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The Vaped FOB Vaporizer’s discreet car key design blends in with everyday life so you can keep it on hand (or keychain) at all times. The unit’s power and temperature controls are smartly disguised as “lock,” “unlock,” and “trunk open” buttons, and each of six preset temperatures is indicated by its own LED-lit color. This sneaky vape partners beautifully with a citrusy herb like Lemon Haze, whose subtle aroma is less likely to blow your cover than ultra-skunky strains. The FOB Vaporizer’s lowest temp is excellent for terpenoid vaporization, releasing a blast of Lemon Haze’s tangy notes. Cranking the heat up releases a fragrant scope of flavors ranging from light and sweet to a pungent, almost overly ripe lemon barrage.

A quick vape sesh on the go leaves you feeling uplifted, energetic, and a little euphoric. For an old school company like 7th Floor, it only made sense to taste test some OG Kush through the Super Surfer vaporizer. Although this desktop vape is capable of filling up balloon bags, direct draws through the whip are the way to go for full flavor. The hot air from the ceramic heating element rushes through the OG Kush, instantly releasing a strong piney taste followed by woody notes. The Super Surfer’s forced air filtration system, which cleans the air used to heat your herb or concentrate before it even enters the unit, lends an added purity to the thick and earthy clouds of OGK. (Fruit flavour jelly sweets) Gluten Free No artificial colours.

Fizzy Peaches - Deliciously tangy peach-flavoured jelly sweets. INGREDIENTS Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Pork Gelatine, E330, Maltodextrin. This item contains the following per 100g: Energy (kj): 1419 Energy (kcal): 334 Fat (g): 0.0 Saturated Fat (g): 0.0 Carbohydrate (g): 77.6 of which Sugars (g): 60.3 Protein (g): 4.6 Salt (g): 0.03. Sugared fruit flavour jelly sweets No artificial colours or flavours Gluten & dairy free Bulk 3kg bag. Kingsway Fizzy Peaches are just one of a wide array of fizzy sweets; a popular trend these days. Sweets that are themed on food always sell well and our Fizzy Peaches are no exception. They are packed into a bulk bag so that you can sell them from your pick and mix stand or pack them up to suit the needs of your business. RRP £0.99 Per 100g £0.28 Pack Size 3KG Code 304868. Please contact us if you require a larger quantity or have a specific query. Sugar Glucose syrup Water Pork gelatine Maltodextrin Acid (Citric Acid) Flavouring Vegetable concentrate (Black Carrot) Colours (Curcumin. For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold. Sapphire Star is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that derives its name from its dense blue-hued buds and starry coat of trichomes. Its flavor and scent are of berries, specifically strawberry, with undertones of sour skunk. THC levels of this strain are currently debatable, but its high is known to help with focus and clear the mind of both stress and ill-mood. This strain may be consumed throughout the day as it won’t induce sleepiness or sedate, rather provide a limited body buzz that will help relax. Sapphire Star can also induce bouts of the giggles, perfect for fun social gatherings. Sapphire Star is mostly known to give the consumer dry eyes with rarely any other ill side-effects being reported. It takes between seven and eight weeks for Sapphire Star to fully flower and can reach heights of 15 feet outdoors. Sativa 60 / Indica 40 Origins: Blue Hawaiian sativa x God Bud Flowering: 49-56 days Harvest: late September. Sapphire Star is a bery-flavored, haze-influenced closs from a popular Hawaiian sativa strain and the powerful indica God Bud. Like a pure sativa, Sapphire Star bushes out in all directions, reaching a looming 5-6 feet indoors and up to 15 feet outdoors. Her stone also displays classic sativa traits – a blissful flight of ideas takes off fast from a few tokes. But the God Bud indica influence shortens Sapphire Star’s flowering time considerably from the sativa norm, as well as sweetening the musky taste.

Indoors, Sapphire Star need regular feeding to get the best growth from either soil or hydro crops.Sea of green planting may be possible for an experienced gardener who can prune and cull the bushy plants.

Sapphire’s foliage often looks speckled with dew as she flowers – this is actually quite watery resin, which makes it easy to collect as finger hash.


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