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Juicy Fruit weed strain: What’s That?

Juicy Fruit is a weed that stands up to its name providing you the juiciest experience a weed could give. This is a hybrid strain that combines the features of Indica and Sativa but is more inclined towards Sativa’s end because it produces an energizing effect that keeps you up and gives you the strength to keep up with your daily duties. Juicy Fruit cannabis strain is not too potent so it does not overwhelm you and keeps you right where you want to be — high, energized, and in control. It does not make you go completely wild, it just elevated your mood, gives you that drive you might lack sometimes, and unveils your creative potential. Basically, it is a perfect mid-day weed, so let us take a closer look at Juicy Fruit strain. Hop on and enjoy this light-headed Juicy Fruit strain review with us.

What’s The History Of Juicy Fruit Marijuana Strain?

The history of Juicy Fruit OG strain begins in Amsterdam, where the Sensi Seeds Bank Company has been experimenting with different strains of weed from all around the globe. These Dutch guys know their weed and they surely know how to cultivate some of the best hybrid strains on the market. So they came up with this beautiful plant, large-leafed, tall, thick-stemmed, and big-budded beauty of a tree. This was a masterpiece, the pinnacle of cultivar art, and one of the funkiest strains ever created. But what makes Juicy Fruit strain seeds so special? Well, the answer to that question lies in the genetics of that weed.

Juicy Fruit Strain Lineage

So, what strain is Juicy Fruit? Is it Indica or Sativa? Juicy Fruit strain genetics is a stuff of legend, let me tell you, just look at that crazy genealogy! On one hand, we have Afghani Indica and the Thai Sativa on the other hand! That’s insane, man! All of the best effects of the world’s best strains — sedative effects of Indica from Afghanistan and the crazy rush of Thai Sativa. A perfect storm of weed in a single beautiful tree, and if you are up for some refreshing experience, this weed is the best choice for you. If you are an experienced smoker, this weed is totally recommended for you to try since it truly is a unique strain that gives that awesome wake and bake feeling you just cannot miss.

The combination of Thai Sativa and Aghani Indica gives you a moderately potent strain and you cannot really tell whether Juicy Fruit strain Indica or Sativa, it’s both! It gives you this head-lightness but also keeps your body refreshed and does not put you to sleep. This is a great combination for when you need some energy, ideas, and productivity.

Is It Appropriate For Medical Use?

Yes, it is good for medical use, especially when battling such conditions as stress disorders, constant fatigue, paranoia, attention deficiency. Considering the energizing effect of this weed, you can expect a boost of productivity, the unveiling of your creative potential, and the improvement of your mood in general.

Keep in mind, this weed is not an effective pain killer, neither it is a calming weed, so if you seek to address such conditions as a compulsive disorder, obsessive ideas, and other similar conditions, Juicy Fruit might not be for you. We give you this Juicy Fruit marijuana strain review so you know exactly what to expect and we certainly don’t want you to have any negative experiences.

What Are Possible Effects?

As said, this strain produces an uplifting and energizing effect. Here is a brief list of positive and negative effects you might expect after smoking on that pot.

Positive Negative
Boost of Creativity Possible Obsessive Thoughts
Uplifting Dry Mouth
Euphoria Dry Eyes
Improved Appetite
Boost of Energy

As you see, users have been admitting to having such a negative effect as obsessive thoughts or ideas. Ok, if you are an experienced smoker, you surely know how to wave them off and stay focused on having a good experience. This requires some degree of control over your trip, which is uncommon for the new users. So, I’d say it is best that you approach this weed with at least some degree of awareness or in a company of good friends in a safe space where you’d feel secure and confident. That way you eliminate any possibility of having a negative experience. Pack something to drink and snack on, relax, and have a good time. With this Juicy Fruit strain information, I bet you are going to have a positive experience, so grab some friends and smoke on that sweet tree!

What Are The Reasons To Smoke It?

