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Once you have the two slightly smaller than normal joints rolled and ready to smoke, you need to take a full-sized rolling paper, and wrap it around the two spliffs, essentially sealing them together.\ This will create a double joint which looks very similar to the barrel of a shotgun. Now you are ready to light it up and enjoy twice the amount of fun. Whenever the cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 get down, we either always use Raw Papers. Here is a link to our e-commerce site to buy the papers we use.

Buy Raw Papers Beginners Kit – Recommended by Quantum 9. Another simple and pretty classic joint is the Cone. This joint is, as it sounds, cone-shaped, meaning it is narrowest at the filter and wider at the tip. The simplest way to do this is to actually roll the paper first, keeping it tight over the filter and manipulating it with your other hand to give a cone finish. Once the paper is rolled, let it dry for a few moments and then pour your weed into the paper, gently packing it down as you go to make sure the joint is fully loaded and still gives that nice even smoke. The Raw Cone is the Quantum 9 preferred joint rolling approach. We have included a link to our Amazon e-commerce site below. For our newer joint connoisseur, we have included an Amazon package that we think works well for beginners. Once you have mastered the basics of how to roll a joint, it is time to get a little creative and show off your rolling skills. A smoke made from two joints that come together to form a cross.

Roll two classic joints, making sure that one is thinner than the other. Take the thicker joint and cut a hole through it, around two to three centimeters from the filter. Take your thinner joint and make a hole in the very center of it. Connect the two by moving the thinner joint through the hole in the larger one. Stop when the two holes line up and rotate to ensure they meet to open up a passageway that will give a smooth flow of fun right to your lungs. If you want to really know how to roll a joint, then you need to master the triple braid. Not only will it hit you with a weed-infused threesome, but it will show off your creative skills also. To make an extra long joint, you just use two papers stuck together end to end. Roll three classics in this fashion, then you are ready to go. Layer the three joints to form a triangle at the filters, and wrap a little tape around the lined up the triangle around the filters. This is to hold the joints together while you work your magic. What you do is fold the joints ever each other, from left to right, as if you were braiding someone’s hair. Repeat this until the three joints are intertwined. Twist the tops to keep it all locked together and you are fully loaded and ready to party. To roll a tulip joint you need three rolling papers. Stick two together along the long side, to form a square. Fold this in half and seal along the gummed side to create a pouch. Pack it with your favorite weed and loosely twist it together. Then you need to roll a classic joint and insert that into the twisted end of your pouch.

With some string tie the two together, connecting the head and the stem of the joint. Trim it up with a pair of scissors to remove excess paper and bindings, and you have yourself a tulip joint. When you roll a joint like this, the final product is about how much effort you want to invest in the look of it. The more time you take, the better your final product will be.

To roll a joint that delivers the ultimate experience is everybody’s goal, and the plumber’s joint may come close to achieving this state of perfection. This is a classic joint with a slight twist that will require the use of some props.


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