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Jamaican Strain

In this category of the Jamaican marijuana strain we can find the autochthonous strains or crosses made with Jamaican genetics.

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Possible medical uses

Possible medical uses

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Jamaica is well known for its excellent relationship with marijuana or, as it is locally called, the ganja. The Rastafari movement and singers like Bob Marley have placed Jamaican weed on the spot but it was not always this way. During the years as a British colony the Jamaican fields were full of sugar and cotton and, to work them, tens of thousands of workers came from India. Luckily they brought the first marijuana Indian seeds grown in Jamaica, and this was a game changer moment.

Over the years these plants adapted to Jamaican climate and became strains with very long flowering, highly cerebral sativa effect and intense citrus flavor. Later with the globalization and the arrival of feminized seeds to Jamaica, sadly many of its landrace have been practically lost. One of the most mythical Jamaican landraces is the Lambs Bread which is already very hard to find and those that you can find, have strong influences of Skunk genetics.

The popularization of Jamaican genetics came in the late 70s with the Rastafari movement and the success achieved by some Jamaican Reggae singers, such as Bob Marley. They brought to worldwide fame the marijuana they consumed. From that moment the respect and the search for the Jamaican genetics reached its highest point, spreading it all over the world.

Jamaican Seeds

In Experiencia Natural we always try to offer the best genetics in each marijuana strain, this way we recommend the following Jamaican strains:

We always look for the purest genetics, with Jamaican strains is complicated but the Eva Seeds Jamaican Dream is a cross with a Jamaican landrace collected by the people of Eva Seeds that offers its powerful sativa effect and a fairly short flowering.

Another strain we can offer to you is Laughing Buddha from Barney’s Farm, a Jamaican genetics with strong sativa effect, very cerebral and long flowering. A pleasure for the senses.

From Sensi Seeds we offer the Jamaican Pearl, available in feminized and regular version, which is the result of the crossing of the now disappeared Marley’s Collie (Jamaican genetics), a very tasty hybrid, fruity and adapted to the coldest climates.

Sale of Jamaican strains, the unique character of Jamaican now with free shipping and gift.

Best Jamaican Marijuana Strains

Bob Marley or Robert Nesta Marley as his mother Cedella appropriately named him is long gone, but his memory lives on. This reggae artist has become a legend to the small Caribbean country of Jamaica where he was born. Bob Marley made a name for Jamaica while showcasing his talent on the local and international stage. He was also a Rastafarian, which means that marijuana was part of the sacrilegious celebration of their culture. Here, we will discuss the different marijuana strains in Jamaica, but especially the most popular ones. Let’s go!


Jamaica is an indigenous or landrace cannabis strain that grows in the native regions of the island, Jamaica. This is one of the marijuana strains grown as sativa and can be easily identified by its effect and structure. The climate in Jamaica makes it easier to grow.

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is one of the marijuana strains that is a staple in the island of Jamaica. It is a bright green sativa strain. It feels sticky and its effect after smoking or ingesting is a constructive introspection and lots of energy. When you smoke Lamb’s Bread, you will get rid of stress very quickly. It is said to be ideal for anxiety and depression. Bob Marley is known to have loved this specific cannabis strain.

Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl s also one of the marijuana strains that falls in the sativa category. It is usually grown outdoors and carries a potently sweet aroma. This particular strain was originated from Sensi Seeds. Jamaica has some of the best marijuana strains and this is one of them. You can expect high quality and potency when you select this well-bred strain, which is a cross between Early Pearl and Collie Weed. It has a nice tropical flavor.

King’s Bread

If you are looking for a sativa landrace strain, check out the King’s Bread grown in Blue Mountains, which is located in the hills of the small island of Jamaica. This is one of the marijuana strains known for its euphoric effect. When you smoke it, you will get a mellow feeling. It is known to help with stimulating the appetite, relieving pain and alleviating stress.

Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream is also one of the popular marijuana strains you can find in Jamaica. It is 90% sativa genetics. You can expect a sweet and subtle flavor that carries a weightless exhilaration and lofty mood. The effect is not so intense that you cannot begin your day. It treats fatigue and depression. When grown indoors for about 45 days, it will begin to flower. If you plant this strain outdoors, it should begin to flower at the end of the month of September.

Collie Weed

Collie Weed is an indica strain with an hybrid bred. In 1999, this is one of the marijuana strains that won the High Life Cannabis Cup. The buds are sticky and spiky, giving off a sweet, musky and pungent smell. It has the undertones of an Afghanistan cannabis strain. It takes up to 65 days to go to the flowering stage, whether grown outdoors or indoors.

Jamaican Lion

If you are looking for one of the marijuana strains high in CBD, then Jamaican Lion is the ideal choice. It has a gentle psychoactive effect. It helps the user to feel uplifted and relaxed without any mental cloudiness. The CBD content in this cannabis strain is at its highest in the ninth week of flowering. If your goal is to have a harvest that is 1:1 in THC and CBD ratio, then it is best to do so in the eighth week of flowering.

Learn How To Grow Jamaican Strains

If you are looking to learn how to grow the best Jamaican weed strains go to the leading online cannabis training program, the Jamaican marijuana college, Cannabis Training University.

Jamaica has some of the best marijuana strains that you could ever imagine. We have compiled some of the most popular strains that are used in Jamaica.