The most obvious reason is to have some fun with friends or on your own, lit up that party by bringing in that Juicy Fruit strain dab, or look for some ideas and inspiration. Considering how good this weed is in unveiling the creative potential of the smoker, you might want to try smoking it while working on some project you’ve been stuck with for some time because it may actually bring some new ideas in. This is a perfect part-weed too since it makes you and your friends all light-headed, somewhat relaxed and energized all at once, and just sets up a mood for a good conversation. There are many reasons to smoke recreational weed and even more reasons to smoke it as a natural remedy for some mental and physical conditions.


The plant itself looks spectacular, it is really a unique tree you’ll recognize from miles away. It’s not tall, somewhere around 50 inches, but it’s leaves are purple. It is a bushy purple tree with green and juicy buds. The buds look kinda normal though — green, orange strings around the sides, fluffy, and smelly — nothing too crazy here. So, if you see a bushy purple tree with green big buds, you know you are looking at the Juicy Fruit tree.

Smell and aroma

Almost no other hybrid strain smells like Juicy Fruit does — the combination of pine aroma and classic herbal notes make this weed a truly unique specimen. A slight peppery background ads this extra kick to the palette and created a combination of really distinctive smells. Whenever you sense that aroma, you can be sure — yeah, someone is smoking weed out there, and you can’t help but want to join them.


The flavor of the weed always depends on how you smoke it and which device you use. This must be clear that using a pipe, especially metal one, gives you a bitter, irritating, and really unpleasant smoke that tastes awful. Yes, it gets you to where you want to be, but the smoking itself becomes far from pleasant of an experience. If you are into fancier stuff, go for a big old bong or a vaporizer — this will give you a much softer smoke you’ll be able to actually enjoy without coughing your throat off.

Is Juicy Fruit popular?

Yes, it is a rather popular strain, especially in its birthplace — Amsterdam. You can find the Juicy Fruit weed in almost any coffee shop in the city, so you can tell it is one of the most popular legal strains of weed in Europe. It is popular in the US and in Canada as well, so you can find this weed all around the world, in places where it’s legal, and enjoy smoking it.

How Do I Grow It?

Well, people grow this stuff at home all the time, it is resilient to pests and diseases, and it flowers fast. Juicy Fruit strain THC level is not crazy high — somewhere between 15% to 17%, which makes it a relatively strong but not too potent of a weed. It grows well in the hydroponics station as well as on the soil. Go for it, it is easy to grow, buy some fertilizers and ho ahead!

Where Can I Find It?

As said, if you live in the Netherlands, you can find this literally anywhere. If you live somewhere in Canada or the US, you can also find this weed in the dispensaries nearby or just go to the online store and buy it from there. These guys will deliver your stuff to your doorstep, which is amazing. Here are just a few of the places where you can buy your weed.

  • Cannacare Express
  • Breeze Deliveries
  • Green Giant Medicinals

So, now you are no longer bothered by the question of Juicy Fruit strain where available but here comes the question of Juicy Fruit strain price. It is not an expensive weed, so you can find the price ranging somewhere between 15$ and 25$ per ounce. This is a relatively low price, especially for the weed of such outstanding quality.

Can I Cook With Juicy Fruit?

Yes, you can cook with it because of the Juicy Fruit THC level that is pretty high. Not too high, of course, but enough for making some quality cookies that will keep you high for a couple of hours delivering you overall pleasant experience. Use somewhere between 4 to 6 grams of buds per 12 servings of brownies, this would be an optimal dosage. Go to YouTube to find some recipes on how to cook those sweet weed brownies or cookies or whatnot. There are tons of recipes out there so you just need to choose one that suits you best.

What Are The Similar Strains?

The closest one to the Juicy Fruit would be its Parent Thai Sativa. This one has a similar THC content and a similar set of effects over the consumer. That’s where you say like father like son, or mother and daughter, however you want to put it. These two strains are similar, but Thai is considered more potent than Juicy Fruit.

What Do We Have?

We have a funky, moderately potent, energizing weed that is perfect for a party with some good friends. Juicy Fruit might be regarded as a weed for the experienced smoker but if you feel confident and truly know your weed, this is the right choice for you. It may give you an entirely new experience, a new look at what weed is and how beneficial it might be to the user. This is a good way to bring new colors to your weed journey.

How to grow a Juicy Fruit strain?

You can use hydroponics stations or just go on the dry soil. We will talk about it some more down below.

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