julie's cookies

After the first hit, my palate was immersed in the floral flavor of Linalool. As I continued, I began to get the earthy aftertaste of Humulene. Like most indica dominant strains, the scent and flavor were understated, but the experience was quite the opposite.

I just got a new puppy and as any dog owner can tell you, that is the most demanding time in a dog’s life. Before this session, I hadn’t slept much and was feeling a little stressed and run down. After my first hit, a feeling of full body relaxation washed over me. That anxiety I had been feeling, slowly melted away. Any negative thoughts I’d previously been having, were replaced by a powerful sense of euphoric inspiration. I was able to block out the white noise of daily life and really focus on the project ahead. This is why I am such a huge fan of any Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. If you’re a naturally anxious person like myself, it has the ability to bring out the best in you. If you’re in the LA area, I highly recommend checking out Gelato Cookies!

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Caviar, though it may go by other names, is essentially a flowered marijuana bud that has been dipped in THC oil, then rolled in trichomes (kief). Admittedly this is my first time purchasing or even smoking caviar.

I’m a big fan of hash and other concentrates, but was having a hard time stomaching the cost. And let me be completely honest when I say I absolutely love it! My first attempt I pinched a piece off and threw it straight into my pipe. As is, the burn characteristics are what you’d expect from hash. It melts fast and is difficult to put out as it continues to burn.


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