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Written by: CALVIN BROADUS, CLIFFORD SMITH, JOHN STELLA, LOUIS FREESE, REGINALD NOBLE. Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC. Snoop Dogg, Redman, Method Man and B-Real Get Together for “Mount Kushmore” Video. Snoop Dogg, Redman, B-Real and Method Man don superhero attire as they reinvent Mount Rushmore in a new animated visual for "Mount Kushmore," a cut from Uncle Snoop's recently released new album, Neva Left .

The new visual begins with President Donald Trump visiting Mount Rushmore, only to find used condoms, chicken bones, and, of course, the faces of Snoop, Redman, B-Real and Method Man carved into the mountain where the the likenesses of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln used to be. Needless to say, this slightly parodied version of Trump isn't too happy. The video then flashes to 47-hours beforehand, where we see Snoop and the gang cruising up the mountain in an RV, puffing copious amounts of kush the entire trip. Also in the video are twerking ladies and unnamed ninjas. We're not sure what the whole thing means, but with its anime-esque visuals and a funky cut acting as a soundtrack, there's a lot to love in Uncle Snoop's latest vid—specifically Snoop's ninja outfit with his signature blue flag (bandana) weaved in. The new visuals are just the latest sign that Snoop's no one-trick pony when it comes to entertainment. Throughout Neva Left , he shows he can be gritty and grimy just as easily as he can be humorous. Those are both qualities he's mastered using throughout his storied career. “Throughout the years, I’ve had my hands in a lot of different projects, but music has always remained at my core. This album reflects every phase of me throughout my career,” Snoop said of his album around the time he dropped "Mount Kushmore." “I’m excited for ya’ll to hear this new project that highlights the evolution of the Dogg.” Peep the hilarious and inventive new visual for yourself below.

Here Are the 2017 Hip-Hop Music Festivals You Need to See. You wonder who in their right mind might have decided on such an unfitting moniker. There are plenty of occasions where the name feels more fitting, but it is a true rarity and sign of sublime perfection when a strain suits the name as well as with the incomparable Zkittlez strain. Also spelled as Skittlez, this exceptional marijuana is one of America’s most flavourful and fragrant strains, and befitting its namesake as appropriately as the legendary Girl Scout Cookies . A pungent, Indica -dominant strain, Zkittlez weed proves with its unbeatable fruity flavour that high THC shouldn’t be the only desireable trait on the cards for widening your weedy horizons. Don’t let this statement fool you, though, this supremely fruity ganja boasts strength enough to stand tall amongst the highest THC strains . 10 Item(s) 10 Item(s) *The content on this page is provided strictly for educational purposes only. Please abide by and follow the laws in your country. A relatively new strain on the block, comparitively, the Zkittlez strain carries a certain air of mystery about its origins, in true legend in the making fashion. Many argue this fabulously fruity fiesta owes its existence to the 3rd Gen Family (the winners of over 30 awards) and Terp Hogz, though plenty still debate this marijuana marvel came to be at the hands of Dying Breed Seeds in California. What we do know is this Indica-dominant hybrid strain owes lineage to fruity fave Grape Ape and the seductive Sativa Grapefruit . Reports claim another mystery strain has its genetics in the mix, though time is yet to tell on the deeper enigmas of the stupendous Zkittlez strain. This exceptional bud truly is the definition of happiness, and though mildly potent when compared with the other high THC strains, the sumptuous smell and mouth-watering flavour have crowned it an instant global sensation. It’s not just the recreational ganja enthusiasts who are flocking to stock their shelves with this remarkable bud, its unique properties have placed Zkittlez weed firmly in the medical community’s sights. With relaxation at the forefront of the Zkittlez strain’s effects, this weed works wonders on those suffering from anxiety or paranoia. The epic case of the munchies this cannabis conjures makes it perfect for anyone struggling with appetite loss , regardless of the underlying reason. Even those with HIV or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have tasted the rainbow with this ganja and felt the hunger-inducing spell in action. The zesty Zkittlez has also proven its worth in combating pain , from minor to chronic, and the silent assassins of our time, stress and depression . The initial focus after smoking this bud can also help ADHD sufferers and the closing full body relaxation is just the ticket for those insomniacs desperately hoping to finally bribe the Sandman. From first toke to last, this glorious ganja is genuinely a treat worth enjoying, one sure to improve the quality of life for any to partake. After all, you can never have an over-abundance of those feel good vibes. Probably not, but with the Zkittlez strain , it sure feels like it might. The instant you set your sights on this groovy ganja is the moment you know you’re in for a treat. The pungent, sweet-sour musk lures you in with promises of sweet, tropical blends, the likes of which send your mind soaring to a serene stretch of golden sand baking beneath the sun, the sea licking your toes.

As you reach for that first bud, awed by the beauty of blended green hues and copious, rust-coloured pistiles under that perfect layering of snowy trichomes, the scent starts to sit, casting its spell on the salivary glands. If you’re lucky and the bud is grown well, flecks of purple beckon you closer like masters of marijuana temptation. Its common to be drooling when you break open your first, dense little Zkittlez bud, and bask in the full fruity welcome of mixed, sweet grapes and berries. We’d suggest preparing with a bag of Skittles nearby; for comparison, and science. Breaking those oh so willing buds up, your thoughts will be arrested by that complex berry scent , the kind you want to live in forever, and when the taste finally tantalises your tongue, all your hopes are given life. The succulent flavour hits you like a mouth full of Skittles, shooting all the fantastic flavours of the rainbow about like fireworks of flavour. It’s a true rarity to find weed infused with such taste, but Zkittlez weed is everything you dreamed and more. The effects of the Zkittlez strain hit fast and provide a smooth, enjoyable and layered high. This super mellow high is surpringly uplifting and absolutely perfect for a relaxed night in. While relaxation is certainly the strongest consideration of this cannabis, the sensation only forms the first of many layers.

Zkittlez is cherished for its focused, alert and happy attributes.


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