bubba Kush and an unknown hemp strain. The mysteries of its origin haven’t held Kush Hemp back though- the results are dense green and purple flowers with a pleasingly high CBD content. Our Kush is hand-planted on the East side of our field to ensure plenty of sun each morning and is lavished with love and attention throughout the organic growing process.

Customers return time and again for this gorgeous hemp plant, leaving glowing reviews each time: “Excellent! Tasty and potent, this is my go-to for an evening of relaxation. I’ve tried many CBD brands, and by far Cascadia is the best.” We don’t like to blow our own horn too much, but this kind of feedback is worth celebrating.

If you’re considering a new Indica CBD strain, or are looking for a new way to relax after a stressful day, Kush hemp may be the CBD flower you’ve been looking for. Read on for our full guide to Kush Hemp!


Kush Hemp is an Indica dominant hybrid, meaning it’s best suited for evening and night time use. Based on customer feedback, one of the biggest reasons for using Kush Hemp is for sleep and relaxation. These dense, CBD packed nugs really seem to aid with de-stressing, whether that’s from the comfort of your couch, or just before bed.

As with all Cascadia Blooms CBD flower, Kush Hemp is a full-spectrum CBD product. This means that each Kush Hemp flower contains the whole range of beneficial cannabinoids, all of which work in synergy to potentially boost the efficacy of your CBD. Smoking and vaping CBD flower also speed up the rate at which your body absorbs these cannabinoids, resulting in a full-spectrum, fast-acting CBD flower that can address your CBD needs.


Our CBD flower is grown in strictly controlled conditions with little to no THC. This means that our CBD flower contains negligible amounts of this psychoactive cannabinoid, making it completely legal in CBD tolerant states. Don’t just take our word for it- at Cascadia Blooms we are passionate about quality, meaning every strain is subjected to a 3rd party lab test to guarantee purity and legality. Check the lab reports out here for a full breakdown.


Kush Hemp’s terpene profile makes for a veritable riot of earthy flavor, with hints of wood, citrus, and fuel. The initial hit is rather smooth, but you’ll still need to treat this high-CBD flower with respect, as the flavors really make themselves known after a couple of draws.

Customers seem to agree that Kush Hemp tastes fantastic: “I am very impressed with the overall bud size, structure, smell, and most importantly (to me) taste. This Kush is nearly perfect.” We always appreciate feedback, and this review has us working extra hard to remove that ‘nearly’ from the last sentence.

CBD Content

Kush Hemp packs a punch, with 16.7% CBDa for a figure of 14.7% total CBD. This places Kush Hemp just slightly behind our other heavy hitters and works well for those of us with higher tolerances. However, don’t be put off if you’re new to CBD- one of the major benefits of CBD flower is the ability to measure your own doses easily and accurately. A slight amount of trial and error may be required, but Kush Hemp is a fantastic choice, regardless of the strength you need.

All of our CBD hemp flower is tested regularly for consistency and accuracy- every batch of Kush Hemp comes correct with a COA as standard .


As an Indica dominant hybrid, Kush Hemp is used most frequently as a sleeping aid. Studies are beginning to show CBD’s beneficial effects regarding improving sleeping patterns, and Kush Hemp is an excellent example of this. Anecdotal evidence from well-rested and satisfied customers certainly backs this up- if the Seven Dwarves smoked CBD, Sleepy would be a major Kush Hemp advocate.

Everybody has their preferred method for consuming CBD flower, and we found that Kush Hemp performs well both when vaped and smoked. Its dense buds make it a dream to grind, exploding from a tightly packed nug into green gold in just a few twists of your herb grinder. Whatever your personal smoking choice, Kush Hemp performs above and beyond.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Kush Hemp has more than earned its name and can hold its own against THC strains that share the hallowed Kush moniker. What makes us happy is that our customers think so too. A lot of love, effort, and care went into growing this hardy strain, and we make sure that each bud is lavished with attention as we walk along the Kush Hemp rows out to our pond each afternoon.

Check out the entire Kush Hemp range on our online store , and choose a bud that suits both your needs and your bank account. Read what others are saying , scrutinize the terpene profile and lab results , and get acquainted with this magical CBD flower. Whether you choose smalls or tops, you can buy Kush Hemp confident in the knowledge that you’re going to receive premium CBD from a company that loves it’s CBD flower just as much as you do.

Our Kush Hemp is an Indica dominant hybrid, loved by our customers for its potentially pain-relieving properties. Today we’ll be looking at Kush Hemp’s origins, and explaining why these tightly packed buds are so sought after.