jesus og strain

no problem 20:01:02 and many grew it, no problem 20:01:22 +sif but the Jock Horror finished before the AK. and from what i read thats not right 20:01:44 @Jim-food sif you start with a different thing every time. 20:01:54 you just have to wait for support, thats all i can say 20:02:01 i cant do shit about it in chat 20:02:02 +sif you know the free seeds they send?

20:02:08 @Jim-food i cant look into orders complains etc 20:02:22 whats up with the freebies ? 20:02:37 +Cerebral_Nomad What about 20:02:39 +sif what strains are they as they have no name? 20:02:59 Mystery seeds 20:03:05 +sif hmmm 20:03:06 @Jim-food as stated on the page, mystery asin mixed reg. so i dont know what seeds you get 20:03:08 +sif males? 20:03:33 +Cerebral_Nomad possibly 20:03:42 +sif females or males or mixed 20:03:59 @Jim-food all reg, but mixed strains 20:04:09 +sif females? 20:04:29 +Cerebral_Nomad They are regular seeds dude 20:04:39 +sif thats scary 20:04:53 +Cerebral_Nomad scary?

20:05:13 +sif pleased i asked that could have been a dissaster if a male flowered in the female room 20:05:26 then i could sell you seeds. that's why you remove males 20:06:25 +sif i know that. but i don't want any males near my female rooms 20:06:53 will just have to be aware when they flower, atleast now i know 20:07:14 because i assumed they were only females 20:07:35 @Jim-food sif diddnt you had so much experience like you said last time ? 20:08:12 +sif i have, but i never realised you were sending free MALE seeds as well as female, 20:08:16 @Jim-food this is not very convicing to be honest. 20:08:33 +Cerebral_Nomad How could they only be female seeds? 20:08:45 +sif Feminised 20:09:02 @Jim-food then they would called 10 fem freebies. not 10 reg 20:09:09 and if you need to ask if reg is also male 20:09:27 +sif i,m an idiot for assuming they were females then. 20:09:27 @Jim-food and then tell me they are male seeds which dont excist even. 20:09:47 the first part is correct 20:09:52 +sif these are the free ones i'm referring to 20:10:34 @Jim-food well the free are reg, so they can become male or female. So as admitted the free seeds can be either Male or Female. Stay away from Nirvana and pass this message around. Nirvana, i would love you to respond and post the rest of the chat. sounds like you didn't get the stellar pheno you were hoping for. you sounds very rude in your messages, i wouldn't help you out either=] Well-Known Member. sounds like you didn't get the stellar pheno you were hoping for. you sounds very rude in your messages, i wouldn't help you out either=] Don't want to be helped out by Nirvana .probably send me hermaphrodites. That's my experience man and i feel i should alert others to the perils of these seed banks. And i am annoyed , 3 month grow for a bunch of ak48 fluff . Basically sharing my experience with Nirvana Seed Bank. Purchased AK48, Jock Horror, Northern Lights, and got 10 free seeds. Plus computerised C2o and temp controls all in commercial growing units up to 10,000 plants. The above seeds took 1 week to crack, with a success rate of 75%.

After reading the reviews on Nirvana i was sure i had found the ONE. No it wasn't, turned out to be a crapping piece of fluff. Contacted Nirvana on several occasions to no avail only to be insulted by a internet forum troll only to be told it was me and not the seeds. sent complaint about the quality of your AK48 via email support a week ago and all I get is emails trying to sell me more shit without any explanation why these products with crap. 19:46:34 +sif fluffy fluffy fluffy 19:46:46 didn't harden up at all 19:46:52 Cerebral_Nomad has quit (Quit: cu on soon) 19:46:55 Cerebral_Nomad has joined 19:46:56 @Lazy_jim Welcome to Nirvana's #420 chat Cerebral_Nomad 19:46:58 ⓘ Lazy_jim set mode +v Cerebral_Nomad 19:47:26 +sif dissapointed to the max. 19:48:53 @Jim-food sif like i said you have to solve that with customer support 19:49:05 im not customer support and i cant do anything about it 19:49:41 +Cerebral_Nomad Seeds not poppin? 19:49:56 +sif well they won't respond, so whats the answer?? 19:50:37 @Jim-food well if they diddnt responded yet then give them some time 19:50:42 or fill in another ticket 19:50:43 +sif seeds took a week to pop, at that point i thought perhaps something might be wrong 19:51:10 @Jim-food many things could went wrong, but i do know that we have beginners who never grew before and they managed to get decent buds 19:51:47 +sif why does everyone say how gr8 it is and i end up with fluffy fluff 19:51:59 +Cerebral_Nomad How did you germ?19:52:05 +sif perhaps they don't know what gr8 actually is 19:52:06 @Jim-food well where is the mistake then sif ?? 19:52:14 they all grow perfect buds, except you 19:52:18 they all talk bs ? 19:52:35 sif maybe you dont know how to grow 19:52:55 +Cerebral_Nomad Ive grown AK48 with no probs 19:52:59 +sif there was something badly wrong.

thats what i am trying to assertain 19:53:17 @Jim-food no you are not trying. all you do is complain the seeds are bad sif 19:53:25 +sif I know how to grow, don't worry about that 19:53:35 @Jim-food like i said, sent another mail to support, ask for a explenation etc 19:53:37 +sif because they were 19:53:49 @Jim-food but i cant help you with it like i also mentioned before in chat 19:53:58 +sif i don't want to complain. last thing i want to do 19:54:12 +Cerebral_Nomad Its not unheard of for seeds to take a week to crack 19:54:21 +sif but i gave clones to other growers and they all had the same problem 19:55:00 I actually came on here in the that they were cracking saying they were taking along time 19:55:08 that week 19:55:19 +Cerebral_Nomad What was the prob? 19:55:44 +sif they were really fluffy, never hardened up 19:55:49 air rated 19:56:10 @Jim-food ok lets say you have it all correct, the seeds where bad/ bad batch. i cant help you in here with that, only support can 19:56:21 and i said that many times already 19:56:28 +Cerebral_Nomad Tell me more about your setup 19:56:44 +sif i know jim.


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