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"The Playwright: Encore": In this continuation of "The Playwright", Johannes and Natalia agree to help Halamar find a story he's lost, on the condition he immediately returns to Solumnia afterward. This week's chest includes: Holli Nightsong (1 pull of 1) Holli Nightsong tokens (3 pulls of 10) Halamar Honeytongue token (1 pull of 15) Rose Oracle Caitlyn tokens (3 pulls of 10) Number of pulls: 60 Cost per pull: 375 Sunstones. If you are new to the game, here you can find a guide for new players. Star Key heroes were bugged Corbie Broken King's passive fixed Hotfix 05/03/2019 Star Keys rotation changed Bugfix: The Lantern Bug heal was to low Bugfix: "Mists Of Ruin" Dark keystone talent Bugfix: Rose Princess' "Peace Decree" did sometimes not work on vanished heroes Trelis Warlord Vodanz Rework.

(104 kg) 4 Height 6' 5" (196 cm) Nationality American Age 31 1, 2 28 3 From Philadelphia, PA, USA Stance Orthodox First appearance Punch-Out!! (1984) Boxing record Rank WVBA Champion 1 #1 World Circuit 2 Major Circuit Champion 3 World Circuit Champion 4 Total fights 29 1 32 2 31 3 Wins 27 1 29 2 31 3 Wins by KO 21 1 31 2 Losses 2 1 3 2 0 3. Sando Man ) has made several video game appearances; his first was in 1984 as the WVBA World Champion in the original Punch-Out!! He then appeared in 1987's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Sandman dropped down to the WVBA Major Circuit and became champion. His fighting style is very similar to that of Bald Bull. His signature technique, "Dreamland Express" ("Midnight Sleeper" in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!

), consists of three consecutively thrown uppercuts. He also does it before the bell rings in the first round but that one is four uppercuts. Sandman's fighting style is arguably the most novel in the game. He possesses a vast array of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, and his unpredictability can easily confuse players. Sandman was toned down in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! Sandman makes his latest appearance in the Wii version of Punch-Out!! , where he is the undisputed champion of the WVBA and is restored back to his quick and powerful self (first seen in the Arcade and NES Punch-Out!! He is possibly inspired by the Philadelphia-raised Joe Frazier. Sandman has also appeared in a Topps trading card series. He, like Piston Hondo, Don Flamenco and Bald Bull, can dodge your attacks. (142 kg) Nationality American From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Boxing record Rank WVBA Champion. Sandman's first appearance was as the WVBA World Champion in the original Punch-Out!! He fights almost identically as the other boxers, except he's a lot stronger, more accurate and nimble. Also, when he's knocked down, he can get back up much stronger. The player will have to wait for an opening and then punch him. He can also use unstoppable combinations that the player will have to dodge before they can start hitting him again. After defeating him, the player becomes the new champion. (129 kg) Nationality American Age 31 From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956 Boxing record Rank #1 World Circuit Total fights 29 Wins 27 Wins by KO 21 Losses 2. Although he was dropped down to #1 in the World Circuit with Super Macho Man being the champion, he sports the ability to guard himself whilst stunned and possesses unpredictable punching behavior so it won't be an easy battle. The biggest difference with him is that he can now use "Dreamland Express", a strong special attack which involves him doing three uppercuts in a row that are much quicker and stronger than his usual uppercuts. This is cued by a series of events: He will stop attacking, will block Mac's jabs, and will briefly flash prior to the attack. Sandman's 13 rolling jabs during the first round and, obviously, the Dreamland Express. He is one of the few characters in the game that can avoid one of Mac's star punches and the only one who can do it while stunned. It is also impossible to throw jabs at him when he's stunned as he will automatically guard his face. As such, the player will need to use body blows when he's stunned. Sandman finishes his 13 jabs, Mac must attempt to jab Sandman himself.

Sandman will dodge, and immediately counter with a hook, which Mac can counter to stun Sandman and leave him available for body blows for a few seconds. When Sandman regains awareness, Mac must repeat the pattern. If Sandman starts blocking jabs, he will soon execute the Dreamland Express.

He also shares the laugh used by Bald Bull and uses the same body template. (122 kg) Nationality American Age 28 From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Boxing record Rank Major Circuit Champion Total fights 32 Wins 29 Losses 3. Sandman was toned down to ensure he was not as challenging as he was in the NES (due to him being only the Major Circuit champion), although he still has the ability to guard himself while he's stunned.


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