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Minecraft Island Seeds (2020) – All Platforms and Versions!

Strand yourself alone in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach.

We’re taking a look at some great Minecraft Island Seeds for you to try in your next world! These are for both Bedrock and Java, so you should be able to find something you like on any platform. Who hasn’t envisioned what it would be like to live secluded away on an island? Well, you can make that vision somewhat of a reality by using one of these seeds and building yourself a nice island villa!

Minecraft Island Seeds

Badlands Island Seed

Credit: XxJeoffelxX – Seed: 1488543976 – Platform: Bedrock – Version: 1.16

For something a bit different, with this seed you spawn right next to a massive mesa biome island! There’s a ton of land to explore here, and it is in the middle of a bunch of other biomes that you can check out if you get tired of the brick colors of the badlands.

Small Island Surrounded by Icebergs Seed

Credit: Long_John_and_sons – Seed: 5423512211105280509 – Platform: Java – Version: 1.16

Another seed that would be great for a challenging playthrough of Minecraft. You start off on a small island with a single tree and are surrounded by icebergs! If you can get yourself out on the water, however, you aren’t too far away from some interesting biomes. There’s a swamp that will allow you to get some slimeballs and maybe even create a lead. You can also find a taiga biome not too far away from it!

Shipwreck, Island, and Ocean Monument Seed

Credit: Xx_Bad_Username_xX – Seed: -1818003526513659276 – Platform: Java – Version: 1.16

This island seed would make for a great challenge based game, because you start out on a small island with a shipwreck and an ocean monument right next to it! If you master the first monument, there’s another one not too far away. You are very much in the middle of nowhere out here, there’s some small islands around, but you will need to boat pretty far to reach the mainland!

Village Island Surrounded by Ice Seed

Credit: MichaelMiller2578 – Seed: -3714757682118750540 – Platform: Java – Version: 1.15.2

Wow, this is a great seed to start out on! Not only do you spawn right in a large village on an island that is surrounded by ice, you’re also a stones throw away from an ocean monument that you can explore. There’s more monuments to find as well, plus many ruins and shipwrecks you should come across. If you want to find a mainland area, you can find it not too far from your spawn (listed in the coordinates below). It has many different biomes on it, I found mountains, forest, dark forest, and even swamp!

Large Island Seed

Seed: 5797705914173781750 – Credit: 45rpmadapter – Platform: Java

This might be one of the best island seeds I’ve ever seen! You spawn on an enormous island, that has mountainous features as well as nice beaches to build upon. If you want to head across the water, you’ll find a shipwreck within an iceberg!

Village Island Seed

Credit: Ph3nomen0N – Seed: -772124751310384583 – Platform: Java

This is a really awesome seed because you literally spawn on a big island with a huge village attached to it! You can build yourself a couple of new Minecraft Houses that match up with the neighborhood! If you aren’t enjoying the island life, you can go towards the desert that isn’t too far away and find a desert temple and village! This isn’t an ordinary village either, there’s a cave right in the middle of it that you can explore and find a dungeon spawner. Not too far from here, you’ll also find a forest with another very large village.

Tom Hanks Seed

Seed: tomhanks – Platform: Java

Believe it or not, if you type in “tomhanks” as a seed you will end up at an island! Why is that weird? Well, Tom Hanks starred in a movie called Cast Away, where he was stranded on an island. Now, you won’t find Wilson here, but you will find shipwrecks and ocean monuments! The island you spawn on isn’t so great, but if you head west you will come across one of those monuments and a way better island to potentially start your build (shown above in the screenshot)! There’s a couple of villages, but they are pretty far from where you spawn.

Three Ruin Island Seed

Seed: -1673096729 – Platform: Bedrock

This seed features a pretty large ocean biome, but right near the island you spawn is an island that feature three island ruins that are on top of land! Each of these ruins should have a chest in them, so you can get some quick early loot to start building up your first base or two. There’s quite a few islands scattered around, but there’s also a landmass not too far from spawn that features a couple of Villages and even a Ravine that has a Mineshaft!

