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You could remove the innards of a chapstick tube and fill it with activated charcoal. Then just poke a hole in the top and bottom and smoke away. You could also get really fancy and make your sploof out of PVC or ABS pipe. Fill the pipe with dryer sheets or activated charcoal, place a cap over both ends, then drill a few holes in each cap. As good as the sploof may be at filtering the smoke you exhale, how do you deal with the smoke from your joint or bong?

Smoking from a joint will be a problem because there’s really no way to stop or contain the burning once the joint’s been lit. If detection is a major issue, you should probably consider getting your fix with a bong because there are a number of ways to contain the smoke from this apparatus. First, you could pack one-hitters in your bong so that all the weed is burnt up and all the smoke is inhaled. That way everything is passed through the sploof without excess smoke escaping to give you away. If one-hitters aren’t your bag of weed, you could cover the bowl with a quarter or other large coin to keep the smoke in the bong and out of the ambient air. If You’ve Got Money To Burn, Try These Higher-Priced Solutions. If DIY isn’t your thing and you’ve got some extra money to burn (not literally, of course), consider buying an electric air filter or purifier. These dandy devices were designed with airborne allergens in mind, but they’ll filter out marijuana smoke just as well.

That said, we wouldn’t recommend using an air purifier as your only line of defense. Make or buy a sploof of some kind and use the electric filter as a second layer of protection. Other, less-expensive options for odor control include: Burning a heavily-scented candle Burning incense Cracking a window (the lowest option you’ve got) Spraying everything (and we mean everything) with Febreze. Whatever option you choose, it’s always a good idea to burn the candle or incense, open the window, or spray some Febreze BEFORE you start smoking. Then, when you’re finished, leave the candle burning or spray the room again. It’s a little more effort, but you’ll be happy with the results. How to Make a Sploof [Guide] Are you an avid cannabis smoker who is having trouble enjoying your bud due to nosy or cannabis-conservative neighbors? There is always, of course, the option to find your own little hideaway where nobody can detect your cannabis fumes – but this is inconvenient and entirely unnecessary. If you have been looking for a way to hide your cannabis smoke without running off to a forest every time, you may be in need of a sploof. A sploof is a device that can help to hide the aroma of weed when you are smoking. You can make them yourself, and usually with stuff that you already have around your house or apartment. It is a tube that is filled with stuff to help eliminate and absorb the smell of smoke. After you take your hit from your bong, exhale into the sploof. It will filter the smoke to stop any smell from filling up a room or flowing into your neighbor’s window. In this guide, we will give you all you need to know on how to make your own sploof for a successful and discreet smoke session, free from all the worries of attracting the attention of your neighbors and landlords alike. Most of the stuff that you need is probably within an arm’s reach. In total, you are going to need: A cardboard roll/tube from toilet paper or paper towels, or an empty and clean plastic bottle A pair of scissors A rubber band or tape Dryer sheets with scent to help mask odors. The first step to making your own sploof is to prepare your device structure. If you are going to be making a sploof from a plastic bottle, you need to cut it so it is roughly the size of a soda can.

If you’re going to be using a roll from toilet paper, then no further action is needed.

Take around 3 to 4 dryer sheets and stuff them into your paper towel or water bottle.


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