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Extra care and consideration should be taken to maximise the flavour profile after harvesting. With 18% THC, the plant is uplifting but not too overwhelming, making it an excellent strain for any time of day. Combining Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights genetics, breeders end up creating one of the first Haze classics, Super Silver Haze. Growing to about 100cm tall indoors and reach up to 200cm in the outdoors. This plant needs lots of light to reach its full potential.

The Haze effect will go straight to the brain, and the sweet flavour makes the taste buds quiver in anticipation. White Widow is a Dutch classic from the Netherlands. White Widow grows to about 1m tall indoors, reaching up to 2m outdoors. It needs lots of light but can be produced in colder climates of France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Ideally, it can yield 450–500g/m² indoors and 550–600g/plant outdoors. The plant provides excellent results in northern European climates. The flavour is clean and pine-fresh, with a hint of citrus on the exhale, the effects from smoking White Widow are almost psychedelic high. Amnesia Haze has its Sativa-dominant nature with vigorous growth and large yields.

It can grow up 210cm in height outdoors, 140cm indoors. Like most natives, the flowering period is pretty long, 10–11 weeks. However, it is among the best-yielding cannabis strains, producing between 650–700g/plant outdoors and 600–650g/m² indoors. This is a strong strain, and it’s hard to keep the brain from shutting off after a good session. Northern Lights is an Indica dominant hybrid but carries much sativa in its leaf structure. It can grow as high as 1.2 m tall indoors and can stretch to over 2 m tall outdoors. It will yield on average 50-60g/plant, or about 500g/m2 indoors and in outdoors, it can give as much as 625 g/plant. When placed in full sunlight and provided enough water, they can grow into a tree and deliver excellent results for yield. Northern Lights is one of those smokes that guarantees an extraordinary session for the next few minutes. by Bonza · Published February 13, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020. If you feel that it is impossible to take on a vacation leave after a hectic work week, this three-way hybrid can undoubtedly make the unwinding dreams come true. Tangerine Dream is unique in the sense that it can put anyone into a blissful state in no time. Besides taking users to paradise, it also has significant benefits. However, users should know that it possesses up to 27% THC and use it well within limits. This wonder was bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds using G-13, Afghani and Neville’s Haze. With decades of experience, the Amsterdam-based company surely knew what plants to use. Having expert knowledge and skills, they produced a hybrid that became the overall champion in the 2010 Cannabis Cup. Tangerine Dream Strain Quick Facts Genetic Lineage G13 x Afghani x Neville’s A5 Haze Sativa / Indica Ratio 60 / 40 THC % 17% to 27% CBD % 0.05% to 0.26% Climate Warm climate Flowering Period 9 to 10 weeks / Late October Average Yield 500 g/m2 / 450 g/plant. Furthermore, its dreamy taste also boasts of a sweet note of orange and berry. On the exhale, the smoke coats the tongue with bursting fruity flavors. When it comes to its fragrance and flavors, Tangerine Dream truly stands by its name. Expect a lot of giggling and laughing under the influence of Tangerine Dream. It is highly potent in uplifting the mood such as that the users not only feel happy but quite euphoric.

Its cerebral effects are also followed by a reinvigorating burst of energy. Hence, staying productive is not an issue at all especially when it can promote a clear head high with a sharpened sense of focus. The good thing about this dreamy strain is that it adjusts to each person’s needs. Besides inducing happiness, it also relaxes the entire body. Too much of it though and the mental buzz may be overwhelming. Tangerine Dream Effects – Image powered by Cannasos.com. Users can expect dry mouth and dry eyes – two conditions that are typical with the use of cannabis. Due to its insane potency, overusing it may cause these effects to be more pronounced.

Other conditions that may occur include mild dizziness. There were also reports of a few people feeling a little anxious or paranoid too.


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