Another Village Island Seed

Seed: -407474912 – Platform: Bedrock

If you’re on Bedrock and want to start on an island with a village then this seed is for you! The one problem is that you don’t spawn directly on it, so you’ll need to head over to the coordinates below. If you want to just start teleport over there and use the /spawnpoint command to create your spawn at it! Not only do you have the village, you also have a Dungeon Spawner located directly below it. It’s very deep, so only head down there once you’ve setup yourself a bit. If you want to find some other interesting thing around the map, there’s a Ruin that’s been frozen in the snowy biome and an Ocean Monument not too far from the village island.

Huge Island Seed

Seed: 3254239 – Platform: Bedrock

If you want just a huge island to build on then this is a good starting seed for you. It doesn’t have a ton in terms of villages, but it does have another large island but is more mountainous. It also has a fairly close swamp biome, and there’s a Mineshaft you can explore as well.

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Minecraft Island Seeds (2020) – All Platforms and Versions! Strand yourself alone in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach. We’re taking a look at some great Minecraft Island Seeds for you

10 Best Minecraft Island Seeds Blog

This entry was posted on December 16, 2019 by Ram Keshwala .

If you always love the thought of staying at some isolated island when playing Minecraft, you have come to the right place. We have all the dope and best Minecraft island seeds that will help you make your dreams come true.

By using these seeds, you will have a rich collection of islands where you can build your villa or village home.

Large Island

This is a Java-based seed. It happens to be one of the best seeds you can come across. You enter the game on a huge island that has mountainous features and a lush green forest with excellent white beaches on the forefront where you can set up your home.

If you want to cross the waters, the shipwreck in an iceberg at the same location will help you get to the other side with ease. But you have to find the ship first.

Village Island

If you have something more traditional in mind, this island seed will come in handy. You spawn on an island with a village attached to it. If you want, you can set up a settlement to match your new neighbourhood.

If you would like to go ancient, there’s a cave in the middle of the island that you can explore. You also have an alternative to head out into the thick forest nearby that has another large village. This Island seed is also Java-Based.

Three Ruin Island

The Three Ruin Island seed is a little different. You don’t spawn on the Island ruins but near an ocean biome with an island on it. The ruined islands are just nearby.

With this seed, you not only get to spawn on an island but, each of the islands has a chest, which means you get some easy loot that will come in handy in helping you start building. Around you, you will find other islands and also a landmass that has a ravine with a mineshaft and a couple of villages.

This seed is Bedrock-based!

Another Village Island Seed

Want to start on an island with a village? You have just found the right seed for you, especially if you’re using Bedrock. Unfortunately, you won’t start on seed island. You have to find it.

The village island has a dungeon spawner, which is quite deep, so you will want to build yourself before exploring the dungeon.

Tom Hanks

This seed is based on the movie Cast Away, where movie star Tom Hanks is stranded on an island. On the island where you start, you will find ocean monuments and shipwrecks. You spawn on a different island and work your way to the intended island. Where you can start building.

Massive Island

This seed works for Java. When you use the seed, you spawn on a mega island that is better described as a small continent. It has a massive coral reef, shipwrecks and you will be spoilt for resources if you go on survival mode.

Pillager Outpost Island

Not every island seeds materialise into a big and extensive island. This one has a bit of a twist. Instead of spawning on a big island, the island is actually small, with a pillager outpost on it. It’s not what most gamers are looking for, but it’s a great addition nonetheless if you would consider it. This seed is also for Java.

Who Left This Ship Here?

You don’t have to worry about foraging for the coordinates to the island from the spawn point. In this game, you spawn right on the intended island. The said island is small with a village and a shipwreck inside it.

Vast Plains and a Large Roofed Forest Island

There are many benefits to starting on this island. The forest provides you with numerous resources that you can use to build, and the vast plains are perfect for building your city or castle. This Minecraft Island seed works on Minecraft Java edition 1.14 or greater.

Huge Island

There’s a massive Island and a huge island seed. Each of them is different. This doesn’t have as many villages but, there’s plenty of lands to build, and it has a more mountainous terrain. There’s also a mineshaft and a swamp biome you can explore.


Before trying out any Minecraft Island seed, check to make sure it’s designed for your operating system and the version of Minecraft. In the list, we’ve mixed them up a little bit to cover most players and provide everyone with a solution.

If you always love the thought of staying at some isolated island when playing Minecraft, you have come to the right place. We have all the dope and best Minecraft… ]]>